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  1. REX Clouds with overcast seem to kill my FPS when I look at them, is ENVTEX or ASCA any better?
  2. Also to add on, at the airports where it's happening, CPU core 0 is at maximum usage to 95% usage with or without clouds, but when clouds are introduced stutters are happening frequently and the framerate as mentioned before drops dramatically.
  3. 2048 texture qual in p3d and 1024 in REX
  4. I use 4xMSAA, the clouds still impact my FPS. For example flying out of ORD looking away from the clouds (which was towards the city too!) gave me around 45fps while turning around to look at the overcast layer gave me about 30. in V4 or V5.1 REX clouds never impacted my fps this much.
  5. To add on as well, when I think I should have more GPU usage during heavy overcast, it remains around the same (as well as my CPU) as it would be with light clouds or no clouds at all, but the FPS is significantly worse. Is this just the game's engine being bad, or is my installation borked? I've tried reinstalling to no avail many times.
  6. Yeah this is really weird, I can spawn in at KLAS facing the strip (RW26R) and get 45ish FPS at an already taxing scenery, but put in overcast clouds and my fps dips to 25-30. I don't think clouds should be having this big of an impact.
  7. Tried to reduce from HD to 1024 to 512 and there was no major difference in performance, overcast still killed my fps.
  8. 1024x1024 i changed it manually to this resolution and it overcast still destroys my FPS
  9. Min 60/Max 90. It seems that when i just have cirrus clouds my FPS is fine but all of a sudden when i have overcast, my fps dips a lot and stutters are highly noticeable.
  10. Hello All, recently in my sim (P3dv5.2,) I have been getting major performance hits when rendering clouds with an RTX2070 and a ryzen 7 2700x at 4.3GHz. I'm using REX clouds with an EA sky, and the draw distance is at 90 with maximum coverage, 3 cloud layers in ASP3D, and auto resolution in REX. My FPS w/o clouds is around 45-55 but when clouds come in the FPS drops to 20-25. I have tried deleting shaders, ShadersHLSL, reinstalling client/content, using DDU to revert to old drivers, and changing REX settings to no avail. In V4 or 5.1 this was never an issue, clouds had little to no impact on my fps. Shadows are on but rendering distance is only at medium. Any help is appreciated
  11. Anything else that could be causing it? What could I show you that could let you help me figure it out better?
  12. I have 213 GB Free, I don't have assistants or accelerators. But why do my GENXs sound like RR's?
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