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  1. Bless you, Pete. I've enjoyed FSUIPC for many years, and it just keeps getting better. You're a rock star, sir.
  2. spotlope

    Autopilot issues

    Bernt pointed out that the on switch for the autopilot is on the lower pedestal by the turn right/left and pitch up/down controls. It seems the AP can only be activated using this switch or the FSX engage autopilot key command (Z by default).
  3. spotlope

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    I think they upgraded the Beaver from FS9 to a full FSX version quite some time ago. It's actually not a bad model. The VC got a big facelift from the previous version as well. You might look into that one.
  4. spotlope

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    Is the Aerosoft version a port-over? Somehow I thought it was a native FSX bird, albeit an aging one.
  5. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    No new template, I'm just using their standard white paint as a base. The technique I use for working with Carenado paints is in the video tutorial I did a while back:
  6. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    That's funny, I was just surfing yesterday looking for interesting Caravan paint schemes, and Mokulele Airlines caught my eye. I'll have a closer look at it today. If I need any close up pics, could you get them for me?UPDATE: I found the right fonts for the Mokulele Airlines logo and the "Spirit of" text on the nose. What I could really use is a good, close-up, straight-on photo of the Hawaiian flag graphic above the "Spirit" text. I you could get me that, I think I could knock this one out.
  7. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    I noticed that last night too, Jean-Pierre. Maybe it's because I changed the ui_manufacturer line to "Cessna" in the aircraft.cfg. If you sort your aircraft list by the "Manufacturer" drop-down and choose "Cessna" you'll find it.
  8. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    By my guest.
  9. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    Thanks, guys. I just posted the file on my blog at . Enjoy! And please, let me know if you find anything weird.thanks,
  10. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    I spent a little time with the blank textures this afternoon and created my first Caravan paint: a C208B as flown by Kenmore Air in the Pacific Northwest of the US/Canada. Here are some preliminary shots.There are a couple of niggles to fix first, then I'll upload it to my site and publicize the link.
  11. spotlope

    Unable to print checklist

    Lmaire, I've attached a screenshot of my FSX\Carenado\C208 Grand Caravan folder. This is what you should have in there, file sizes included.
  12. spotlope

    Unable to print checklist

    There's a PDF of the checklist in your "FSX\Carenado\C208B Grand Caravan\" folder. You can probably print from that. It looks as if the in-game checklist is actually a gauge.
  13. spotlope

    Carenado Repainting Tutorial

    Looking very sporty!
  14. spotlope

    Carenado Repainting Tutorial

    Glad it helped. That's a sharp-looking paint!
  15. spotlope

    Carenado Repainting Tutorial

    It's called Camtasia Studio ( Nifty little program that makes on-screen demos like this super easy. It's a little expensive, but I got it for a work-related project which paid for it.