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  1. Beckanator

    Cera Bell 412

    Greetings! I just purchased the Cera Bell 412. It "flies" quite nicely in PD3v4. I'm a retired FF, and I downloaded the LAFD skins only for their 412 from which are compatible with FSX editions. I was wondering if those skins would be compatible with P3Dv4. Does the 64-bit pose a challenge? I attempted to load them, but no luck. I worked in OC CA, and they purchased two 412's just before I retired. I would love to have someone do a "paint job" for me on the 412's that the OC has. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'll add, I love flying the biz jets and am exploring the Northwest in Orbx. It's nice to have a chopper to hope on in and do a little check out of the local surroundings. Thank you in advance for any assistance! bEcK ;)
  2. Disregard. I moved it to a new topic.
  3. Beckanator

    Livery of TBM900

    That would be sweet!
  4. Beckanator

    Chase Plane - Problems with New Update

    I went back and re-worked all my camera assignments, and thus far it has resolved. I have an issue in FS1's Mustang where my camera cockpit views will not let me switch any switches with my mouse now. I've looked all through preferences, etc. I'll add, if I bring up the "panel manager" in the program (it brings up a popup of various controls such as throttle quad, MFD Controller, ignition switches, etc.), I can mouse click and switch on those. Other craft I "fly" allow me to operate switches in the Chase Camera window. Perhaps I am missing something?
  5. I had presets for about four AC working fine. Saw the auto update and now all my presets are not working properly. eg. I pan left and suddenly it snaps back. Perhaps it has something to do with new instructions to settings. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to go back and clear presets out and redo. Anybody else having this issue? Thanks, Beck