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  1. i did that already as i suspected that would be the only change necessary.
  2. Hi with the latest gsx ini files the don't load up into my sim. it appears that the default patch set prevents gsx from locating it and using rebuild airport cache doesn't work. so far keep it coming Ben.
  3. he still needs to film them
  4. All jetways at Amsterdam don’t have GPU units below them. To the right of the airplane nose is a fixed based GPU. The odd stand positions at the delta pier will push back onto A10 as that is quite common for the stand positions D3 to D43 and some Echo stands as well. as A13 is used as an exit.
  5. What do you mean with the scope clause because I see them all the time in Europe on less busier routes.
  6. it will certainly work and it had an update to it recently, and the latest version is v3.00.0195
  7. Reinstall has no use. Go into the pmdg folder in the sim and then the b777. Locate the files from there.
  8. When you hit menu on your fmc panel what options are shown.
  9. the plane and efb dont share the lbs and kg setting. make sure you check this.
  10. it is all explained in the manual.while customizing is a simulator/ aircraft option. the thirds fmc doesnt allow you go to your flight plan. just hit the menu button and you will see the listed options.
  11. are you using any shaders? and as per pmdg forum rules all posts must be signed with full name in the post or set up via the signature box.
  12. the center Fmc is only used for data link, cabin pa and simulator options. and as per pmdg forum rules please sign all of your post with your full name either in the post or as a signature.
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