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  1. I believe that all topic response volumes should be limited to 40 pages in length.
  2. Pretty neat upgrade on this craft . It would have to come from WT for MSFS. There are at least 3 utube videos on this newly introduced Cirrus plane now (G7). None of them remind us that this is a six cylinder turbo powered version still requiring the manual control mixture slider, just like the present version (SR22T G6). The avionics appears to be a Garmin 3000 adaptation, which is a cool upgrade....imaginatively speaking. I'd buy it for $15.
  3. Are you saying that your new sr22T shows the "detail" softkey ? Mine does not . Every other G1000 plane does, as expected. Weird... UPDATE: XXX I solved my problem ! I found out that the first use of this G1000 variant, named the 'perspective', may have set the map orientation and declutter levels to a default state wherein the 'detail' softkey is turned off. The solution is to use the menu button wherein the map features will appear and are selectable and modifiable. All I had to do was click on the declutter option and then the softkey turned on. Since then, the 'detail' softkey is always available. There is no way to turn it off. It survives a full computer reboot. Thanks folks.
  4. Am I the only one to notice that the MFD shows no way to declutter the navigation map?
  5. After reading this topic I decided to buy a 1 year subscription to FLYING magazine a couple weeks ago. I found the order page, filled out all the information- address, email, credit card numbers etc. (even a captcha i think). When I clicked on the order button the screen went blank. I couldn't back out. I checked my email for an order confirmation and there was nothing. I checked my credit card activity a few days later and no payment was made. I notified the company via their online text comments window, but never heard back after a week. I have now given up on this one. Has anyone here on the forum been able to subscribe to the new FLYING magazine and was your transaction quick? Dave
  6. I usually keep the Orbx mesh on. I don't know how far north from SA it reaches across the Caribbean islands, but can't recall many complaints elsewhere.
  7. There is a known conflict with South America mesh (from Orbx) which causes this. Remove the mesh and it is fixed.
  8. I get the message when starting up, for about 20 seconds, after which it's OK.
  9. The frequencies are not in the airport data made by the devs. I actually did chat with the Axonos dev and he only said that no one else was complaining.. it is still on ver 1.0.0 i think. Yes, only third party devs create missing ILS airports.
  10. 1. KJAC AXONOS ver 1.0.0 ILS none Should be 109.1 2. PAKT Northern Sky ver 1.2 ILS none Should be 109.3 To view the airport's published frequencies, spawn at the airport and use new Garmin GPS to access "nearest A/P" and then go to airport info>frequencies and scroll through them if they exist. look for ILS freq. The above two airports have this data missing and will fail to auto-switch to localizer during RNAV approaches. There may be newer versions which will work, but I don't have them. I encountered these two just today within an hour ! The workaround is to preread the actual chart ILS frequencies and force them into the NAV freq fields in the GPS...
  11. I just downloaded the RV-14 ( $10 from Orbx) and cannot find the panel location of the flaps position ! What am I missing ?
  12. UPDATE (2022-11-24 @ 1610Z): This issue is now resolved and players should be able to install MSFS normally. We apologize for the inconvenience. //////// Hello everyone, We are aware of reports from some players experiencing an error when attempting to install MSFS on PC. The error states “You are missing packages that are essential to run Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please update the application and try again.” We have escalated this to the appropriate support team, and they are currently investigating. We will provide more information when it is available. Thank you for your patience as we work to get this resolved. MSFS Team This fixed the airport TNCM inability to restore in content manager folder. All is well now.
  13. Yes, by deleting TNCM from the Content manager, I also discovered that is is removed permanently from MSFS. Even deleting the entire 40th anniversary entry and re-loading it did not recover the Microsoft TNCM in the OneStore folder. Not what I would expect.
  14. On their discord forum I think they said the G3000 ("refresh") will be released THIS year. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Lorby mooring still works for me. No change with SU11
  16. Meigs works just fine here. If your Community folder shows empty, just reboot the sim again and report back.
  17. Use content manager as before. type in part of the a/c name like PC12 (maybe) and it will appear . From there you will get a prompt to re-install it.
  18. Yes, I see this also now on ships in the harbor of PAKT by Northern Sky Studios. Glad I'm not the only one ! The framing seems weirdly animated as you fly by the cruise ships. Nothing else was in my community folder. Numerous ships (static) are affected there.
  19. Simmarket has always been quick with the SWS updates.
  20. I'm beginning to wonder if SU-10 compromised the orbx mesh?
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