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  1. Hi, Actual my issue was back after an reboot of my pc.., reported back to ScotFlieger and he actual created/fixed an new update found here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/341971-pmdg-737-ngx-module-415b-9-jun-2020/ Install it. - Then go to /linda-cfg/aircrafts/pmdg 737ngx/ and delete your existing config-mcp.lua file. - Restart P3D with the 737NGX and start LINDA. - LINDA will create a new config-mcp.lua. - You can check this by selecting the MCP Combo page and checking the MCP tab. It should be populated with NGX_ functions. Great thanks again for fixing my issue 😊, fantastic support. Brgds S.O
  2. Hi, Issue solved with help/assist from Scotflieger. Feedback from Scotflieger: "You appear to have changed the name of your PMDG 737NGX file with the suffix _old. This is not necessary. Try renaming the /linda/aircrafts/ and /linda-cfg/aircrafts folders back to the original name." Yes I actual did rename these original folders for pmdg because I tried to fix the issue my self, didnt help, have now renamed them back and now all works just fine 😊!!. (strange…maybe a rename and copy/++ and then rename back to old/orignal names fixed my issue.) or maybe this "There was an issue with the new PMDG 737NGXu module until I put a fix in LINDA 3.1.1 to allow the modules to correctly select between the old and new aircraft add-ons". Anyhow huge thanks🙂 for your support, * Ticket closed. Brgs S.O
  3. Hi ScotFlieger I have now replicated the issue and send files to linda @ awginfosys.net Thx 🙂 for your support. S.O
  4. Hi, Not sure if this is right place to ask for advice, but have some issue with my mcp combo.., Tried above but didnt solve my issue. Issue: If I change for example changing the headings switch in the virtual cookpit it will be updated on the mcp combo, but if I turn heading switch on my mcp nothing happens in the plane. Looks like there is only one-way communications. Is there an easy way to reset config for the pmdg 737-800 NGX or how do I diag this further? To clarify only has this issue with the pmdg 737nxg. If loading any other planes mcp works just fine. My rig: - P3D v4.5 - Linda v3.1.1854 - fsuipc 5.156 - only issue with the pmdg ngx, (running latest version available 6/6-20) - mcp combo (1) please avvise
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for all feedback so fare, I understand you guys correct there cockpit texture are more or less same quality as PMDG737ngx/q400 ? - These blurries seen on some youtube videos are proberly because of recording issues, not actual plane🙂 Any comments please advice, Brgds Soren
  6. Hi, Has couple of question regarding the Maddog-X, since unable to read from their forum before being a paying member, anyhow someone in here are able to help/advise please 🙂 QUESTIONS: 1. How are the Maddog-X VC/cockpit texture compare to PMDG 737-NGX and the Q400 MS. - Looked into several youtube videos and vc/cockpit texture often looks a little "flat" and sometimes blurry! 2. Think I read somewhere they will develop option for shared cookpit, is this true ? Anyone has any comments, please advise 🙂 brgds Søren
  7. Hi, I wonder will you current soundpacks support the new Aerosoft Airbus 3xx(released June 2018) ? Please advise Brgds S.O
  8. Hi, Does this mean if you own the PMDG P3D version you are only allowed to have it installed in either v3.4 or v.4.1, not both at same time ? please Advise Brgds S.
  9. Hi, Has excatly same issue ,...but use p3dv4 and win10/64b brgds S
  10. Hi, We are to virtuell player which run in a multiplayer setup each commanding own plane (using own pc), I wonder can voxatc works as a central atc for both PC`s, if answer is no anyone know if there are any plans/roadmap for this kind of setup ? Brgds Soren
  11. Hi Scott, Issue solved, I deseleced the "FSX Default" once and selected it again and the "fsx-sync" symbol went orange. now all more sticks/control/panels react to Linda :-) To Info: - Have an registed ver of fsuipc. Thanks for guiding me to solve my issue so fast, case solved and have a nice day :-) Brgds Søren
  12. Hi, Unable to assigning any "functions" to buttons of my joystick/panels in new Linda, my P3Dv4 is totally new installed no addons except fsuipc. To info: my MCP1 worked right out of the "box", no setup needed :-) My sw: - win64b - P3D v4 -FSUIPC v5.103 Any advise please :-) Brgds SO
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