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  1. Where does reality GTN 750 store flight plan library? thanks
  2. I wish F1 would update their GTN750/650 to 5.3hf2! Also, Milviz WX Advantage Radar needs an update.
  3. Hi, I have the same issue. Automatic selections are not selectable. There all brown. What am I doing wrong? Barry
  4. I’m flying from KLAS To KORD at this very moment. Can you guys have it ready in the next hour and half ? Or should I use DD? LOL Love what you do, Barry
  5. KORD has undergone radical reforms in runway and taxiway layout in the real world(RW). Runways 32/14L&R have been eliminated or transformed into taxiways. Runway 27/09C has been added north of 27L. Many taxiways have been renamed. DD runway layout is correct. RWY 09L/27L is shown extended to west and taxiway construction to the southwest is shown complete, although these changes are depicted under construction on the current Jeppesen Airport Diagram. FSDT KORDv2 is not updated to recent real world runway changes. regards Barry
  6. Thanks Ark, I installed with v2.5 and the RMI is fixed👍! Now, if I can just get the copilot F1GTN750 to show the trainer screen like the left unit. All I see is a black screen. I can use the DME to tune the #2 Nav and the RMI shows proper bearing to station. Ident code can be heard using audio panel on GTN1 to select Nav2. If anyone else is having this issue I'd like to know their thoughts and/or solutions. Thanks again for the RMI fix Barry
  7. Al, I also used ver 2.4 to install in P3D4.5 and 5.0. Btw, I also have the dual RXP GTN750 in the Extreme Prototypes GLJ25 and they work awesome with RMI. What a hot rod! Barry
  8. Hi Ark, Are you using F1 or RXP GTN750 units? I am using the RXP GTN750s in the FSW C441. I tried the F1 GTN750 units but, I could not figure out how to get the right GTN (copilot) screen to show anything but black. The left GTN unit works fine! However, the rmi has no input. As a result, I am flying the C441 with two RXP GTN750s. The left is master and is connected to the HSI in gps and vloc modes. The right is not master and is connected to the OBS in vloc. I am interested to know how you are getting the RMIs to acquire a vor or adf signal? In the MU-2 I’ve been using the F1 GTN750 for years and the RMI works like the real thing. I hope we get that new panel I’ve hear rumors about! Thanks for the interest! Would appreciate any help. Barry
  9. Both the MU-2 and C-441 great sims! Although, using dual GTN750 gps units, the navs don’t output to the RMI needles! Has anyone else seen this issue? I have both installed in p3d4.5 hf2 and p3dv5. Barry
  10. Thanks Bert, I didn’t think so. By the way, do you know how to install the GTN units without the bezels in the VC? Regards, Barry
  11. I made the change today and I have a question. Can the F1 flight plans be transferred to the RXP GTN750 unit? Thanks Barry
  12. Hi Bert, Does the Carenado H850XP run in P3D4.5 & 5.0 with the F1GTN Mod? I tried flying it after P3D and GTN updates but GTN screens are black in VC. Have you had any issues? I so like this mod, I hope to find a solution! Thanks Barry
  13. Using PSXT ver. 15.2 whilst located at Imaginesim's KATL (most recent update), PSXT gives the message: "KATL (ATL) ... no or faulty airport file" then on the red background: '94:Parking position C4 in "parked_updates\KATL.xml" appears more than once?' And RealTraffic ver. 7.0.52 can't provide PSXT with the data it is clearly receiving. Can anyone tell me how to correct this issue? Thanks, Barry
  14. Robert Young can you direct me to Bert's Hawker 850 mod? Thanks Barry
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