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  1. I had purchased the S330 a while ago but hadn't installed it. I just got my new system up and running and installed the 330. It shows and I ran the model tool to set up the radio/gp[s compatibility. I shows in the select vehicle list but no airplane in the preview. Any ideas?
  2. Don't forget Jimmy Buffet has several airplanes. He regularly flies his Falcon 50 on tour pluss he has a Caravan on Amphibs as his "goin fishin" airplane and also has a Stearman he flies quite a bit. Do a search on youtube for Jimmy Buffet and you'll sea video he did that features his Stearman.Brian
  3. Anyone got a good low frame impact fence library for use in Ez-scenery/Runway 12? something with an LOD so it disapears at some distance from your aircraft?Brian
  4. Awesome tip John... I now can fly Joe Binka's Cessna 195 without getting the blurries :-)Brian
  5. If you're talking about the Basler DC-3 Turboprop conversion I haven't seen one for FS since FS 98.... Maybe one of these days I'll get time to make one.....Brian
  6. Alphasim had one of their own... I downloaded it when I bought the package right after it came out... But I lost it.Brian
  7. Anyone interested in making a Alaska Airlines Salmon thirty Salmon paintjob on the SGA 737-400??ThanksBrian
  8. Anyone still have the Alphasim C-130 paint kit? I had it at one time but I seem to have misplaced it when I transfered files to a new computer.ThanksBrian
  9. Every taxiway line at the airport where I work is yellow and black. yellow by itself contrasts well on new asphalt but within a year or so the asphalt turns gray so the yellow isn't as visible. and on concrete it's even less visible.... Sooo they paint black lines on the outside of the yellow to make it more visible.Brian
  10. It's Allan Devin's Bell 430. It's freeware available over at www.hovercontrol.com Brian
  11. :-xxrotflmao :-xxrotflmao "Magic Button" I must admit though, I really need to buy Louis a case of his favorite brew :-beerchug for getting Boolean cuts to work. The time I loose in smoothing out the mesh is way offset by the time savings when chopping windows and doors.Brian
  12. go into polygon mode on the fueslage, step throught them one by and look for surface normals pointing in wierd diredctions. you can delete these "extra" polys as you go. just have unlimited undo checked in your preferences so you can go back and fix something if you make a mistake and delete a poly you need.Brian
  13. Looks great but it's a slideshow on my rig...
  14. The VC is part of the model.... To completely delete it you need either a design program and the source file from the original author, or a hex editor to decompile the model, which for most authors, is a violation of their copyrights.Brian
  15. I'm having problems maintaining tourque on my latest project. the tourque falls off pretty quickly above 14,000 feet. the airfile is based on the king air and I've done everything I can think of to the cfg but nothing helps except increasing the power scalar and prop thrust scalar but then it has way too much power on the ground. Need some help here.Brian
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