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  1. Flyboy85

    I can't stop myself. Prime Air 747

    Thanks to Siri, I can help you. If you change it to N353xx, that would fit the way they're numbering their fleet. 353 is a prime number, as are 3 and 5. Nobody would make you lol. I'm bad at pilot math...for my aircrew rating in Civil Air Patrol, they kept chastising me for using road distances because I found measuring air distances difficult on our sectionals. Marc
  2. Flyboy85

    I can't stop myself. Prime Air 747

    I see one issue...minor...but part of the thing with Prime Air is that all the regs will be prime numbers as I recall. Don't know if you're going for realism here, but if you are, you might want to change it. Otherwise...I'll be buying this later today, and I DEFINITELY​ plan on downloading this. Regards, Marc Eichler
  3. Flyboy85

    Boeing 737-

    So, with Alaska air (and presumably others) replacing their -400F's with 700's, is there any chance of PMDG doing a combi or freighter model? I don't know much about designing simulations and all, but it would seem to me that all you'd need is texture modifications and the fuselage cargo door. Thanks, Marc Eichler
  4. Flyboy85

    NGX and AES

    Okay...on my 737-700, I somehow screwed up my AES settings. Does anyone have the correct positioning information? I'm getting jetways that are far in front of the aircraft, rear stairs at about the middle of the plane, and don't even get me started on the baggage loaders. Please help. Thanks, Marc Eichler
  5. Flyboy85

    FMC Falling Short of Destination

    It doesn't seem to matter which airport...But let's say I'm flying KORD-KPHL, I'm lucky if my FMC recognizes any waypoints past KUNV, so I'm forced to then use a default flight plan and default ATC to bring me the rest of the way. I actually don't use SID/STAR, as to be honest, I have no idea what exactly they are (well, I know what the letters mean). It's a little confusing/frustrating, as I subscribed to Navigraph pretty much for NGX, and I'm not getting all the way to the destination. And before anyone suggests it's my Navigraph, I just subscribed within the last week, so that's all current. Thanks in advance for any assistance, Marc Eichler
  6. I purchased NGX a few weeks ago - and I'm glad I did. I'm having one small problem. I load a flightplan, have the current AIRAC, and the route terminates at least 100 miles from the destination. I use to plan my flights, and on their map, everything checks out. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Marc Eichler
  7. Flyboy85

    Electronic Flight Bag

    I was just wondering if you guys, at any point plan to put an EFB in the 777's. Right now, I'm a victim of the Windows 8.1 glitch with FSX, and if I click out - like to pull up a chart - my joystick isn't recognized until I restart the simulator. I don't own an iPad or tablet, so I was just wondering if I could get feedback on this. Thanks!
  8. Flyboy85

    Flight Deck Question

    So I've noticed that there are variations to flight decks within the -200. Mainly, there is either a seatbelt sign and no smoking, seatbelt and no electronics, or just a seatbelt sign. I've noticed this in pax versions. Is this designed like this intentionally, or is it an error? Marc Eichler
  9. Flyboy85

    PMDG and default ATC

    One aircraft I've had my eye on for quite some time is your 737NG. Based on my machine - an ASUS G75VX with no mods, would I be wasting my money if I purchased the NGX? I'm trying to save myself some frustration (and money) Marc EIchler
  10. Flyboy85

    PMDG and default ATC

    It's an Asus G75VX, with no modifications. One of my friends tells me that if I can run AirbusX (which I do, easily), I should have no problems running anything from PMDG - that PMDG is much friendlier on frames. Marc Eichler
  11. Flyboy85

    PMDG and default ATC

    I'm doing some research to see if my laptop can handle ASN. If I listen to some of my FSX friends, I can't run the PMDG 777, yet it works great. Marc Eichler
  12. Flyboy85

    PMDG and default ATC

    With the weather radar, I see that now on the page, I think you should add that ASN is the only add-on (currently) that it will work with, and is a separate purchase. Someone like me could well purchase the product, and not be too happy when they're doing a visual approach (radio wasn't working, but Kyle helped with that) and they discover that the ceiling is less than 1000 feet. In that situation, for example, I could have attempted an ILS approach, but I was past the point where I feel comfortable changing approaches...and was low on fuel - that was my fault. Can I ask if there are any plans to make the weather radar compatible with other add-ons, such as REX? Thanks, Marc Eichler
  13. Flyboy85

    PMDG and default ATC

    I've been following PMDG for quite some time. I love the 777, and have already purchased the -300ER expansion, as well as the MD-11, and the 737 is on my radar so to speak. But I've come up with the following questions/suggestions. 1. While I understand your products are geared more towards professional pilots who may not want the bells and whistle so-to-speak that come with typical FS planes (flight attendants delivering food and beverage to the cabin, cabin calls, etc...even a virtual co-pilot [as seen on a competitor's Airbus]), Why not make this an optional purchase. You sell Fs2Crew on your site...but I don't fly online because I don't have a headset with microphone. If PMDG were to make it an optional add-on, you could charge for it. 2. Nowhere on the product information page does it say that the weather radar doesn't recognize default weather, or REX, which is what I use. I did a flight the other night, and because my radio wasn't working (which your post above did fix), My entire approach was through a nasty thunderstorm that airlines would have avoided. If your products are only going to work with a certain weather add-on, that should be specified before the purchase is made. 3. I run the 777 - haven't flown the MD-11 yet - on a good laptop. When switching to an external view of the aircraft, I get a very quick view of the interior as the aircraft renders. If I can get a glimpse of the interiors that way, why not design an interior, and make it an optional add-on? Someone in a Facebook group suggested I not even waste my time, as you're more geared towards the experienced pilot who doesn't care about the bells and whistles. It's something that could be done by volunteers (especially voice recordings), and is another stream of income, which could bring in more customers and money. The thing that kept me away for so long (I've only been using Flight Simulator about 15 years) is that I've heard how complicated PMDG's planes are. I think that i some of my suggestions are followed, even more people would buy your aircraft, because especially with a co-pilot, there'd be another set of virtual eyes on the controls and running checklists. I don't know if I'll get a response, or if my ideas will be laughed off, but these are coming from someone who is a PMDG newbie (I've flown less than ten hours in the 777), and wants to help make your planes even better. Thanks, Marc
  14. Flyboy85

    PMDG and default ATC

    Thanks! That worked. Is there a way for me to contact someone with some suggestions?
  15. Flyboy85

    PMDG and default ATC

    I'm somewhat new here, as this is my very first PMDG purchase...until I purchase another aircraft later tonight. As I don't own a headset, I don't fly online. I'm confined to the default ATC. It seems though, that at least half the time, even with the radios on and tuned to the right frequency, they won't pick up ATC. Is there an option or setting I should play around with? Thanks, Marc