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  1. it working well, only problem when your opening a Third Part panel on second screen it will go straight down to 15fps and will stick to that i have a Titan X
  2. i have an i7 4930k 6 cores, how come when i turn on HT on my sim is more stutter and when it off more smooth? i try it on with AF Mask of 1364 was not bad but with off and AF mask of 62 much smooter
  3. working fine with 3,1 but seem to have few stutter with it!
  4. had the same problem, went back to win 7, new win 10 update problem
  5. [17:57:20] SimConnect Error: Failed to create aircraft ACA0876 using model "F1UT2_772.AC.AC". This usually means that the model is not actually installed in your simulator. The aircraft will be created with a different model. i keep having that message, i did put the path IVAO MTL in simobject.cfg dont know what to do more to make it work
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