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  1. Well I'll be darned, so now I know and not to rely on Skyvector, I seem to have pretty good luck with the NDB's which is surprising. I took my commercial training in Thunder Bay CYQT ,vor works there but I'm on my way to Sioux Lookout CYXL and it won't work there but the NDB does. Thanks a lot
  2. Yes Jim, that's what wondering also, I'm gonna check with current charts like you say cause I do keep up to date . Was kinda hoping the old ones would still be active so we can fly these ol' clunkers .Flying VFR in this sim ,there's no comparison. I like to go vrf with Skyvector and I'm using those Vor's . and yes I use Simbrief and import the flight plan right in the GTN 750 and the same with the ATR . Right now I'm going from Sudbury Ont. CYBS to Timmins CYTS . Skyvector gives the Vor's for both and the trip is short -about 120 miles, I fly by hand so I like to stay at about 100 to 200 miles the vor in Sudbury won't grab but the one in Timmins does but I haven't checked the real charts like you say yet .
  3. Hopefully maybe here I can get an answer to why on a lot-but not all of VOR's don't grab the signal. Before I get hit on the basics I do have a real license and have used vor's in real life,. Since I'm with FS2020 I'm into the DC'3 and Beech 18's and completely done with the big jets. I'm not the only one who has notice this .Louis CYYC
  4. Hi Ray . just maybe your the one who can help a pile of us with Go -Flight modules I have 12 of them . With Fs 2020 sounds like the go flight configure tool is no more . Is there some way we go go to a site or forum  where different people can share there settings ? I'm having a heck of a time with this . Such as the Aerosoft Twin otter  .can't no way set the rudder trim with a RP48 rotary ,and with P3D it was no problem. My GF46 , and GF_WP-6 i can't get it  to work at all, and all my lights like Strobe i can't get the light on my T8-2 to light up when i switch my strobe or any light for that matter.  I can get all of them to show when you hit Identify and i can get a lot working but surely not all and totally lost . Polly pot forums i can't seen to find anything there   Thanks Louis  

    1. Ray Proudfoot

      Ray Proudfoot

      Louis, the Pollypot site is the only place where you’ll get software for GoFlight units.

      Have a read of this post. It covers most of the GF units including the ones you listed. Steve is very helpful.


    2. louis8m


      Ok thanks Ray ,ill just keep fighting with it , Louis

  5. Found the answer, watched it on video in cruse it was about 11o knots so I'm not going to get it , a little too slow for me simming. .
  6. Kind of thinking of getting this bird for P3D 4.5 but want to ask a few questions first . What's the typical height and speed people fly this thing on a normal basis? I love the Piper from A2A as i have about 150 hours in them real world but in the sim i don't fly it cause flying at 110 -120 knots and having to bring a lunch every where you go somewhere, it's just to slow for me in the sim and like to go about 200 knots like the Duke B60 turbine I'm ok with. About cold weather starting , what's the deal; with this thing? ,In Alberta here it get 20 to 40 below and i use Active Sky and always real weather . I understand that this thing won't start that cold ,so do you tarp it up the day before you park or how does that work? Thanks Louis CYYC
  7. Well looks like there must not be any, with all the views i would know by now . The reason i posted this, 10 year ago i used to fly a 210 Cessna, so i bought the Carenado 210. I was trained very strict on engine management, where i was made to lie on my back with a flash light and look in the exhaust pipe to make sure there was no sign of the turbo blades coming apart. Flying the 210 Carenado- the engine management settings compared to the real one was so far out it wasn't flyable to the real settings so i chocked it up to a waste of money and deleted it.
  8. I haven't flown this bird for about 4 years and want to get out of jets for a while. I found an updated file for dynamics on Avsim and put that one in. is there any thing like maybe Burt would of done to upgrade this 500? Thanks Louis CYYC
  9. Hi I was real hesitant on buying this DC- 6 cause  i knew it would be a night mere and sure enough. I run PFC with the 2 engine quadrant and can't no way get the throttles to work and reading you post I'm a little lost . Any way you can help me out?  I'd even pay you if you want to come in with team view and fix it cause I'm at my wits end with this thing --- hope to hear from you   Louis Alberta Canada  

    1. BlueStar


      Louis have you posted your issues on the PMDG forum?   If so I will go over there and try to help you. 🙂

    2. louis8m


      I did but in 3 days no answer there  I went over to Pete with FSUIPC forums and he don't know either , and wants me to uninstall the dc 6 and reinstall 

  10. I did a search and looked in the manual and never seen any thing on this unless i missed it . When i bring up the map view the aircraft always shows the direction it's heading g. Is there a setting i can set it Map up ? Louis CYYC
  11. This aircraft seems to be the only one with this problem . When i 1st bought it on sale a week ago, the 1st time i loaded it and went into spot view to look around with my joystick hat switch it was panning very jerky and i said 'oh no here we go again my frames are knocked down to 4' but it turns out the frames are fine but with this bird it only goes into Locked Spot view and when i select just 'spot' in the View section it won't stay and just stays in locked spot , every other aircraft i can select 'Spot' and not Locked . Is this something i can change in Chase plane settings ---- thanks Louis-- (Alberta )
  12. I don't trust myself playing with numbers in aircraft conf files .I have a Piper twin engine and even with the cowl flaps closed it runs way too cold . How in the conf. file do you plug numbers in so you have more realistic engine temps? Louis cyyc
  13. Looked around a bit for a different sound pack but not much luck . The free version of Milton Shupes Beech 18 has a sound pack in it that will go head to head with any pay ware sound but it doesn't match up for the Seminole. Louis cyyc
  14. Oh Jez ,thanks Bert ,I’ll do that Louis cyyc
  15. Thanks FD, that helps me out a lot, and i seen that feature your talking about swaping on the fly and was attracted to it . I come from the analog days of the 60's . I used to fly real world a Cessna 210 and was thought strictly on flying by numbers . I bought it for fsx at the time and it was so far out i deleted it is why i'm asking ---Thanks- Louis
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