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  1. Found the problem already. The path was still correct, but installer added the old file from 2015 as worldwide.bin file. Before the update my navdata were on a file named 006-d0170-00.bin. I deleted the old file and renamed my new one back to worldwide.bin, which solved the problem
  2. I am using more current Jeppesen NavData files than the old ones coming with the Garmin trainer. Worked well until the last update, when suddenly the old files from 2015 reappeared. My path up til then was programData/realityxp/common/gnstrainer/db. What was changed and what is the path now where RXP aquires the navdata? Is there a way how I could undo the update to the former version of RXP? Flying with online ATC with old,outdated navdata is no fun at all!
  3. I just bought the new version. Screen partly, sometimes completely pink (not caused by my graphic card, NVIDIA 980 Ti with last updated driver and 6 GB VRAM). Laminar`s Beech Baron 58 partly dysfuncional, Saiteks Instrument and AP panels unusable etc. Three crashes during 5 uses. Paying the full price for something at that stage of developement is annoying and should not be done. I will use XP11 until 2024.Until then there hopefully might be a stable, fully functional simulator. At this point of time I can only strongly discourage to buy this early version although XP might need the money. By the way, when wil RealityXP be compatible with XP12?
  4. The GS is not showing up in the Aspen. The Localizer is left of the midline, but sometimes functioning and sometimes nonfunctioning. This is on ILS as well as RNAV Approaches.
  5. Hello. I use XP11.51, JF PA28 III and a Panel of Air Manager including Aspen 1000 PFD for IFR training. I have the problem that, when I use this together with RXP GNS530 the GS and LOC function of the Aspen is not working. If I use the native XP 530 this is not the case. Siminnovatons told me that this is a common problem with RXP and might be solved by the RXP settings. I could not find an issue like this in the forum. Does anybody got an idea what the problem could be? Best regards Klaus
  6. Thanks, Eric, for your good advice. I did exactly what you said yesterday already after my last comment and it worked out, before I read your message just now. I very much appreciate your help!
  7. I did all the steps and excluded the folder GNS in the RXP from the AV- scan as described. Next installation try, following message: Die Datei C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGnsSim32.dll ist mit Trojan.GenericKD.44052360 infiziert und wurde in die Quarantäne verschoben. Wir empfehlen die Durchführung eines System-Scans, um weitere Infektionen auszuschließen. THe file is infected and put into quarantaine, despite the fact that I excluded the folder GNS, where the bin folder with this file is located. In the quarantaine I found a second infected file is-L6612.tmp. So what is the explanation for this problem? Are infected files in the installation? The files that are put into quarantaine are stemming from the installation and not from the computer. They are extracted although I put the setup.exe in the exception list, as well as the folders where the files belong to. It is not possible to add a screenshot at this page to show the set exceptions.
  8. That is what I did. But after the deinstallation of RXP GNS there are no files in in the bin section any more. The bin section is empty. The rxpGNSSim32.dll file was already missing before I did the deinstallation. I meanwhile tested my GTN, which is functioning and both files in the bin section are there at the proper place. I do not know what more to do on my bitdefender AV scanner. I did not have this problem with past updates. It looks like the installation is trying to rename something that is not there. Any ideas left? Is it possible to place the missing file in the bin section via a different way?
  9. I deinstalled RXP, restarted the PC, excluded the installation file from bitdefender different screen options, deactivated bitdefender and run the installation with the same result. There is no second AV-scanner. The mentioned file of the error message is not excisting in that location. How can you try to rename a file that is not excisting? Any idea what to do?
  10. I do have the same problem since 2-3 weeks with blank and dark screens. I did all steps with my bitdefender but there is a error message C:\Program Files (x86\Reality XP\GNS Simulation\X-plane\bin\rxpGNSSim32.dll An error occured while trying to rename a file in the destination directory: Move File failed; Code 5. There is no rxpGNSSim32.dll file at the mentioned place, only a rxpGnsSim64.dll file. All tries to reinstall end with this message. The problem started with the most recent update. Does anybody has an idea what to do? Best regards Klaus
  11. Hi, I now had several times the experience of not having SID`s,STAR`s and approaches or waypoints in the database when flying online with pilotedge or VatSim. As a private pilot in the training for my instrument rating I very much appreciate the handling characteristic of the RXP 430 and 530 series, being very close to reality, but flying online, much of the fun is taken away by the long outdated database. I do have a navigraph subscription and they have an agreement with Jeppesen, so all charts and procedures are current. It is hard to understand that Garmin is so unsupporting to the sim communnity as well as to real pilots in training. So in online flying I will go back and use the XP 430 and 530 and in preparing real flights on the sim I will use RXP for handling training. By the way it is not possible to put the current waypoints in manually, because they are not know by the database. Creating personal waypoints for every waypoint that comes up in a procedure is unrealistic. Too sad that your product can not be operated with an at least not completely outdated database!
  12. Hi, I do have a problem in configuring two GNS 430 in the PA34 V and the Laminar King Air. It worked fine in other models, but here it does not and I can not figure out why? Only one showes up in the panel. Does anybody got an idea? PA34 V Kingair C90B
  13. Double GNS 530 for STMA Pilatus PC12-47G. This page is a great idea, will really save others lots of time!
  14. The problem is mostly in front of the pc. I removed my own mistakes step by step and now everything is fine. I hope you will accept my apology!
  15. Hi, meanwhile I could find out that part of the problem might be the fact that I have a triple monitor setup and the pixel values that I get by using the panel screenshot and paint in positioning the 530 display in the panel are not working out. I used a .png file called Panel-preview found under the aircraft PANELS and here the values were seemingly correct and it worked out this way. But I can not use my own screenshots with the triple monitor. Tried the same with the C172 from Laminar, but there was no comparable Panel_Preview.png file and so I had no way to get the proper numbers. Is there any experience on your side with this problem or a probable solution? I suspect I will have the same problem trying to fit in the GTN 750/650 I just bought in the panel, so it would be a big help to get an advice!
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