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  1. I've done two reinstalls already (one to move the sim to a new drive) and I can't say it fixed anything, but there's no real downside that I can see. All my settings kept, and as long as your internet speed is good enough, I just let it run overnight. Then just put everything back into the community folder. I had taken screenshots of all my settings and controller assignments, but didn't need any of it. Again I won't promise it will help, but as far as I can tell the process is pretty easy and painless (provided you're not on a limited internet connection).
  2. You can often find an introductory deal on a Game Pass subscription for a month for $1 if you look around. You can give it a try and see for yourself. The game runs really well on old hardware, as long as you're realistic. My PC is going on 4 years old now and I can still get 30fps or more on the 2nd highest settings. I'm in the same boat, putting off an upgrade until the price/shortage lets up. The game still looks amazing even in the 2nd highest settings. I could never, ever get FSX to run smoothly, but 2020 has impressed me in that regard. Granted I'm flying mostly GA planes and not hitting the complex heavy iron in complex airports. Honestly I've been less in a rush to upgrade based on how well things run now. I try and think back to how a 3+ year old PC would have performed at FSX launch.
  3. I don't think it is practical to compare MSFS to "mainstream" games. They are just too much of a niche. Apples and oranges. That said, I think that MSFS has done some amazing things with graphics and performance (the latter part being important). My PC is 3.5 years old now and I can easily get 30fps with GA airplanes and even higher. That's all while being able to visually identify all sorts of real landmarks around my area which was all AI generated (nobody hand crafted anything around my area outside of maybe Niagara Falls). For many years, we flew around relatively generic landclass and textures. Maybe the sim knew to put suburban looking textures in one spot, urban ones in the next, and rural textures outside of that, but I've never seen anything like this outside of satellite imagery (which had its own limits). The technology is amazing. As someone who plays a lot of video games along with sims, it has been a long time since something made me say "wow" from a graphics and performance standpoint. All I know is I uninstalled any other sim I had on my hard drive. I really liked other sims, but now there's no going back once I've seen what this sim can do. I love just flying around my home town looking out the window. I've never been able to do that before. I would be limited to flying somewhere more interesting with better 3rd party scenery. To me, that's revolutionary.
  4. It is really random. At one point it hit me almost every flight, now it seems a lot less. It is definitely a sim bug, as I've gotten it with or without mods just the same.
  5. Yep, uninstall that thing. You can install the drivers without Experience. It took me 2 months after launch to figure out why my settings kept changing. Just do a full uninstall, and custom install and un-select Experience. So frustrating.
  6. So far so good on my PC. Was getting 15-25 around my home area, now back up to 30+. None of those massive FPS drops all the time. I already turned the FPS counter back off so I can get back to enjoying flying.
  7. Maybe it is a good thing that we did all that "whining"
  8. Yeah it definitely happens with analog planes, I think it just isn't as dramatic since they are easier on FPS overall. I don't get as severe a drops as some, but just flying the JF Arrow or even the default 152 or 172 II still get fps drops from my normal of near 30 to the high teens in areas that should have no performance issues. It is still very noticeable and I get it flying around my home area and I never got this until the last patch dropped. Everything was running great on my 3+ year old PC up until this patch.
  9. That's exactly what I am seeing right now.
  10. I was honestly about to buy a few things, but held off with the performance issues. My usual 25-30 can dip to 15-20 now in completely random areas flying a GA plane. That's the kind of FPS hit I'd expect with a complex airliner, not a small GA plane. There were a couple of nice airports on sale that have been on my wishlist and they only cost a little each, but I held off. At first I figure, "They'll fix it soon", but I'm getting tired of waiting. Maybe one sale doesn't mean anything, but multiple vendors lost out on sales from me this weekend. I'll wait until they fix it then for the next sale. I never sit there and obsess about my FPS counter. I leave it off most of the time but it is obvious that there are major performance issues along my flight.
  11. Great, thanks for that. Been looking for a better workaround. "Restarting the sim" is really a big deal when it takes this long to load.
  12. There's also a bug in the sim where the 530 or 430 won't turn on no matter what you do. It is super annoying and there seems to be no fix yet other than to restart the sim. They mentioned it in the developer notes. We can only hope they are fixing it soon.
  13. The gns530 bug seems to be for all planes since the last patch. The cessna does the same thing. Randomly you just get no GPS and the only way around it is a reboot. It has made flying really hard to spend all that time loading up the sim only to realize that you won't have a GPS and have to start over. It doesn't matter if you use the 530 mod or stock. If you boot up and it works, great. If you don't see it though, I don't know any way to make it turn on. I end up having to swap to that little custom GPS thing they have. It is super annoying and I hope it is on MS's list of things to fix.
  14. I was flying around NY today and got the same thing. Seems like the barometer was going up and down quite dramatically (the real weather is pretty quiet).
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