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  1. Garbage In - Garbage Out is always a problem in writing expert system programs such as this. An expert system is a rules based model of the problem you're trying to solve. The programmer can limit inputs to the "relevant range" of acceptable practice but then if it changes the program is obsolete or needs to change the assumptions. The alternative is to write in an "expert" option but IRL, everybody's an expert and we're back to gi-go. When writing programs for true expert users I opt for a combination of both that queries the user for an input but warns him/her when and if something's a little "off". You know - something like "Are you completely out of your fricken mind? Just exactly how many passengers do you want to kill?" will usually give 'em a heads up. As far as how much information to present in your output fields it again depends on the level of interaction you're expecting from the user and whether or not he/she is expected to manually verify the results being presented. If the program is being used in a time critical section of flow then "management by exception" is appropriate. MBE highlights or presents only that information requiring attention from the user. Presenting date in green for good or red for danger is an example. Many expert systems are used in optimization decision making known as parametric sensitivity testing. The program uses a range of inputs and prepares a solution matrix that can show all possible solutions or limit itself to only those solutions that fall within a relevant range of acceptable or standard practice. Instead of looking at a snapshot of the problem, the program runs a movie. The truth is though - unless your qualified through training, education or practice to make the decision promised by the software, you shouldn't be using it in the first place.
  2. KLAX-OMDB, up through AK then across Siberia, Russia and down over Central Europe, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait. and the Perasian Gulf. 19+hrs.
  3. Thanks for your yoke fix. The only problem that I had was holding the springs in place while reinstalling the case bottom. The quick fix was to heat the springs with a lighter for a second or two then install them over the screw post. This allowed the spring to melt a groove in the post which anchored them in place while the bottom cover was fitted. Don't go crazy with the heat -- only a second or two will get the job done. Thanks again.
  4. I've been trying to tweak my system to Ryan's suggestions and ran across a setting that jumped my frame rate from +/-30fps to +/-45fps. I set up nVidia Inspector for 8x-SQ and 2x SuperSampling as shown in the screen shots. I achieved the former frame rates and good pan behavior. While experimenting, I set SuperSampling off and the frame rate jumped as noted. At busy airports the frame rate drops into the 30s with excellent pan, rotate and zoom performance. Does anyone know what's up and whether or not I'm missing the point of the SuperSampling setting? Thanks for your advice.
  5. Hey Guys-I've been through a few steps with Paul and Ryan at PMDG and I thought I'd bring you up to date. 1- My procedures are correct , the FMC is properly programmed, there are no speed constraints in my flight plan and the MCP is engaged with LNAV and VNAV controlling flight. There is no indication for the anomaly in any A/C systems.2- Removing FSUICP solves the problem. My setup only uses it to assign buttons to my Saitek X-52. All axes are control as per PMDGs rercommendations.3- My flight procedure is: Trim, flaps, heading, altitude,etc as required; T/O manually to N2 70%, engage TO/GA; If flight plan allows engage LNAV/VNAV at threshhold else when allowed by FMC; Engage A/P at 500-700 AGL after V/S reaches 500 FPM and gear up; A/P and FMC command flight following LNAV and VNAV profiles to 193 KIAS and 2,500 FT MSL (depending on load, weather, airport elevation, etc); PFD speed shows 240 KIAS when commanded by FMC; At 193 KIAS the A/C stops accelerating and continues climb at much reduced rate, about 400 FPM, V/S eventually bleeds off below FL100 ; A/C assumes level flight at 193 KIAS with a pronounced nose down attitude of 3.5 degrees; When I open FSUIPC and select OK, the PFD velocity vector indicator starts climbing until the aircraft reaches commanded speed; Though somewhat lagging, the vertical speed vector climbs to 2,100-2,200 FPM; End of Event, normal operation resumes. Let me know if I need to revise settings or change procedures.Thanks,Rick BertzKMSP/PHOG
  6. Are you using FSUIPC? I can clear the climb problem by recycling it ( reloading the.ini file?). I opened a ticket and PMDG is working on this issue. BTW the flight plan/profile increased speed to 240 KIAS and the jet is well below the MCP ALT. Reseting FSUICP is the ONLY way to correct the climb.Rick BertzKMSP/PHOG
  7. You're right, I jumped the speedtape recs on flaps which caused the stall. A/C still won't accelerate unless I open then close FSUIPC. The A/C attitude won't correct either. I'll try to get more info. Thanks for your help.Rick Bertz
  8. One more thing--The MCP and speed tape speeds have advanced to 240 KIAS as defined in my performance init yet the A/C refused to accelerate. The aircraft also assumes a decided nose down attitude, about 2.5 degrees until I reset FSUIPC.Thanks again,Rick
  9. Thanks Jason, I'll take a look. Should the aircraft make a continuous climb to FMC FLxxx via VNAV w/o pilot intervention?Rick
  10. NGX climbs out to 1,500 to 2,000 FT MSL at V2+20 then stops accelerating just above stall speed (about 193 KTS indicated). All systems are nominal including TAT, N1, N2 and all control surfaces. No warnings, alarms or changes in the O/H panel. To continue the climb I have to bring up FSUICP and select OK. The aircraft continues to climbs according to the FMC profile via the auto-throttle, auto-pilot and LNAV/VNAV.Has anyone had this problem?Rick BertzKMSP/PHOGSystem SpecsASUS P7M motherboardIntel Q9550 @ 3.2 GHz, 8GB P800 xRAM2-1TB WD Black SATA 3.0 H/DsnVidia GTX 460 OC'd 32"Hitachi 32" monitor via HDMISaitek X52 Joystick &Throttle
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