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  1. I'm flying FSX SE with a Carenado Cheyenne II and RealityXP GNS 750. I'm having an intermittent issue with glideslope capture by the autopilot during ILS coupled approaches. I have tested the base GPS 530 that comes with the Cheyenne II and have not seen the issue. With the GNS 750, the A/C fails to turn off Alt Hold when reaching the glideslope. The autopilot annunciator shows GS Capture but Alt Hold remains on and A/C flies level. This happens on about 50% of approaches. Any experience with this? Thanks marjimbo
  2. Hi whamil77.

    I'm flying the Carenado Cheyenne II and see from threads that you have done a mod that includes fixing the yaw damper.

    If still available, I'd love to try it.




  3. Hi spokes2112. Your "kit" works perfectly. You're my new best FS programmer friend. Thank you
  4. Thank you spokes2112. I'll try it and let you know how it goes.
  5. I looked at the PA31T.air file for the Cheyenne II. There is nothing in that file related to autopilot parameters. Any other suggestions?
  6. Thanks for the reply charliearon. I've already tried adjusting the default v speed in aircraft.cfg. It seems to have no effect. My speed varies depending on the situation. I climb at near max power and at 2000 fpm and speed settles around 180 until power/IAS declines at higher altitudes. Descent speed varies - enroute descent I keep near 180-190. Once within range I slow to 160 clean, 15 deg flap and 140 in area of airport and 120 on final approach. These speed changes don't affect the altitude "ARM" function. I'll try finding a .air file. Thanks
  7. Can anyone help me understand where to find the default vertical speed setting for the KFC 200 autopilot in the Carenado Cheyenne II (PA31T). This vertical speed is set when you arm a new altitude in flight. The default setting is 500 FPM climb or descent, which is unrealistic in the Cheyenne as typical climbs are 1500 FPM and higher and descent needs to be at least 1000 fpm to meet typical ATC needs. Many approachs have several step downs which required lots of autopilot manipulating to reset the V speed each time a new altitude is armed. There is a setting in the aircraft.cfg file for "default vertical speed" but it is set to 0.0 and changing it has no apparent effect. Thanks Marjimbo
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