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  1. ph-cxz

    PMDG 747-8 EFB Intersection Takeoff calculation

    I just checked it with navigraph charts. On the airport contd page it also says take off info. At jfk there is no data available for intersections while at Amsterdam this data was available.
  2. ph-cxz

    Panning problem

    Are you using an camera addon.
  3. ph-cxz

    FIX coordinates. P3Dv4.4

    The b747 can’t do those distances irl in the fmc
  4. ph-cxz

    P3D v4.3 still work with 747-8

    It should still work but the next update might require v4.4 or higher due to pbr.
  5. The p3d version gives you acces to both v3 and v4. There are no discounts. Nor is it paid.
  6. ph-cxz

    No Descent Via VNAV

    Fuel is already exempt of taxes. If there were taxes added then the fuel would be more pricey.
  7. ph-cxz

    Some recommendations for the PMDG 737 update

    They are doing one called ng3.
  8. ph-cxz

    Some recommendations for the PMDG 737 update

    If you want them added then open a support ticket, there is a special section for feature requests. Best bet is that they will be in the new ng3.
  9. ph-cxz

    Landing Lights Look Weird

    They have a forum section here on avsim with a specific section for the b747.
  10. ph-cxz

    737 night flight how to switch on the lights

    Please sign your posts as per pmdg forum requirements. There is a dome light between the upper and Lower overhead. On the captain side and fo side there are panel/floodlights. And one on 5e pedestal near the captain seat.
  11. scenery is not required only client. but what does the the sim itself says when you load up.
  12. ph-cxz

    Landing Lights Look Weird

    If using oldprop 747 package make sure your effects are set to the right.
  13. ph-cxz

    5th engine

    The qantas 400er is the one you want. This aircraft is equipped with it
  14. ph-cxz

    best wishes for 2019

    if you want to request a feature you should open a support ticket. they have a special option for features.
  15. ph-cxz

    Remote DU

    You can move the screen when you pop I out. But you can not put it on a remote display.