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  1. RB, I don't know about it with FSX. I haven't had FSX in quite a while. I'll try to compile it with an FSX compiler if I can find one.
  2. While fooling around with this thing I also fixed the alternator light and the EGT gauge. I found some old data on a RAM Series IV mod that makes this airplane a rocket ship similar to what I did with the 340. I can't find any fuel flow data so we'll just have to push the "I believe" button, but the takeoff and climb performance pretty well matches the advertisements from RAM. I think I remember reading in one of the posts that the fuel system was screwed. I'll try to take a look at that as well.
  3. 310R Panel Lighting See if this one works.
  4. As some of you know I have been away for several years dealing with some family health issues. Those issues remain, but I am finally able to spend a minimum amount of time on some mods. The link below is for a very simple mod to fix the panel lighting issues with the 310. It separates the dome light from the instrument lights. I know it has been a couple of years since this was a hot topic, but it was easy. Maybe some of you are still flying it. Hopefully the link will work. I just recently got around to installing WIN 10 and I'm not yet very comfortable with it. Regards, Bill https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p65pcopr4v4x6o1/AACje8G0zUIi6xrZc3l2ELTIa?dl=0
  5. I will revisit the entire starting temp issue. The RW temps seem to be much lower than I programmed for. The headwind/tailwind thing shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Thank you very much for the feedback. I will attempt to address some of the items here. 1. The oxygen thing is purely Carenado. But, it is an easy fix. I probably will not be able to regulate the pressure (it will be on-off like it is now), but I can certainly take the battery out of the logic. 2. The pressurization fix is an errant parenthesis in my code. Easy fix. I have already fixed that in the update in work. 3. The POH is horrible in describing the GROUND POWER switch, hence Carenado making it 3 position and my leaving it that way. It should be an easy fix for the switch itself. The effect on the electrical system logic may not be so easy. 4. Removal of NTS from Annunciator logic....easy. Adding the gear horn.....easy. 5. The door lock thing was unchanged from the original Carenado programming. Should be an easy fix but will merit some research. I don't know it the standard exit logic inherent in P3D can be overriden. 6. Landing lights switch correction will take some doing, but likely doable. The screw that should be a light is likely not doable. 7. NTS logic will have to be pretty much redone. However, I think I don't have the proper understanding of the logic. In the YouTube Tim Timmons video, it seems the NTS lights come on during start without his holding the switch. I think I am missing something. 8. The charging rate can very easily be adjusted. Like you, I think most simmers aren't into waiting too long. 9. I can change the EGT rate on startup but I need a good idea of what that rate should be. Maybe I'll look at the Timmons video again. 10. Looking at the electrical schematic, it appears to me that Inverter #1 is powered from the Radio #1 switch and Inverter #2 is powered from the Radio #2 switch. Maybe I have read it wrong. 11. The intention was to not allow torque if the start locks are active. I'm pretty sure it was that way in the previous version. I will have to check to see what I messed up in v6. 12. I will check the igniter lights. 13. Didn't know the PROP/GEN was spring loaded. That is sometimes tricky in the simulator but I'll have a look at it. 14. The autopilot arrows were not modeled by Carenado. I will take a look but am not very hopeful on the VC control head. The pop-up shouldn't be a problem. 15. There were some autopilot updates in version 6.1 that should have corrected the V-Bar logic. I will PM you a link to v6.1. 16. The prop braking adjustment is simple beyond belief if you know how to edit the .air file. Simply change the spoiler drag to a smaller number. If you can try this and give me a good number that would be great. I suspected that the current number was too high. 17. I have already fixed the gear horn logic in the update in work. 18. I have not yet found an effective way of overriding the start sound on a emergency cutoff. The feather logic is entwined with both the fuel switch and the condition lever and gets complicated. I'll take another look at it. 19. The RW flap implementation can be a real problem for simmers. It requires virtually staring at the flap lever during transitions unlike the real airplane where one can feel for the lever and glance at the gauge when the desired setting is reached. To me it's the biggest disappointment in the airplane. I can't fathom why Aero/Rockwell/Gulfstream didn't implement pre-selectable flaps like every other manufacturer on the planet. The last airplane I flew that didn't have pre-selectable flaps was a 1955 Cessna 310 and even then the switch was spring loaded to center. I can fix it to emulate the RW, but I don't think folks would like it very much. While it would technically be RW, it would also take an inordinate amount of mission crosscheck time to operate in a simulator environment where tactile feel and the ability to quickly glance at something that is not normally included on the screen would not be available. Again, thank you sincerely for the feedback. I am in the middle of rebuilding my back deck and renovating the master bathroom. Therefore, there won't be much action on simulator stuff for a while. I will nibble away at it when I can, but no one should hold their breath. Best regards, Bill
  7. Unfortunately, it would be very dramatic. It's all contained within the model these days. That means gauge animations, variables, texture calls, etc. exist within the model itself. The G600 is actually much easier for the developer because nothing, outside a spot for the gauge itself, has to be done in the model. It can all be done in .dll, .gau, or .xml files that don't require long recompile times while troubleshooting. To my knowledge, what you ask can't be done without the source code for the interior model. And I seriously doubt Carenado/Alabeo will give that up.
  8. Well....take a look at this. You can see the airplane almost leap forward as he releases the brakes at about the 7:00 mark. He is pulsing the brakes all the way and massaging beta. So, I don't think it's terribly inaccurate. The real problem is trying to emulate the direct drive engine in a simulator that uses only a free turbine. I might be able to adjust the static thrust at idle, but it will cause undetermined changes elsewhere.
  9. Dave, I found this problem and will sort it out soonest. It's an easy fix but I need to understand what the unknown consequences of the fix may be. Bill
  10. You can select either radar by changing the panel.cfg file. If you don't have the MILVIZ radar, you can change the panel back to the Carenado unit like this. 1. Open the applicable "panel.cfg" file in notepad. 2. Find the following lines: ------------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$Panel_4 gauge00=MV_WX!WX, 90,35,335,245 //gauge00=WX_Gauge_3D_PA42III!WXGauge, 9,9,492,309 gauge03=TOGGLES!ToggleWxAdvantage, 0,48,513,450 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Change to look like this and save the file: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$Panel_4 //gauge00=MV_WX!WX, 90,35,335,245 gauge00=WX_Gauge_3D_PA42III!WXGauge, 9,9,492,309 //gauge03=TOGGLES!ToggleWxAdvantage, 0,48,513,450 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Carenado radar should now show in the VC panel. Regards, Bill
  11. It seems when P3D gets a little overloaded, the first thing to go is effects. Strobe effects, beacon effects, touchdown effects, etc. I rarely get entirely through a flight without the effects quitting somewhere along the way. You can turn up the effects detail in display settings to get them to last longer but at an FPS cost. Anyway, It's a P3D thing and happens with all relatively large and complex add-on aircraft.
  12. I have not seen the engine issue. Ensure that the first engine has been set to at least 68% prior to engaging the generator. Ensure the generator load has decreased to below 100 amps prior to starting the second engine. Here is what I have figured out so far about the battery problem. Carenado did not map the electrical system in the aircraft.cfg file other than to specify battery voltage, generator voltage, and generator output. When I looked at the battery voltage and load variables I found the following: Battery Switch - ON = 5 amps out of the battery Avionics Switch + Battery switch - ON = 20 amps out of the battery with the voltage falling rapidly. I copied the electrical loads from the Alabeo Cessna 310 and inserted them into the Cheyenne II aircraft.cfg. Now I get the following: Battery Switch - ON = 2 amps out of the battery Avionics Switch + Battery switch - ON = 7 amps out of the battery with the voltage falling very slowly. I guess the moral of the story is that if one doesn't specify electrical loads in the aircraft.cfg, P3D assumes default values that are quite high. I will put external power in the next update, but in the interim place the following in the aircraft.cfg in place of the current electrical system and see how it goes: [electrical] max_battery_voltage = 24 generator_alternator_voltage = 28 max_generator_alternator_amps = 500 engine_generator_map= 1,1 electric_always_available = 0 avionics_bus = 0, 5 , 17.0 additional_system = 0, 2 , 17.0 Regards, Bill
  13. This is a small update to the Cheyenne IIIA modification. 1. Minor fixes to cockpit sounds. 2. Autopilot update. 3. Added propeller drag at very low power settings. 4. Updated the ADF to facilitate easier frequency changes. 5. Activated the Carenado Radar in the Carenado GNS530 panel. This can be easily done for any of the panels in the panel.cfg files. It will be on the street shortly as a complete mod update. If you are not on the distribution list and would like a copy, please send my a PM here with your email address. Regards, Bill
  14. Most of the mod depends on the updated interior models. If you are using the v5 model, you are missing most of the mod. I am trying but haven't found a way to make v6 backward compatible. I would recommend falling back to v5. I have no idea how a partial v6 would fare. Bill
  15. I loaded the mod in P3Dv3.4.22. I couldn't get the engines to start at all due to the new fuel flow gains the mods uses from v4.4. I have tried to get this thing to work in FSX for Robert and I have tried to get it to work in v3.4. Evidently when you build something in the 64 bit version, that's the only thing it will work with. With the additional changes in v4.4 it really begins to get difficult to make these things backward compatible. I will try and see if I can recompile the models in P3Dv3, but it didn't work in FSX. I am not optimistic. Bill
  16. Well....it looks like P3D will not look into an add-on sound folder even if it's in the configuration file for the simulator. Once I put the sounds in the main sound folder it started working. Oh, well. I have some autopilot improvements from the 690B I am going to integrate into the PA42, so I'll update the sound entries along with that.
  17. VERY INTERESTING! I substituted the PA31T sounds because I could never get the PA42 sounds to work. I thought it was a problem with Carenado's file. I substituted the PA31T ADF because I couldn't get the knobs to work on the PA42 ADF. Guess I'll have to take a look at those again.
  18. Every time I distribute this thing I forget to remove my own code for controlling the landing lights with FSUIPC. 1. Go to the main gauges folder and open the GAUGE_690B_mod folder. 2. Find the file "Gauge_UPDATE_DIG_2.xml" and open it with notepad or some other text editor. 3. Scroll down until you see these lines: -------------------------------------------------- <!-- For default VC landing light operation --> <!-- (L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 0 == (L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) 0 == and if{ (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 != if{ 1 (&gt;K:LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE) } } els{ (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 == if{ 1 (&gt;K:LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE) } } --> <!-- For assigning landing lights to FSUIPC landing lights switch --> (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 != if{ 1 (>L:ASD_690B_EXTEND) 1 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 1 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) (>K:LANDING_LIGHTS_ON) } (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 == if{ 0 (>L:ASD_690B_EXTEND) 0 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 0 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) (>K:LANDING_LIGHTS_OFF) } -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To restore the normal clickable landing light switches change it to look like this (you can cut and paste from this page): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <!-- For default VC landing light operation --> (L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 0 == (L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) 0 == and if{ (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 != if{ 1 (&gt;K:LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE) } } els{ (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 == if{ 1 (&gt;K:LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE) } } <!-- For assigning landing lights to FSUIPC landing lights switch --> <!-- (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 != if{ 1 (>L:ASD_690B_EXTEND) 1 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 1 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) (>K:LANDING_LIGHTS_ON) } (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 == if{ 0 (>L:ASD_690B_EXTEND) 0 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 0 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) (>K:LANDING_LIGHTS_OFF) } --> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Save the file. The clickable landing light switches will now work.
  19. Update Mod v6.1 on the street. Includes the KFC-300 correction only. Still assembling the remaining bug list for investigation.
  20. My guess is that you somehow interrupted the auto start sequence at exactly the moment it put the switch in GND START RUN and it got trapped there. You probably wouldn't ever see that again, but I will devise something that will keep it from happening.
  21. I used AutoStart and didn't have a problem. If you interrupted AutoStart it could have stayed on the step that starts the right engine. If that were the case, the switch would be "trapped". I can insert a line that cancels AutoStart if it is interrupted and releases all the switches.
  22. There were no changes that I know about in 4.5 that should affect the mod. I experienced the CTD problems associated with the bad VR code when I tried to start 4.5, so I reverted back to 4.4. I think LM has found the fix and I will load 4.5 sometime soon.
  23. Raymie, I have checked a couple of times and I can't seem to duplicate that. Next time it happens please try to remember everything you did during startup. There are only a couple of things in the Auto Start and the Step-by-step start that could trap that switch in Run. Bill
  24. There is an autopilot problem that can easily be fixed by users. It has to do with the KFC-300 autopilot. I sent the correct folder in the mod, but when transcribing the panel files referenced the wrong folder. I referenced the folder that contains the KFC-300 for the Cheyenne II and Cheyenne III. Most of you have not seen a problem because you have one or the other or both Cheyennes and the 690B is using their autopilots. Anyway.....to make the correction: 1. Go to each panel folder for the KFC-300. 2. In the "panel.cfg" file for each panel that uses the KFC-300, find every instance of "KFC_300_Autopilot!" and replace it with "KFC_300_Autopilot_690B!". That's it. Regards, Bill
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