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  1. Hi, Just brought the "aivaflightmonitor" and wonder is there a pdf - manual or has someone wrote some explanation for the graphs / parameters and how they should look like or how a nice approach would be.. - Looking for some guides / advise on the "Raw Data Plots" parameters for Pitch / Elevator / touchdown zone ++ and how to analyze the graphs.. ๐Ÿ™‚ - Using the 737-700 Rgd Jens Bobl
  2. Hi, Yes sorry,..... I forgot to install the scripts from the PMDG DC6 profile!!! .. Thanks for all you help and advise, seems the trick was to "cleanup" since the uninstall/reinstall I did in the beginning didnt solve my problem. Brgds S.
  3. Hi, Now tried to reinstall/and cleanup as descibed above and seems like a huge step forward ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚, now the webfip work fine and there is also a url in the url-field :-), and desktop FIP`s which I have never used also now works(didnt work before when tried this just for testing). So for sure some has change after deinstall / cleanup. Anyhow, now it seems when I run the MSFS / AAO(as admin of cause) and Steamdeck that my steamdeck can get the feedback/values from the switch`s in the cookpit, meaning when I for exsample press the "seat belt" sw in MSFS the Icon on my Steamdeck update with new status, but If I press the switch("seat belt") on my steamdeck nothing happends in MSFS. Seems to be same behavior for all switchs. (kind of one way communication, chould it be some firewall issue?). To info, Now tried 3 different ports with full reboot of win10 between each change, still same behavior... Please advice Thanks so fare Brgds S.
  4. Hi, yes seems something is really wrong here!.., unable to add gauge as well..will uninstall/clean up and try again ๐Ÿ™‚ - No, have never used WebFIP so not downloaded any addtional gauges. Thanks so fare Brgds S.
  5. Hi, Unable to get the WebFIP to work, when I start to enable / change or add gauge to the WebFIP" meny,... hole Lorby AAO just "crash" or "end/quit".... So I then need to restart the AAO again please advice ? And if I check the url for the WebFIPs it just empty, assume this not normal, I also discovered if I click in the url field(WebFIP windu) AAO seems to end/crash and I need to restart AAO. See pciture here https://rushfiles.one/client/publiclink.aspx?id=IVMNjUPSxX Brgds S.O
  6. Hi, ah okay understand, starts to see some lights :-), ... - Are the little gauges also dead or are they showing values? --> Yes they are all "dead" ->no values. - Are only some buttons not working or none at all? --> none at all. - In the AAO actions on the StreamDeck there is a "Connection" button --> you mean a "Reset Conenction" button ? (do not have any "connection button") - check if "lorbysi-content-hooks" is still in your MSFS Community folder. --> Yes its there v1.3 as fare I can see. ๐Ÿ™‚ Brgds S.O
  7. Hi, Thanks so much so fare, Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚...yes my actual problem is that non of my "Steamdeck profiles" works anymore, Meaning when I press one of the button on my steamdeck, for example > press "Parking" or "Batt" button on my Steamdeck XL nothing happens in my 172. After all testing for/back++ time consuming :-), ...was thinking it make no sense to start MSFS as long the wepapi "test"(browser command not working) or will this be wrong? And if understand correctly AAO is a actual kind of webserver which then the plugin is accessing right? Brgds S.O
  8. Hi, Everything was working perfect until I upgrade the AAO Steamdeck Plugin and the Lorbysi AAO to latest ver. Setup: - win10 / MSFS - Steamdeck XL, v5.2.1.15025 - Lorby Steamdeck plugin v9.03. - Lorby sw run as "admin" and current version is v2.28 b18. I am following the "AxisAndOhs_WebAPI_Troubleshooting" but have a quick q, when to test this wepapi port I only need to start/run Steamdeck sw and then open a web browser and run feks this command http://localhost:9080/webapi?dev=1&chn=5&btn=4 right ? (No need to run Lorby AAO yet right or ?) My Problem: - If I do this above, meaning pasting in the command into a browser it "fails" will error msg ยซUnable to connect, canโ€™t establish a connection to the server at localhost:9080". To Info: - Have triple checked this port is not in use by other sw, verified by netstat & tcpview. - Followed the manual step by step, - Tried to reinstall both the "Lorby Steamdeck plugin" and "Lorby AxisAndOhs", 2 times. - I try to run as little sw as possible to diag further, and advice very apricated. - Even if I try to run both Lorby steamdeck plugin(Steamdeck sw) and Lorby AAO it fails all times with error msg described in "My Problem". - Tried to change the Lorby plugin file "settings.js" to both "myIP / and localhost / with Steamdeck shutdown and start (no close and open). Even tried to restart win10 between each change! Would also be nice if possible for someone to explain how all the "sw" hangs together or connected togheter, MSFS / Lorby AAO / Steamdeck plugin and so on, Sorry but struggling to get the "clear view" ๐Ÿ™‚ .... (maybe a little drawing like a "diagram" would make it much easier to understand ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Thanks in Advanced Brgds S.O
  9. Hi "Lorby", Yes I followed the troubleshooting manual , step by step ๐Ÿ™‚ and have also restarted my computer, but seems still not working. * Even tried to delete my Steamdeck profiles and readd them again, still no luck... Then I tried a different("port-B") not port 6080, just to be sure for checking/verify my setup and then suddenly it worked ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ . * Tried actually to set it back to 6080 and rerun the "http://localhost:6080/webapi?dev=1&chn=5&btn=4" it "output" "OK" in the browser but was then back to my issue again, no buttom worked on my steamdeck!. So then I move it back to "port-B" and all worked again :-), so seems it may have been some local-port issues on my computer!!. (But little strange it happend after I upgraded my fsuipc/Linda or maybe just a coincidentally, no clue). Conclusion: Issue is solved and feel free to mark it as solved. ๐Ÿ™‚ * Thanks for you support :-). Brgds SO.
  10. Hi "Lorby" Now tried to change my port to diff port, and now it seems I have moved one step further :-). - now when I send "http://localhost:xxxx/webapi?dev=1&chn=5&btn=4" it says "ok" in the webbrowser, So sounds good so fare, but unfortunally still no response from my steamdeck, ... please advise Brgs SO.
  11. Hi "Lorby_Dev" Thanks for the feedback :-). - Yes I can confirm,Lorbysi-content-hooks(v1.3) is still in my community folder. - Only have two Steamdeck XL profiles, one for "DC6" and one for "c172". (so non of these two profiles are working). - "Little gauge" do not work either, "blank" on my Steamdeck XL,..so looks there are no "2-way" communications. * check this link below https://rushfiles.one/client/publiclink.aspx?id=mLZG2zvjeX Stopped working, > Means when I press one of the button on my steamdeck, for example > press "Parking" or "Batt" button on my Steamdeck XL nothing happens in my 172. (just to clarify, only using the stock 172 no addon). Not sure if this make it more clear or unclear ๐Ÿ™‚, are there any logs to check or a way to diag this further, * A way to check that the API on port 9080 is working correctly, I have checked my firewall 3-5 times and should be correct, but a way to validate that it actual work (?). Brgds SO
  12. Hi, After upgrading my fsuipc/Linda to latest ver, all my Steamdeck XL "Profiles" (c172/dc6) stopped working!., very strange! Assume there is an issue between AAO Steamdeck Plugin and the MSFS sdk or not sure..(?). * Followed the "AxisAndOhs_WebAPI_Troubleshooting" but all looks fine. (and strange it just stopped working after upgrading fsuipc/LINDA). * Tried to start MSFS without Fsuipc/linda but still same issue. * Tried to uninstall / reinstall Steamdeck XL sw, and during uninstall I also deleted all files/folder in "app/roaming/Elgato". Setup: - win10 / MSFS - Steamdeck XL, v5.1.3.14750 - Lorby Steamdeck plugin v6.09 - 08.12.2021 (6.10). - current use FSUIPC7 v7.2.13 / Linda v4.05. - Profile used on Steamdeck xl "PMDG DC-6 profile for StreamDeck XL" and "C172 G530.streamDeckProfile". - Lorby sw run as "admin" and v2.22 b43. Logs: In Steamdeck xl, logs files there is only one line, see below, no error msg rgds the plugin. "12:10:37.918 StreamDeck ESDPluginManager::LoadPluginsInFolder(): Loading com.lorbysi.aao.sdPlugin..." Any Advice very apriciated Brgds SO
  13. Hi, Actual my issue was back after an reboot of my pc.., reported back to ScotFlieger and he actual created/fixed an new update found here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/341971-pmdg-737-ngx-module-415b-9-jun-2020/ Install it. - Then go to /linda-cfg/aircrafts/pmdg 737ngx/ and delete your existing config-mcp.lua file. - Restart P3D with the 737NGX and start LINDA. - LINDA will create a new config-mcp.lua. - You can check this by selecting the MCP Combo page and checking the MCP tab. It should be populated with NGX_ functions. Great thanks again for fixing my issue ๐Ÿ˜Š, fantastic support. Brgds S.O
  14. Hi, Issue solved with help/assist from Scotflieger. Feedback from Scotflieger: "You appear to have changed the name of your PMDG 737NGX file with the suffix _old. This is not necessary. Try renaming the /linda/aircrafts/ and /linda-cfg/aircrafts folders back to the original name." Yes I actual did rename these original folders for pmdg because I tried to fix the issue my self, didnt help, have now renamed them back and now all works just fine ๐Ÿ˜Š!!. (strangeโ€ฆmaybe a rename and copy/++ and then rename back to old/orignal names fixed my issue.) or maybe this "There was an issue with the new PMDG 737NGXu module until I put a fix in LINDA 3.1.1 to allow the modules to correctly select between the old and new aircraft add-ons". Anyhow huge thanks๐Ÿ™‚ for your support, * Ticket closed. Brgs S.O
  15. Hi ScotFlieger I have now replicated the issue and send files to linda @ awginfosys.net Thx ๐Ÿ™‚ for your support. S.O
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