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  1. Hi Thanks. I wont rename anything.
  2. Hi Just wondering. I see lots of panel cfgs in the panel directory in 737 and 747. Do we just rename those to panel.cfg ? Thanks
  3. Hi Here are my story. I uninstalled 747 then reinstalled 1JUL17 version. Started OC and I got the option to repair liveries. I did so. The OC works, no manual editing, no redownload of liveries. I can access liveries and download new ones if I want.
  4. Hi Thanks. That was simple. Uninstall -> Install -> Start OC -> Done
  5. Hi So I started OC today and it tells me to download a new 747 V3 installer. Do I just uninstall ? Do I have to delete something manually ? Is it just uninstall and reinstall ? Everything is automatic ?
  6. Hi. No I have updated the OC 2 or 3 times because I have it for the 737NGX. I installed the 747 and after a few days there was 2 notifications, One for the OC and one for the 747. I updated the OC and without closing, I updated the 747 (major one 700 MB). After a few days a new update was available for the 747 (small one 300mb). I updated.
  7. Hi I have updated the 747 with no problems. Updated first update, no problem. Updated second update, no problem. Everything went smooth as butter. Edit: Yes. My 747 QOTSII works.
  8. hi @pcubine Thanks that worked. So now i have to decide what setting to use. 0 or 1, hmmm......
  9. Hi After choosing a 747 v2 it goes to the preview window and begins rotating. Now half of the 747 v2 is a skeleton. Parked at an airport my 747 v2 is fine. Please advice Thanks
  10. Hi. Just donated today and now I read that I have to purchase at AS aswell. Maybe i will get a free copy aswell. Did not see this support forum before donating. Donated 10 Euros. Thanks.
  11. Flight1 UTX USA v1.6 works Flight1 UTX Europe v1.5 works
  12. My Traffic X Lite works SceneryTech Landclass works Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo Gardermoen X v1.02 works
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