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    I am a FAA CFI/CFII/MEI with an ATP rating on the CL65 (CRJ). I fly the CRJ 200, 700, and 900 for a 121 operator in the United States. I have been simming since 2009 and flying RW since 2012
  1. Yeah I have read through your post more times than I would like to admit lol. This is driving me crazy. It has to be something small, but I can not figure it out. I have done multiple re-installs of both the plane and the RXP430/530
  2. The CDI is working properly the only issue is the autopilot NAV will not follow. The 530 unit is in GPS mode as well. If i switch to VLOC mode then back to GPS I get about a 10 degree bank to the right for a second or two then back to wings level
  3. Hi all, I have read so many topics on this and have messed around with it for hours and I can not get the autopilot in the Alabeo 207 to follow the GPS course. I have run all the configurations and andreinstalled multiple times I am kind of at a loss here right now. Any ideas? Thanks Gary
  4. GWC123

    Virtualcol CRJ lack of drag in flight

    Honestly I've never flown it. I came from xplane after years with the full intent of going deep into payware planes, so I haven't done much freeware stuff in the sim.
  5. GWC123

    Virtualcol CRJ lack of drag in flight

    I'm a type rated CRJ Captain. I haven't tried these planes yet as I've been on a trip for the last few days, so can't comment on how they fly, but I can tell you that the 700/900 are a little more difficult to slow. now nothing like throttles at idle in level flight holding 300kias, but it does take some decent planning, especially in the 900. Now the 200 is a different story, pull the throttles back on that and you'll fall out of the sky pretty quick
  6. I'm just thinking about those 4 engine contrails B) B) B)
  7. GWC123

    iFly 747 Support?

    Thanks for the input appreciate it! I decided to go with the GoFlight MCP for the wider support and from what I've read much better customer support! I even received a phone call this morning thanking me for my order
  8. GWC123

    iFly 747 Support?

    Scot, Thanks for the quick reply. When you say no special functions, what do you mean by that?
  9. GWC123

    iFly 747 Support?

    Looking into purchasing the VRInsight MCP Combo II. Only plane in my hanger I'm still looking for compatibility is the iFly 747 v2. Is there support for this plane? Have searched around, but haven't found any definitive answers. Thanks, Gary
  10. GWC123

    P3d version 3.2 Stackhash

    For some reason this did not fix my issue. I read that solution on many forums so I tired it and never worked for me. They only thing was uninstalling and reinstalling. Perhaps it was something else deeper in the sim, but everyones case will be different
  11. GWC123

    P3d version 3.2 Stackhash

    Yeah I disabled the addonmanager.dll and did a flight in the PMDG 737 from Taxi2Gates KSEA to Taxi2Gates KMCO (no addons using addonmanager and had no issues. I then went and manual uninstalled all addons using the addon manager and then reinstalled and have't had a crash in 2 weeks now. Very strange
  12. GWC123

    P3d version 3.2 Stackhash

    I was having big issues with this, starting disabling stuff in the dll and came to find out it was FSDT addon manager, uninstalled all stuff related to that, reinstalled and fixed the issue
  13. GWC123

    A 777 Challenge

    As an airline guy let me tell you this is probably one of the most fun thing we can do. It'll give life to a job that can get very mundane day in and out. Ever super senior pilots love a good visual approach clearance. I'm not flying anything as big as a 777 but it's still fun none the less
  14. GWC123

    AA for P3D v3.2

    Are you still using NI with 3.2?
  15. GWC123

    AA for P3D v3.2

    I'm still trying to find the sweet spot too. I'm running an i5 4670k at 4.4GHZ with a 780ti overclocked to 1200MHZ. what do you guys think would be best. Thanks