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  1. Bless you, Pete. I've enjoyed FSUIPC for many years, and it just keeps getting better. You're a rock star, sir.
  2. Climbing that steep NGX learning curve...

  3. Lmaire, I've attached a screenshot of my FSX\Carenado\C208 Grand Caravan folder. This is what you should have in there, file sizes included.
  4. There's a PDF of the checklist in your "FSX\Carenado\C208B Grand Caravan\" folder. You can probably print from that. It looks as if the in-game checklist is actually a gauge.
  5. Glad it helped. That's a sharp-looking paint!
  6. It's called Camtasia Studio (http://www.camtasia.com). Nifty little program that makes on-screen demos like this super easy. It's a little expensive, but I got it for a work-related project which paid for it.
  7. Thanks, Mr. Kat. The lining up is something that's particular to each plane, so I've got no set procedure. It just so happens that the 185 textures have a few pixels of overlap between each fuselage section, so lining the stripes up is a whole lot easier. With this plane, I made a single composite texture that was 2048w x 1024 high so I could line up the fuselage into one solid piece composed of layers of each texture. I painted the stripes over the top of it, then selected the individual layers and copied only that part of the stripes, pasted them onto the individual texture sheets in the same spot. It gives me a headache to describe it, but it was actually pretty simple.Here's another 'simmer looking forward to that Bonanza! :(
  8. Here's a little tutorial I cooked up this afternoon for painting Carenado aircraft (or any plane where there's no layered paint kit, just blank textures). Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions.http://iblueyonder.wordpress.com/2010/04/2...kit-no-problem/
  9. Thanks, Tim. Yes, Ken's guided tour of Mt. Penn was most helpful. There's also a tower to add, and that's coming soon. The SRTM 30m topo data lead me to creating a better mesh for Reading and surrounds, so there's at least a Mt. Penn to put them on!
  10. Actually, I'd be more than happy to work with you on the AFCADS. I'm not so much concerned with parking -- although that will need to be beefed up -- as I am with getting the ground polys (aprons, parking lots, etc.) right. We can divvy up the work as the release of AFCAD draws nigh.
  11. Thanks, Ken. I've also got my eyes on AFCAD2 and was planning on including it as part of the MAAM scenery. Maybe we should have a pistol duel in the parking lot or something. Sound good?
  12. I'm almost afraid to ask, Tom... but does this mean conference attendees will have a crack at one of their simulators? And if so, should I be speaking with a loan officer about this soon? This year's conference was a blast. Can't wait for next year!
  13. Yeah, I bit the bullet this morning and sent him some big American bucks. Small price to pay for such a great utility. I'd gladly pay someone that much or more to get back the time I've spent building the mosaics by hand.
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