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  1. Unless your ETOPS program is approved for APU On Demand. In that case, the APU may remain off while in the ETOPS segment as long as that aircraft is approved to fly under APUOD for that flight. If not, you're required to operate under the APU Continuous Run procedures.
  2. Thank you! Installed and loaded onto the DEN ramp! Beautiful!!!
  3. For those who follow the PMDG 777/747 +QW 787 group on Facebook, a PFPX 747-8i profile was just uploaded by a member, and he said the Freighter will soon follow.. I installed it into PFPX, and it loaded the profile just fine. Haven't tested it yet.....I still lack a test aircraft at the moment.
  4. Alright fine. I'll TRY and sleep. Not promising anything.
  5. For those here that work for an airline in the RW, you can appreciate that fact that there is little I can say due to policies that apply in events such as this. It's been a very long night for all of us. The employee in question was qualified in limited flight deck operations as part of his job duties. APU operations were included along with a few other procedures as part of his aircraft tow training. Beyond that is speculation, but to start the Q400 engines beyond initial power-up requires little action. I'm going to stop there.
  6. Hello, I just upgraded my OS from windows 7 to 10. No issues with any other programs post upgrade but P3d will not launch. I get a warning saying MFReadWrite.dll and MFPlat.dll cannot be found. I reinstalled P3d client and have the same error. Ideas?
  7. Next upgrade related question. I didn't think it needed a new topic. Upgrading from Windows 7 64 to Windows 10 64. Not a fresh OS install, just the upgrade. Do I need to do anything with PMDG licenses in that case?
  8. I just purchased a GTX 1060 6GB as an upgrade from my GTX 960 2GB. I wanted to verify that I need to deactivate the licenses for each of my PMDG products prior to changing out the cards? Is this required for just a video card upgrade? I gotten away with it in the past without doing this process (video card swap only), so wanted to double check. Thanks!
  9. I've had that same crash a handful of times as well. 747 or 777, same area and only westbound, never eastbound as mentioned in that thread. I have not had a crash since 4.2. No clue if that P3D update fixed anything, but I've flown westbound across the north Atlantic several times now without any issue. I do save my flights often when transitioning through that area just in case. That all being said, Id be very interested in the root cause and corrective action as this does affect some many users in a that area of the world. Always westbound. So strange.
  10. Just ran a test myself. 4.2 installed with the 747-400 update, no issues with ChasePlane what so ever.
  11. You're such a tease....
  12. Just to add, same issue here. Just shot a very dark stormy approach into SEA with the main panel lights out. The dark flap indicator was no fun. Lets just call it a popped breaker while the solution is found.
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