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  1. Many people love the fact that Carenado planes are textured with detailed, high-quality 4k textures. Whether or not performance drags down depends on so much more than just the size of the textures. It depends mainly on VRAM headroom left over in your video card after all scenery, cloud, and other graphic files are loaded. If you're skirting the limits of your video card's VRAM, yes, you'll get a performance hit... which you may be able to mitigate by setting your X-plane graphics settings to compress the textures (which also lowers the resolution of the individual texture files), so you can adjust the sim to suit your harware and your usage style. (For example, if you enjoy using high-resolution scenery meshes and Orthophoto tiles, you may need beefier hardware to additionally run a plane running 4k textures... but if you don't fly in heavy sceneries, you'll leave more headroom for airplane details.) Overall, X-Plane also benefits from several newer technologies that should give your system more mileage... but again, there's little you can do if you have old or underpowered hardware, and still want to fly highly detailed planes in highly detailed scenery. Something's gonna have to give.
  2. It's integrated. If you have the RXP750, it'll show up in the 3D panel.
  3. I think this information may be beneficial for the discussion and end-user understanding of where the sim is at and where it's headed. It relates to what was presented by Laminar at the 2018 FSExpo.
  4. I'll copy-and-paste this from another forum where I posted my thoughts on... might be of interest in this discussion:
  5. danklaue

    It is safe to say it here....

    I've written up my experiences about my impressions at the Flight Sim Expo 2018 on another forum, and it ties into what's being discussed here... I guess it'd be more relevant to talk about it in the more dedicated Flight Sim Expo thread. I'll go post it there.
  6. Well, I don't know if I was sub-consciously requesting Murmur's help... it's just that that's what it took to get Austin to actually do something about the torque. But you may be interested in the results of some testing we did, which I did a quick write-up on on the Just Flight support thread on the .org forums:
  7. I got your support ticket, and promptly responded. Your log file was incomplete, and there was no description of the problem. As others have mentioned, your X-Plane installation is a mess. Try running the Kodiak in a clean version of X-Plane. Other plugins can cause unwanted interactions, interference, or just simply use up resources that end up not allowing the LAST plugin that loads (in this case SASL) to have enough memory or hardware resources to run.
  8. danklaue

    Carenado heading issue

    XP11.10 introduces randomized vacuum-based instrument startup points, and if the author (in this case, us), isn't careful, a preset that would have had no relevance to this (as this feature was not implemented prior to XP11.10) would now cause the error you see with XP11.10's "improvements". Obviously, we won't be releasing an update right away, at least not until XP11.10 is final. We still don't know if they'll make this feature "opt-in", meaning, it'd only affect planes that were saved in PlaneMaker 11.10, in which case, we'd have a chance to fix it for the next release, and make sure the autopilot follows the same heading directive as the gyrocompass... if they DO make it opt-in, it means that affected planes should revert back to pre-11.10 behaviour. If they DON'T make it opt-in, we'll have to make a point to fix this for the next release.
  9. I look at it more like a buffet. You don't stand in the buffet line with the idea of pigging out on EVERY dish you lay eyes on. You know your stomach has limitations, and you have an idea of when you might get full, so you carefully select the dishes that you consider to be most worth your money and stomach space. In the sim, there are some settings that won't give you a worthwhile advancement in experience for the amount of FPS or hardware expense they cost. Take, for instance, Anti-alias. Especially if you have a 4k (or 5k) monitor, the return on investment of cranking up your AA is pretty horrendous... it's very expensive, and especially on high-pixel-density monitors does not contribute that much to a better experience. To really MAX OUT on AA, you need some pretty pricey hardware already. You might prefer to use that "performance budget" on something that's of more value to you.
  10. danklaue

    HeinzD-DC3 XP11

    I'm actually working on the Heinz series, to bring it to v11... but I am currently quite busy, so I have to keep my priorities in mind. I've almost finished the warbirds pack, and will take a look at the other planes at a later date... including the DC3, if I have the time.
  11. I am working with Laminar on several issues. Internally, the problem of low idle has been resolved, and the ITT problem as well. One good thing about having a large fleet of planes is that if you time it right, and you start pushing them through the system, it is a time when it can relatively easily be hashed out whose problem it is: whether Laminar's or the add-on author's. The Quest Kodiak now works better in my (post PB15) version, but some adjustments might still be required, which I'll be happy to publish as soon as the sim stabilizes a bit more. Currently, there's still stuff I'm finding, and I'm only about halfway through my testing.
  12. danklaue

    Wow! Dan's Kodiak!

    Yes. I'm still working on different interiors, which will be sold as a separate add-on package, along with the float version.
  13. danklaue

    Wow! Dan's Kodiak!

    They do already. The tail numbers are dynamic as well, and you can save them along with your livery preview. And the registration number also already shows up on a sticker on the panel, just above the G1000's PFD. Even when you paint a custom livery, to make your call sign show up on the panel's aforementioned sticker, just rename your livery's folder to the desired call sign. Also, whatever it says on that sticker, that's what the tower will call you when you use ATC, because the call sign dataref gets affected via plugin.
  14. danklaue

    Wow! Dan's Kodiak!

    There IS an amphibian version coming. Not sure when, but here's some preview shots:
  15. danklaue

    Wow! Dan's Kodiak!

    You're the first one to report this type of behaviour, and I don't think I quite understand it... you're saying, the frame rate is good, but the scenery stutters? Just to narrow it down, does it make a difference to disable any of the plugins during flight? How about temporarily removing any of the plugins from the Kodiak's "plugins" folder and restarting X-Plane? (You'll lose the functionality associated with that plugin, but at least it may help narrow down what's causing it). Might also be a wonky interaction with another plugin, maybe one that's used for your scenery, or a plugin sitting in the global plugins directory (X-Plane 10>Resources>Plugins"). To get to the bottom of this, I'm afraid you'll have to do some of these mentioned experiments. Otherwise, there's no way for us to even know where to start looking, as we cannot reproduce what you're seeing on our end, nor have we heard reports from others about this behaviour.