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  1. John, Threaded optimization setting is in your Nvidia control panel Ron
  2. Hi I recently had to reinstall windows 10 along with ALL my p3d&x plane stuff . I also reinstalled ortho4xp 120b along with hd global sceneryv4. So far everything is going well with an occasional time out,which usually resumes after a few minutes. I am using the batch process for 4to 5 tiles at a time & as I said all is working well. I have about 20 tiles processed & installed in x plane11 using hd global sceneryv4 for the overlays. I find that for me using the batch process is the best way to go. On the map page I hold shift & click on the tiles I want then tick the build masks & build overlays boxes then click batch build & it starts processing all the tiles. Ron
  3. Hi, I have been watching this Chase plane forum & reading the comments before I bought the program. I also watched about 4 different you tube tutorials to see where I was going after install. I must say that after doing 1 aircraft that this was simply very easy to use, much more so than the other camera program which I had been using for many years. The interface is really easy to use & the camera controls are superb, I haven't gone into the preferences yet other than assigning some buttons & keys to different view functions. Keven this is a great program nicely done!! Ron Frayne
  4. Hi Kyle, I have trend micro av on my windows 10 & yes you are right that the av does seem to interfere a lot if I don't disable it when running P3d. So it is okay to just use defender instead. Ron Frayne
  5. Hi,Ritchie What I did was go into the ortho4xp cfg file & edit with notepad++ scroll down to roughly line 83 & you will see the airport info Cover_airports_with highres=True, next line cover_extent=3, next line cover_ZL=19 save & exit. I use 19 but you can choose what ever you like. Hope this helps Ron
  6. Hi Mitch, What I do once my tiles have been generated is to go into my files folder in ortho4xp & then make shortcuts of the files that I want to place in my Custom scenery folder I then copy the files that I made shortcuts for into the Custom scenery folder , I then go back into my tile folder in ortho4xp & delete the shortcuts. Then I go into my overlays folder & copy the folder also into the custom scenery. After starting up xplane11, I exit out & then go into my scenery.ini & move the entries to just above the zzz_uhd_global scenery, also the overlays go just above the ortho4xp tiles. I do this with all my files that I download & also try to keep the files in numerical order.Works really well for me & the effect of the scenery is startling at times!!. Ron
  7. Hi Sesquashtoo, I have my hd global scenery on the very bottom of the scenery ini, & then just above it have uhd global scenery & then above that I have all my ortho4 xp files followed by yortho4xp_overlays I it works really well for me. I keep them in numerical order as I add more tiles. Ron
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply, I know I have only 6gb vram & I kind of keep an eye on the load right now I am seeing around 5+gb so it is pretty close to limit & probably goes over at times & I assume that is the result of the"stuttering "I will probably spring for the 1080Ti pretty soon. I love this sim coming from years of Fsx & P3d experience, no more oom worries!!! Ron
  9. Hey Angelo, Pls let us know if there is a significant improvement using your 1080Ti, I am also running a Evga980Ti Ftw on a 4790k machine. I usually get around mid to upper 20s with a few stutters when using clouds. I probably could get better performance if I decrease the sliders but I am okay with what I am getting. . Ron
  10. Hi Noel, I am getting the same effect on the Ngx with the Saitek trim wheel.Not sure what to do to correct this but I am using the mouse to move the wheel now. I usually fly with a flight plan in the fms & only have to move the wheel prior to takeoff & when landing manually. Ron
  11. Hi, I am getting the same data128 error .I am using Fs Mania's route from Ksea to Pakt using his fms entrries, sids transitions & way points. His flight was done in April 2015 so perhaps I need to look at a new route procedure I have the latest navdata& registered Fsuipc. I don't get a ctd ,the data 128 message appears after take off short of the Arrie departure waypoint, the vnav disengages as the message appears . So I will try an updated route & see what happens. I have not tried the Klas klax route yet. Ron (new at this part of simming) :smile: FS Mania route : Ksea Arrie.j523 .Yzt next Yzt.j502 .Ann next Dwarf Pakt Departure 16l Banger7(now8) & then Arrie trans.
  12. Also try with a stock cfg file.Moving the slider to really low settings shouldn't be required. Mine are about 3/4 to the right on everything.
  13. Hi, I have had this a/c for quite a while & the frame rates are not an issue. Depending where I fly I am getting well above 30 on avg. I kind of stay away from socal at present orbyx oom issues. But my fps are okay in that area.I guess I could move my sliders to a much lower setting to avoid the oom but I don't.My rig is similar to yours except that I do not have Vector installed & I have a 980ti card& 32GB system ram I would try disabling everything in vector except the roads My 4790 is overclocked to 4.6ghz.You should be able to achieve much better frame rates with your system.Oh by the way I don't have any tweaks in my p3dv3 cfg file. Try going with a stock cfg file & see what happens. From experience I have tried tweaks & my sim seems to run much better without them. Ron
  14. RonF

    No Clouds

    Thats what I did also. It took care of the no clouds or weather problem,weather & clouds have been excellent since, rec'd a lot of help from others in this forum :smile: Ron
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