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  1. Hi Ben, can you share your ezdok profiles? Im mostly interested in the Dash for now. Thanks! Mike
  2. Hi Chris - if you have an iPad download and install the link below (fltplan go) onto your iPad and you have access to most Canadian charts - checked and Winnipeg is there. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fltplan-go/id694832363 Mike
  3. I’ve tried to lean but still no power. Also, I have to press ctrl e to start the engines as for the life of me cant turn the mag switch with my mouse... a little frustrated as second day worth the sim and can’t fly it. Appreciate the help, thanks!
  4. Well I'm stumped - definately not a calibration issue as my throttle shows 100%, yet I can't get over 1600RPM.... I uninstalled and re-installed it with no luck. Happens with all planes, C152, C172... Happy I only bought the base version - havent even been able to go try and find my house yet!!!
  5. Thanks Bonchie and BF Pullup - haven't gone back to the issue and will check it out. I do remember it showing 100% throttle on the dash - so might be a bug... Will let you know my findings when I get a chance
  6. Thanks for the info, got the TPM to work somewhat, but for the life of me can't figure out why full throttle on the C152 only gives me 1600 RPM. I'm experience simmer and just can't figure out why it wouldn't give me full power...
  7. Hi all - I can't seem to get the Saitek Pro Flight TPM to get recognized. Anyone having this issue? Is shows up in the control list, but has a "?" in the settings set up. Also tried with a couple of aircraft for quick flight, C152 full throttle but can only reach 1500 RPM and can't get her in the air. Tried the C172 with same results. Confused.....
  8. Good info from Blancolirio on Youtube -
  9. Dave, thanks for posting - I’ve forwarded it to my 2 sons. Good thing to know.
  10. couldn't get it loaded with Safari in Ipad and Mac, but got it up with Chrome on Mac so all is well. Thanks
  11. Your link takes me to the page but when I click on one of PDP -Cockpit Preparation the page shows “loading” but hangs there for ever. Oh well, guess it’s just me
  12. Thanks for the link Bryan - not sure if it's just me but when I click on any of the links on that page it just hangs at "loading...". This on either Chrome or Safari. Do you have to register for the links to work?
  13. Installed it, and then uninstalled it once again. Frame hog for me anyways compared to the PMDG 747 and Maddog X on my pretty stellar box. It's really unfortunate considering the price tag and the fact I couldn't use if for a year until P3D v4 came out. Live and learn...
  14. Hi Brian - thanks for the reply. I ended up uninstalling it again last night but this time deleted all folders as well. I also was running into Visual c++ 2015 setup failures when trying to install your product (stateds another version installed) and uninstalled it as well hoping it would then re-install through your install procedure. I then re-installed FS2Crew for the Majestic this morning and for a reason I cannot understand all is well now. Voice is working and am able to x out of P3D without it hanging. The one strange thing is Visual c++ 2015 still fails to install stating a version is already installed, yet I had removed the 2015 version yesterday. Not sure if that has anything to do with my problems. I do have Visual c++ 2017 installed... I'll report back if I encounter any more problems - thanks again for your help! Mike
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