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  1. Its not about gamepads. MSFS sees my analogue POV hat as a gamepad and my $750 flight stick is now useless
  2. Did you ever fix this? Not being able to use LNAV is frustrating
  3. Good Day Ive tried all possible combination of settings to get the GTN to fly the NAV plan but it refuses. Flies a perfect automatic ILS approach but doesn't connect to NAV mode on the AP. Any help is appreciated Jon
  4. I was using AAO and eventually turned to SPAD as I found the UI to be much easier to follow. It also gets more powerful as time goes by. Theres a lot of things that SPAD can do you won't ever find - its that deep. I am currently using stream decks and X-Touch mini (my AP). I use the Stream decks for mainly overhead buttons on TP's and RJ's. Theres also help close at hand on their Discord. Jon
  5. So how are you supposed to see where you're going while controlling this little knob?
  6. I finally got the correct installer from Simmarket. It was like pulling teeth, but they had not updated the installer in my downloads
  7. So I am creating my Ortho's at 17 and the bmp's look great but when in P3D (specifically Greece in this case) they look horrible - like 14 in (the other sim we don't talk about) lol. Am I doing something wrong? Jon
  8. Its all I use and it works well, although the end result does not look as good as on Bing or Google Jon
  9. Too bad he didn't read your post 5 years ago lol
  10. On the contrary - P3D has perfectly working Q400 and I suggested several times to her to give it a try. Her views would tank as all the gamers are only interested in MSFS.
  11. Where did you get the idea she flies a 300? Its a Q400. Not a 300. The Q in my signature is because I have been flying their planes since the Q300 in FSX, I am not associated with them.
  12. Those "condo residents" used to be low income waterfront housing
  13. Read the first 5 pages of this. You likely didn't select the tile
  14. Thats because a lot of your tile is water. If half the tile is water it'll take half the time. ZL 17 is very high for a complete tile Jon
  15. Sounds like you're using Orth4XP, not Ortho4 P3D
  16. C:\Users\??????\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator Definitely NOT in alphabetical order
  17. I've switched back to SPAD. NeXt and things are moving along for the Q400
  18. As I PM'd you - been flying this since FS2004 (PMDG)
  19. Normally I do as well, except this one time from sim market. The installer is the same as I had from before (I save most everything worthwhile) On the carenado site - one place says V2 and other says V4? This is version 1.0 "reseller" I am sure there is an update or for V4 (64bit) or a better installer. Somehow I had it working for 6 years though. It now is working perfectly except for the GTN. I seem to remember years ago you had 3 tweaks for this plane you sent me?
  20. In the installer the only only option is V2, not V3 or V4 or V5. Sorry, I though that was clear. This does not exist in my installer - highest level is V2
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