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  1. Thanks for your response, do you know where i can find info about this subscription? ... i would like to have the lastest database
  2. Hello everyone... Due to the lack of database for the GNS 430, it is possible create our own database to flight with lastest published procedures?. Thanks
  3. Well is finally working but only left few functions to get it fully functional. I'd assigned shortcuts in the image but the knobs are not workingm Curious thing when i pushed one of them, outter knob rotate cw and do the function for pushed. https://imgur.com/a/19gfR Thanks
  4. Is this update released already?
  5. Hello: as you has could see, i'd been facing problems with my hardware (Elite gns 430 module) and Reality Xp Gns 430 V2. Why i bought this? Well, i just simple thought there will be compatibility between them like the Gns 430 for fsx and Xplane. If there is compatibility with the oldest gns 430 why not with the new one?... Thanks for your answer.
  6. Hello i just purchased the gns 430 v2 but i cannot configure my elite gns 430 module. Where i can find hardware PID and Hardware selector number? To include this info into configuration file rpx Thanks.
  7. Hello: Before to buy it, i would like to know if this GNS 430 is compatible with GNS 430 module manufactured by Elite Hardware (look at the picture). Thanks a lot.
  8. This will be compatible with AP4000 GNS 430 module from elite?
  9. Hello everyone: Actually i am very disapointed because i bought an AP4000 console from Elite including the GNS 430 module. Going depper on the web, i found this GPS is only for Reality XP for FSX but my question is: How about of P3D customers?... Any plans to release the GNs 430 for P3D?... Thanks a lot.
  10. Seems like i buyed the interface for FSX and i have to buy the panel builder but the page where i buyed this must have the product highlighted or something to avoid mistakes like this :( and now my money is getting lost
  11. Hi everyone: I'm very angry due to last night i expend more than 60 dollars buying Panel builder with A2A C172 add on and it simply doesn't work; i tried reading the manual and there is a Panel Builder home that i don't have installed into my computer. I have to buy another software to make it work?... If that is the answer please i want my money back. Thanks a lot.