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  1. I used FSNavigator as my flight planner forever, as long as I can remember until recently. Over the last few years, it became harder and harder to compile the database in FSNav with newer sceneries. Eventually it got to the point where I had to skip so many add-on sceneries to compile that the task became unmanageable. Eventually I moved to FSBuild. As someone who mostly flies GA flights, it was a bit of overkill, however it is a very nice planner. The big advantage is that it runs outside of FS9 so I can build my flight plan and import it into ActiveSky Evolution without needing to load FS9. The learning curve is steep for sure. Anytime I need to format my system and reinstall getting FSBuild set up properly is always a chore, but once it works it is a great flight planner.
  2. Look at the burning software. Sometimes that stuff is bloated and take up way more resources than are necessary.
  3. Check out real charts:http://skyvector.com/
  4. What are your system specs?I'm not sure exactly what you are asking, but if you are looking for realism in fs2004, you need to look at planes other than the defaults. if you are not into payware (the Carenado Mooney is spectacular and the FPS hit is next to nothing on a decent PC), then check out some great freeware aircraft in the library. Search the library and forums and you'll find lots of great aircraft.
  5. >Hello>Curious, why does FSnav need to be retired ?Mine got to the point where the database would not rebuild anymore. Too many sceneries wouldn't compile and figuring them out was taking an eternity. I went to FSbuild, but no, no moving map. I learned to live without it, but recently picked up FS Destinations which has a pretty good map. I wouldn't buy that just for the map though. I'm still looking for a good general aviation flight planner. FSBuild is great, but designed for the heavies. It is overkill for GA, and also doesn't seem to have many smaller airports in the database.
  6. The budget is pretty easy... they find someone with an ultralight and say "hey, you want to be on TV?" :)I think a lot of their problems lately have come from the fine folks at the insurance companies... they mention how they called and asked about certain things and they would no be covered. I'm already prepared to deal with the "no-fly" people's argument that the light weight of the ultralight somehow matters in the problem somehow. :) It will be interesting to see anyway! One ultralight, cleared for takeoff... treadmill one! :)
  7. Uncheck this scenery before you recomplile and if it works, then it is your problem. I finally had to uninstall FSnav because of this. There were far too many sceneries that would cause the compile process to freeze up. It got to the point where I couldn't find all the ones causing problems.
  8. Reminder- this episode is going to finally air this Wednesday (Jan 30th). 9:00pm eastern. It is listed on TVguide.com and I also saw a tv promo for it the other day, so this looks like it is really going to be on now!
  9. I found that if you don't load the default flight, you *probably* will be ok. However, sometimes I find myself having weird issues that don't seem to happen when I load the default flight. I always start with the Cessna in 2d panel, then go from there. It only takes an extra minute and does seem to help.
  10. Obviously finding real world preferred routes and/or planning the route yourself is the most realistic. Routefinder is a great alternative for the simmer. No, it won't go and factor in all the details of every airport, but it makes a very reasonable route. Most route generators will either ignore sids/stars or possibly throw you into the side of a mountain. They also like to send you hundreds of miles in the wrong direction, etc.
  11. It is already been mentioned, but Routefinder works perfectly for me.http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/I haven't found anything out there that generates any better routes (although honestly I haven't tried every option).
  12. There was a great post on this issue a long while back, which basically said that the fps counter in fs2004 isn't a complete measure of performance. As people have seen, you might be getting 30fps all the time, but get stutters. People confuse this with thinking that we cannot tell fps differences over 24, but that is false. In other games you certainly can. In fs2004 though, the fps counter doesn't always tell the full story. Stutters of course can ruin the experience, so the best thing is to lock it lower and tweak the sim until it runs smoothly.
  13. I tried fs2004 with unlocked frames for quite a while...Those high framerates on the counter felt good, but in reality to me the sim ran no more smoothly. During cruise, my fps was 50+, but things were no better. Since then I went back to locking fps (I currently use 24) and everything works great. For stuttering and blurry textures, tweaking your config file is a better option in my opinion. I use this guide from the Ultimate Terrain site:http://www.scenerysolutions.com/doc/performanceTuning.pdf
  14. The best thing to do is create scenery folders for all the airports you create. For example, say I want to create Buffalo (KBUF). Under Addon Scenery, I create a folder called KBUF, then under that folder, another called scenery. Now, go into FS and create a new BGL file in that scenery folder you just made. However, you need to remember to add this folder (addon scenerykbuf) to your scenery library before you exit flightsim, then your objects will show up. You don't have to do this, but it helps keep everything organized when you go back to edit them later on. Keep all your sceneries in different folders to keep them separate. To delete existing objects, you have to select the tab (I think it is called move/delete). Then slew your plane to near where the object is and it should be highlighted in red. Then just hit delete.
  15. Well... yes! It is worth it just for the movement in the virtual cockpit... everything else is a bonus. You can search old posts, but honestly I don't see a reason not to get it...
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