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  1. JacquesBrel

    Accu-Feel v.2 Air, Land & Sea (P3Dv4) Released

    As far as I remember when using the earlier version of Accu-Force, it moves the actual airframe and not the eyepoint when creating effects. I used it with OpusFsi cameras and effects without conflicts.
  2. JacquesBrel

    RTX 2080Ti

    If you want to make an informed decision about replacing your current cards with the very, very recently announced graphics cards, you should wait until there are actual tests and benchmarks comparing the new line of RTX cards to previous generation of cards.
  3. JacquesBrel

    EZdok, P3Dv4.3, and WMR

    Any camera add-on that just changes the eyepoint position in the sim should work with native P3D VR, but probably not with FlyInside, as FlyInside itself is sort of a camera add-on that controls the eyepoint position, so you would effectively have two conflicting camera add-ons running at the same time. Any camera add-on that creates camera shake and motion effects based on forces affecting the plane is a rather bad idea in VR and is a straight road to motion sickness...
  4. If you like spaceship dog fighting in VR in Elite Dangerous, you might want to take a look at IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad. Haven't tried it myself yet, but supposedly it has a decent flight model, decent VR implementation, and of course WWII bombers and fighters. And I suppose that a HOTAS like the X-55 will be pretty handy for flying those sort of aircraft.
  5. JacquesBrel

    VR in P3D

    I don't use any camera add-on. Any aircraft for P3D/FSX already has several camera views defined in its aircraft.cfg file, and anyone can add more cameras just by editing the files manually. P3D also supports hotkeys for camera views, but you need to edit the aircraft.cfg files manually and assign hotkeys manually to each camera. Camera add-ons make all that easier of course, but for VR I prefer to have as few add-ons as possible. I don't know if Chaseplane or other camera add-ons might work with P3Ds native VR. I'm pretty sure they won't work with FlyInside once it is available for P3D v4, because FlyInside itself works like a camera add-on that controls the eyepoint, so you'd have two camera add-ons fighting for control.
  6. JacquesBrel

    VR in P3D

    There is a zoom axis you can assign in P3D. I have it assigned to one of the rotary knobs on my HOTAS. It is not instant zoom, but it is better than nothing. Zoom keys should also work - still not instant zoom, though. I have also added various cockpit cameras with hotkeys to most of my aircraft.cfg, so most of my aircraft have cameras for closeup views of the instrument panel, overhead panel, radio stack, etc. However, that does require some manual editing and fiddling with the camera eyepoint coordinates, but once it is set up, I can switch instantly between camera views.
  7. Military traffic causes frequent CTDs with My Traffic. Usually the first advice given whenever someone posts about My Traffic CTDs is to disable the military traffic .bgl I have used My Traffic before and I was reasonably happy with it. Its main disadvantage for me was its performance hit - you really need a traffic limiter like FSUIPC to keep the AI planes at a reasonable number. Since moving to P3D v4 I have decided to retire My Traffic and try something else. I am now using UT Live and I am much happier with it. Very little performance hit and better AI models.
  8. JacquesBrel

    LM Officially announces event tomorrow

    Disagree. Computing has been nothing but junk since keyboards replaced punch cards.
  9. JacquesBrel

    LM Officially announces event tomorrow

    Like with ordinary motion sickness when driving/sailing/etc in real life, where individual people react rather differently, the reactions to VR motion is also very different. I guess if you get motion sickness more than others in real life, that will also be the case in VR. However, non-acrobatic/non-combat flying in VR is propbably the least montion sickness inducing VR experience, because you are in a cockpit that doesn't move much around you, except in turbulent air. I haven't experienced any discomfort in any VR flight or race sim, even in small, terrifying superkarts on tight tracks. But I've also only been seasick once in my life, and that was during a storm in the North Sea.
  10. JacquesBrel

    Choosing where to go from/to

    I basically do what Scott does (except I use windy.com to check the weather). This is both decisionmaking and flight planning for me - the tools I use to decide where to fly are also the tools I use to plan my flight. I use windy.com to decide which general geographical area to fly in and how I want fly (VFR or IFR depending on conditions and what I'm in the mood for), and I use LittleNavMap to check what addon airports I have in that area, and decide my departure and destination based on that, and what I'm in the mood for (big airports/small airstrips/somewhere in the mountains/somewhere near the cost). All of that is decisionmaking, and when I've decided my aircraft/departure/destination I just continue using LittleNavMap to plan my exact route.
  11. JacquesBrel

    P3D v4.1 release?

    My guess is that LM will continue to develop P3D as a platform rather than a feature-complete package. I doubt that we will see a different cloud or weather engine in the foreseeable future. And I would personally prefer more performance improvements to existing features like autogen and lighting, that are still a bit lacking compared to other flight sims on the market. Better ATC and upgraded airport data would also be very welcome.
  12. JacquesBrel

    MT6 vs UTLive

    With UT Live I have seen GA aircraft landing and taking off at pretty much every major airport or small airfield I've visited. Even at remote gravel strips in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. And the GA aircraft seem to fly at somewhat sensible altitudes, unlike the default AI where there's always an A36 Bonanza up at 20,000 feet making you wonder "You OK with oxygen up there, buddy?"
  13. JacquesBrel

    The Maddog is coming to P3D!

    It has already been posted in this forum last week. But that post was moved to another forum because of reasons of maybe not being relevant enough for a P3D subforum, who knows. So I guess when someone uses the "Search this forum" feature up on the right to check if something like this has already been posted, they are going to conclude that is has not, and they are of course going to go ahead and post it. Yes, I am not overly fond of posts being moved around a lot to other subforums where they get read less and discussed less.
  14. JacquesBrel

    Now that I have the Rift

    I have used VoiceAttack, but have switched to MCE and I love it a lot. VoiceAttack is for general keyboard control via voice commands for all kinds of games/applications, but MCE is of course specifically built for flight sims only. So there's really no contest between the two, other than the price. There's not much setup required for MCE, but there is a lot to learn at first. And I've been using it around a year and I'm still learning a few new things now and then. The different MCE voices are a little peculiar at times. Bill sounds like the kind of guy who has maybe been in prison. Lorna sounds like she has at least ten cats. But I like them. I work with a bunch of weirdos anyway, so I don't mind having strange sounding persons as co-pilots.
  15. JacquesBrel

    No longer a skeptic!

    Uh... You can't. Voice Attack only sends keystrokes to the application you want it to control. If the application has functions that aren't triggered by keystrokes, then Voice Attack obviously can't trigger those functions. That's the simple, general answer without knowing specifically what you need to achieve. You can use FSUIPC to bind keystrokes to some functions that aren't available in the P3D keybinding menu, but in a lot of cases that involves writing certain memory values to certain memory offsets detailed in the FSUIPC Offsets Manual. And you can also edit the P3D control mappings manually in the Standard.xml file in the AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin folder. As far as I remember the keybinding menu doesn't expose every single keyboard event available (overview here: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/references/variables/event_ids.html ) and it is possible to add keyboard events and keystrokes manually to the Standard.xml file, in case there is a specific event you can't find in the keybinding menu.