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  1. Bless you, Pete. I've enjoyed FSUIPC for many years, and it just keeps getting better. You're a rock star, sir.
  2. spotlope

    Autopilot issues

    Bernt pointed out that the on switch for the autopilot is on the lower pedestal by the turn right/left and pitch up/down controls. It seems the AP can only be activated using this switch or the FSX engage autopilot key command (Z by default).
  3. spotlope

    To Realair Simulations

    If ever there was a sprinter that deserved the Jag treatment, it's this one. I'm not sure what the status of the paint kit is though, and I'm a little short on time. I've got a bachelor weekend coming up - who knows? :(
  4. spotlope

    To Realair Simulations

    After the original Duke, I knew this one would be a winner. You should have seen the grin on my face when I started it up correctly for the first time. It sounds incredible, looks great, and flys like caged lightning. It may not be news that RealAir has created another masterpiece, but I sure do appreciate it. Now and again I get a new plane and find myself daydreaming about flying it when I'm not at my FS computer. This is one of those days.Thanks, Rob and Sean. You guys are the best.
  5. spotlope

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    I think they upgraded the Beaver from FS9 to a full FSX version quite some time ago. It's actually not a bad model. The VC got a big facelift from the previous version as well. You might look into that one.
  6. spotlope

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    Is the Aerosoft version a port-over? Somehow I thought it was a native FSX bird, albeit an aging one.
  7. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    No new template, I'm just using their standard white paint as a base. The technique I use for working with Carenado paints is in the video tutorial I did a while back:
  8. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    That's funny, I was just surfing yesterday looking for interesting Caravan paint schemes, and Mokulele Airlines caught my eye. I'll have a closer look at it today. If I need any close up pics, could you get them for me?UPDATE: I found the right fonts for the Mokulele Airlines logo and the "Spirit of" text on the nose. What I could really use is a good, close-up, straight-on photo of the Hawaiian flag graphic above the "Spirit" text. I you could get me that, I think I could knock this one out.
  9. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    I noticed that last night too, Jean-Pierre. Maybe it's because I changed the ui_manufacturer line to "Cessna" in the aircraft.cfg. If you sort your aircraft list by the "Manufacturer" drop-down and choose "Cessna" you'll find it.
  10. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    By my guest.
  11. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    Thanks, guys. I just posted the file on my blog at . Enjoy! And please, let me know if you find anything weird.thanks,
  12. spotlope

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    I spent a little time with the blank textures this afternoon and created my first Caravan paint: a C208B as flown by Kenmore Air in the Pacific Northwest of the US/Canada. Here are some preliminary shots.There are a couple of niggles to fix first, then I'll upload it to my site and publicize the link.
  13. spotlope

    Unable to print checklist

    Lmaire, I've attached a screenshot of my FSX\Carenado\C208 Grand Caravan folder. This is what you should have in there, file sizes included.
  14. spotlope

    Unable to print checklist

    There's a PDF of the checklist in your "FSX\Carenado\C208B Grand Caravan\" folder. You can probably print from that. It looks as if the in-game checklist is actually a gauge.
  15. spotlope

    Carenado Repainting Tutorial

    Looking very sporty!