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  1. Norway. Can't go wrong with Norway if you want A. mountains, B. destinations with regular passenger service.
  2. There isn't any magic bullet. Aliasing is much more noticable in VR due to there being a lot fewer pixels per degree of vision compared to a monitor, especially a 4K monitor... The aliasing you wouldn't notice on a 4K monitor you suddenly notice in VR. Apart from just cranking up the rendering resolution, I've seen a few reports where people have preferred DLSS + high rendering resolution, as the DLSS upsampling does OK anti-aliasing, and high rendering resolution mitigates the DLSS blurriness.
  3. Yes, the stuff you dump in your community folder is dumped on top of the MSFS base scenery. Simple as that. However, apart from the base scenery, MSFS has a number of bespoke airports that are also available in usually better versions by 3rd party devs. For example, KLAX is pre-installed with MSFS with custom airport buildings for free, but you can buy a better version from IniBuilds with lots more details. If you install the one from the 3rd party developer, you should usually uninstall the MSFS version of the airport in the content manager to avoid conflicts (and also save some disk space).
  4. Yes. But I have now disabled the Avidyne in the panel.cfg and have done two flights without performance degradation.
  5. FPS did not improve after landing. Object count can't be the issue. ESMX is a small provincial airport with few buildings and only 6 gates. I have not had this issue with any other airport or any other aircraft apart from the PC12.
  6. Did a 30 min flight and was down to 10 fps on final at an otherwise high fps destination (ESMX). I think this one qualifies as "my most regretted Carenado purchase."
  7. Meta has confirmed that the Quest 3 will launch this year, possibly in October, so it may not be the ideal time to get a Quest 2. The Pico 4 could be an option if you don't want to wait.
  8. I would suppose it is slightly cheaper than practicing with a real aircraft.
  9. Can we just assume that when someone says "That thing is not needed whatsoever" it means "I, personally, have no need of that thing for my personal needs." Because then there's really not much to argue about...
  10. Good to know, thanks. I went VR and stayed there. I hope my experiences and yours help others with some valuable insight into the world of VR.
  11. I'm using OpenKneeboard to capture the Pilot2ATC window and display it in VR. It won't capture any popup windows or dialogs when Pilot2ATC displays an error message or you open the config window, for example. But you can interact with the Pilot2ATC interface in VR if you have a PC graphics tablet like a Wacom tablet (fortunately I had one that had been in a storage box for 7-8 years in case one day I might need it for something...) However, as long as you just need to look at the Pilot2ATC window in VR, you don't really need a graphics tablet.
  12. I'm not sure, but isn't 8 kHz roughly the bandwidth and audio quality in real world ATC communication?
  13. However, I can confirm that your caps lock will engage just fine.
  14. Has there ever been any actual and confirmed virus positives in any MSFS addon by a major developer?
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