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  1. Update: GPS/Nav toggle assignment didn't work, heading out to sea. Speak well of me...
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Bert and I will have a look. The thing I find fascinating about the Phenom is the checklists which I follow to the letter when starting her up and it is so satisfying to find it becoming more natural as I become aware of the flow in the procedure. I also have the Carenado Premier 1A which I love but it has a problem following Vor and Glideslope ( finding myself shouting back at the repetitive "GS" warning, " I know, I know it's not my fault!) although the GPS works wonderfully well, with regards to FMS Nav, Vnav and landing. I have just been informed to assign a button or key to the GPS/Nav toggle switch. So off to do just that.
  3. My grandson has moved on to MS 2020 and I have been the "beneficiary" of his old computer replete with Prepar3D 4.5. I cannot believe something that looks and feels like FSX can give me 50fps as opposed to the often blinding speed of 6fps in days of yore and the resulting slide shows of the more advanced craft. Just a couple of observations coming back into the flight sim world. Why haven't the other big boys (you know who they are!) not produced a top of the range private jet complete with full systems etc, similar to Eaglesoft's latest offering. I am not saying I would spend over £100 on it but there are many who would. Which brings me to my next point. My go to aircraft used to be Eaglesoft's Citation x v2 which I am sure is still a great plane but very old fashioned with regards the look of the cockpit and I just wondered if it wouldn't have been cost effective to have upgraded that aspect in the interim years and say charged £10 to £15, for the privilege of having a more modern looking plane with the same great flight characteristics once the throttle detent had been adjusted. Finally, in an ideal world Carenado would hand over their astonishing, in my humble opinion, Phenom 300 to one of the others to finish the systems.
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