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  1. I will defintiely be very happy with the MFS ATC if it gets a Glaswegian ATC voice one day.
  2. I have manually copied all my Steam games over each time I've built my last 2-3 PCs, including MSFS for my recent build. I have not had a single issue with any game. Steam is very good at installing games properly, creating the necessary registry entries and appdata folders, while using the game files that are already present, so it doesn't download them again.
  3. VR technology has come an important step forward if I'm able to make dumb faces in social VR games. However, I'm not really sure how relevant this is to Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  4. I've seen a lot of tiresome, baseless speculation here on AVSim, but this is the worst I've seen in a long time.
  5. I have a Razer Naga Pro. It has 12 buttons on the side, which lets you do lots of handy button bindings in VR sims. It is a little expensive, but definitely worth it. If you want to save a little, Razer Naga Trinity is the wired version and is less expensive. An even cheaper alternative is the Logitech G600, also wired and also with 12 buttons.
  6. Okay so your idea is: "Progess bar" Elaborate please.
  7. The MFS VR subforum has been here since 2019, and has been prominently displayed as a subforum on the top of the page of the main forum all the time. It should be very hard to miss.
  8. That issue has apparently struck a lot of G2 users. You should contact HP support.
  9. So far it's a pretty decent implementation of VR in a flight sim, compared to VR in P3D where the performance is not as good, and the graphics are... not as good, to say it politely. I haven't tried VR in X-Plane.
  10. Some might want to switch off photogrammetry for performance reasons, but still also want to have some landmarks that make London look more like London.
  11. There might be some technical challenges implementing adjustable sizes for taxiway signs. An idea for an easier solution could be to have floating labels above taxiway signs near you that you can toggle on and off with a button.
  12. Sorry, but it is gramatically wrong to use the words "beautiful" and "Lamborghini" in the same sentence.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean, sorry. I was referring to the screenshots, not the video. I don't see anything resembling "Full PBR materials" in the cockpit screenshots, so it doesn't look to me like the developer delivers what they actually advertise.
  14. I still maintain that the cockpit looks bad, judging from the developer's own screenshots on SimMarket. The textures look bland, and the developer highlights "Full PBR materials" as one of their selling points, but the cockpit textures don't look like full use of PBR textures that emulate the individual cockpit materials like metal, plastic, glass and seat fabric. Everything looks like it's the same material just with different colours. It is a quality level below what I feel are general industry standards for any add-on developer, even at the price it's sold at.
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