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  1. Can you put this gauge in without the original one?
  2. louis8m

    Trackir and PMDG

    its fine for bush flying but I don't use in big jets , at 30,000feet what is there to see !
  3. louis8m

    Our phases of simming

    Don't know about the rest of but 20 yrs of simming seem we go into different phases , years just flying bush,and with the scenery now it is really awesome, then maybe general aircraft here and there and a period of jets. Myself i try to stay away from the big boys like LAX ,Frisco and so on ,they drag my rig down and airports are for me are too big .Just built a new rig so i fiquered since i hardly use the mouse for anything with a pile of Go-Flight modules and configured with the GO-Flight interface tool after years of just using the 737NG i'd try this 777 .When i first seen the panel on my screen after putting it in i said "Oh my what did i just waste my money on with this beast ,i'll never fly it ". Then slowly but slowly reading the manual and watching U-Tube tutorials its about all I've been flying for the last 3 months . Have to admit it's one heck of a nice machine , and have to add about the biggest asset here is the forum support.Kyle in my view makes the product even better the way he handles the forum and i'm sure at times he gets tired of repeating himself but is always professional with the replies . I was hoping he would be in Vegas this summer to meet him but he didn't go.
  4. louis8m

    Using PMDG 777 ILS

    There are times you have to put it in manually. Such as airport KEGE, a real nice Orbx payware in Colorado way up there above 6,000 feet ,mountains all over the place and you have to pay attention .The Freq.is wrong you have to insert this 109.75/253 and stick it where it says ILS Park , not sure where that page is at the moment , don't have my sim open. Louis
  5. louis8m

    Com freq. won't show on V-Pilot

    Well Kyle I got it . For any one reading this in case it happens to you , my friend was on team speak and has all the PMDG jets and went though this, he came on team view and showed me . Make sure you put your radio's on -- On all the radio's where it says L-VHF turn them on, on all 3 radio's -the yellow light will come on -there's 6 knobs and its the far left one . New to this bird and reading the manual I haven't got there yet . And everything is set to Run as Ad. by the way . I'm sure I tried with engines running and it was the same . I've been flying only the 737 Ng since it came out but this one is a lot more elaborate to learn I'm obviously finding out . Louis
  6. louis8m

    Com freq. won't show on V-Pilot

    Any one have an issue setting the com freq. to the on line ATC ? I tried with V-pilot and FSinn and for some reason its stays on one freq and no matter what I do in the 777 it won't change the freq. to match FS Inn or V-Pilot . The 737Ng is fine . I run Go Flight and the interface tool but I shut go flight conf right off, to normal and its still the same ,so I'm out of idea's . Hope some one has an answer cause after over an hour I'm out of ideas -----thanks Louis
  7. louis8m

    Go Flight questions for 777

    Yes, and Steve does respond to our concerns on a timely matter for sure . In Vegas this summer I was talking to Tony from Go flight and when I asked him about the interface tool and set up's and he told me he knew not much about it and it was all done over at Polly Pot ,.I just wish they had more sample pictures cause I've spent hours apon hours trying to set up switches .
  8. louis8m

    Go Flight questions for 777

    Wow Claude , this is priceless , thanks a bunch, i'll save this page in my favorites . All I've ever flown is the 737 Ng and when i bought this 777 last week i said " Oh boy 100 bucks down the tube ", but i;m liking it more and more especially with all my go flight modules
  9. louis8m

    Go Flight questions for 777

    Wow 15 modules Mike ! i thought i had lots . I wish Polly Pot had some example pictures for various switches etc. on their site. I spent over an hour trying to program the APU to start and Auto brakes on my RP48 Rotary knobs and gave up . I'll have to check Rob's tutorial . Finally did a flight with this and it was pretty sloppy. Louis Massicotte ---- Alberta
  10. louis8m

    Go Flight questions for 777

    Well still no answer , little surprised, as I was sure I would get one .Looking at a few different videos on the 777, its sure not like the 737Ng. For now I'll leave it cause there sure doesn't seem to be a lot of buttons and they act different . I'll just program the lights .
  11. louis8m

    Go Flight questions for 777

    I've been flying only the 737NG since it came out ,and it's the only jet i fly. I have 9 Go flight modules including the Advanced Auto pilot-- not the MC Pro and the EFFIS panel that i bought this summer at the Vegas conference. Lets just say starting the 737 i don't use the mouse hardly at all. I just bought the base pack 777 and have to basically convert all my switches and rotaries to this bird . Is it pretty well the same for switches compared to the 737 or are lot that i didn't use for the 737 will be different ?I'm sure some of you die hards here are using the GO-Flight interface tool and can enlighten me . I'm in the process of watching tutorials on it from Capt Nav and so far its a different beast to learn i see ----Thanks Louis Massicotte ---Alberta