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  1. LN-KMM

    Ops center won't install new liveries

    Yeah. Same issue here. I try add new liveries both from the download manager and from a .ptp file, no joy. Just get this error message when trying the downloader: http://prntscr.com/g2kovb
  2. That makes no sense... So, because they are working on an offline mode, the servers are down; prior to releasing the offline mode - and not notifying anyone?
  3. I get the point of having a connection to the website for downloading presets and such, but forcing the software to require an internet connection just to use the camera module?! That's insane. And if you do make software like that, you better be sure to have a fallback server in case your primary does down - which seems to have happened now since we can't even access the main website. It's not like this is a cheap addon either...
  4. LN-KMM

    [09DEC15] A Whole Lotta 747-400 Goodness!

    The A380 has the same runway width requirements as the B747 as far as I know. Taxiways on the other hand... (Here's the source requirements: http://www.aci.aero/aci/aci/file/Technical_Safety/A380%20infrastruture%20reqs%20-%20alternates.doc)
  5. LN-KMM

    Got my first OOM in P3D V3

    Then we have two very different versions of P3D V3 apperantly. Just ran the same test, with only P3D and SFO HD installed. EVERYTHING turned to the max. Everything, on the rwy when starting I was at 1.95GB of VAS, after doing a flight around the entire SFO bay in the F35, I at no point went above 2.1GB VAS.
  6. LN-KMM

    Poor Performance P3D 2.5

    So I tried out a few of the tips here in this thread. I had heard about the OPTIMIZE_PARTS fix, and tried that first. With the 777X and FlyTampa Toronto, I had prior to the fixes, between 12-20 FPS. I changed two things: added the optimize_parts fix, and gained around 8 FPS, and changed my framrate lock from 30FPS to unlimited. Same airport, same conditions, but the change to unlimited, now it's bouncing between 30-45 depending on what I'm looking at. It's a much smoother experience! I reccomend trying the two, and see if it helps!
  7. LN-KMM

    ok 1 more time, VAS with P3D-2.5.

    That's because the PMDG 777X is way more detailed then most of the other aircraft in P3D. The Aerosoft Airbus for instance, is nothing compared to the 777. Both less detail, mirrored displays to the FO, lots of features missing, etc. etc.
  8. LN-KMM

    How I Solved My 777 Oom's?(For Now)

    Ok... I don't think most people understand what causes OOM (Out Of Memory) problems in FSX. Changing the compatability feature, will (or atleast should) not affect how much memory a 32-bit program can access. A 32-Bit program (Which FSX is), you can access 4GB/4096MB of memory. There is nothing that can be done to raise this cap of 4GB of VAS unless you convert FSX to a 64-bit program. I'd love a post with either a dump or a screenshot from process explorer showing that either, the initial VAS usage of FSX is lower when using Server 2008 compatability, or a screenshot showing FSX using more then 4GB of VAS and not crashing then by all means! Let's all go for it, but I highly suspect that you've done something else, that is causing it not to crash or that it is random. Use this link for a guide on how to use and download process exploerer: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a108/vas-management-stopping-out-of-memory-oom-errors.aspx.
  9. LN-KMM

    PMDG and default ATC

    Marc, the problem with other weather addons, such as REX is that they don't give addon developers like PMDG access to weather data. The only reason it work so well with ASN and that is the only supported weather engine, is that PMDG can pull data directly from Active Sky, and not from FSX, since FSX doesn't give any information about precipitation in the clouds. It's been explained NUMEROUS times on the forums why this is why. It's even in the manual.
  10. LN-KMM


    No joke. I've been flying on VATSIM for 10 years, and I honestly have never thought about this. I even have widefs installed. I've been using remote desktop to my computer when flying longhaul and not being in the same room, to check up on PMs and ATC, but the idea of just running it on my surface pro is genious! Thank you Kyle!
  11. Gents, I know this might seem like a weird request, but I have been looking for this thing for months. Literally months. Air Canada has for I think most of their aircraft a "Quick Reference Handbook NORMAL" book. No, it's not the QRH that comes with the 777 that's for abnormal procedures. I'm looking for the "normal" handbook - it's a 40(ish ?) page document, outlining a bunch of of standard procedures and checklists. As an example, what to do prior to oceanic entry, proper procedure for securing the aircraft for de-ice etc. It looks like a fantastic document... But, I can't find it. Other airlines might have these too, and if anyone could send one to me, I would be eternally grateful! I've heard from some people that these handbooks are "internal documents" and might be hard to get hands on. Personally I don't see why it's such a big deal, since it is just Boeing procedures, re-written and shortened, but if I won't share it with anyone else, if that is what it takes! I have a few images of what it looks like, and what it contains: Note, the screenshots are from the 767 and the E190, but it looks the same across the board, just proper procedures for the different aircraft.. http://cl.ly/image/272N0b2s3y2f http://cl.ly/image/3L3g0l1t1K1g http://cl.ly/image/2a3I1S0s473N http://cl.ly/image/1m1q2f2Q010b (This is what I've been able to re-create from screenshots and videos... Not much in other words).
  12. LN-KMM


    That depends though. In many of the PMDG repaints it's NOT labled inside the cockpit, Air Canada and United repaints as an example. You need to either look up the aircraft registration on airframes.org and get the SELCAL from there, or you could just pick one at random. It's a FOUR character code, where the second character and fourth character need to be of a higher value then the previous, and two letters cannot follow each other. E.g. "AB-CD" is OK while "AA-BC" and "AB-BC" would not be a valid SELCAL. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SELCAL
  13. LN-KMM


    Yes, SELCAL is used on VATSIM during oceanic procedures, and work great. You need to be sure that your pilot client is set up with the correct SELCAL though, for it to work.
  14. Gents, After searching around I have been unable to find a good answer to this question... Has there been any word on any further expansions beyond the 300ER for the 777X? Are we ever going to see the -200ER or the -300. Although I love the -300ER, personally I'm a fan of the a bit more underpowered aircraft such as the -200ER and -300. Going through the search results, RSR has referred to the -300ER as "the first expansion" a couple of times, but I can't find any more word then that. Karl
  15. LN-KMM

    Designation Question

    As I understand - it's ultimately up to the carrier to decide what level of ETOPS to maintain the aircraft to. If they don't want to keep up with the maintinance required for ETOPS 180, they can use ETOPS 120. I believe Air New Zealand as an example only maintains some of their aircraft to ETOPS 330. Also, see this thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/448764-united-airlines-777-etops-cert/