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  1. Great read. I find VR so much more immersive than 2D and just can't go back. If you have a Navigraph subscription and the Navigraph ingame panel you can easily view your charts and approach plates inside the VR headset as well. It works a treat.
  2. If you don't think you will ever go above 1440p or ever want to try VR, 4k or multi-monitor then I would go with the better CPU. The 4060TI should easily handle a single monitor, even an ultrawid, at 1440p. The CPU will be your limiting factor in that case.
  3. Based on this now 3 year old video from the MSFS partner series (start watching at about 3:37), blackshark.ai combined with Azure servers had the ability to rescan the entire planet in 72 hours and it only took 30 minutes to deploy an updated algorithm across their entire fleet. Based on those claims, I thought the ai buildings and trees in MSFS would be frequently updated and improved, but that has obviously not been the case. Some of the same issues that where even called out in the Alpha and Beta versions still exist today. Hopefully they will address those shortcomings in MSFS 2024.
  4. Yes, I have seen this on multiple occasions at various airports. The issue seems to come and go. Very strange and it can really throw off your approach when it happens.
  5. Blackshark AI does a pretty good job overall for an automated system, but it is far from perfect. I've seen patches of trees in farm fields etc. in many areas and there are certainly misplaced patches of trees in the areas around where I live and am very familiar with. I even sent bug reports about them all the way back in 2020 when the sim was still in alpha and beta, but nothing was ever improved, even in the applicable World Updates, even though their support implied that they would be improved then. The only solution I know is to use developer tools and create exclusions for areas where you no they should not be and add forests where you know they have missed them. Personally I don't bother, however there are some freeware tree fixes for various areas available on flightsim.to. Other than that, I think the only hope is that MSFS 2024 has more precise data than the current version.
  6. It isn't just you. When I first got the Comanche, I was having similar issues when landing even though the rest of the flight model felt convincing. I haven't flown in recent years, but I am a RW PPL with time on the Cessna 150 and 172, Grumman AA5 Traveller, Piper PA140 and Piper Warrior. No RW Comanche time though. I have no issues with the landing flare on other payware aircraft, but I was having difficulty with my newly purchased Comanche. In particular I find that the A2A Comanche has unusualy high elevator authority in the flare compared to both my RW and simulator experience in other GA aircraft. I mitigated this by reducing the elevator sensitivity in the tablet to the minimum and focusing on more subtle inputs on the stick during the flare to let the energy bleed off without ballooning. Most of my landings are now fine, but it did take some time getting used to the high amount of elevator sensitivity and authority during this phase of flight. I am sure that my aging controllers, CH Pro joystick and Pedals are part of the problem.
  7. Nice flight and screenshots from my neck-of-the-woods!
  8. Good question. I've always wondered why the preferred filters don't remain active between sessions. It is a pain having to reselect them every time you load the sim.
  9. Just to follow-up and let everyone who offered to help on this or anyone else who runs into the problem of the approach not arming on an RNAV approach here are my findings after further testing. 1. The issue was caused by old navigraph nava data from October 2021 in my community folder. A recent sim update must have made the old data incompatable. 2. Going back to the default MSFS navdata resolves the issue, however this means living with the default data. 3. I took out another one month subscription to navigraph and installed the latest AIRAC Cycle. I did notice that it installed an additional folder named "navigraph-navdata-base" into my community folder this time that was not in my community folder in my previous install. With the new navigraph data installed everything works as it should again. It remains to be seen if it will continue to work when my subscription runs out, but I don't see any reason why it won't. Of course I will loose access to the charts and, since I solely fly in VR, I'm finding the Navigraph ingame panel very helpful. As much as I don't like subscriptions, I may have to bite the bullet on this one. Thank-you to everyone for you suggestions and getting me on the right track to resolving this.
  10. Thanks Matt. I did have older Navigraph Data in the community folder and approaches from that data were available in the g1000, but no RNAV approaches were showing up in the G3000, just ILS and visual approaches. I removed the navigraph data from the community folder and afterward RNAV approaches from the default MSFS nav data where available in both the g1000 and the g3000. After that, I was once again able to get the approach button to arm the glidepath on an LPV approach. Something strange is going on here, but I am getting closer thanks to the suggestions here. It seems that my older cycle of Navigraph Data is making the g3000 show no RNAV approaches and is preventing LPV approaches from working in the g1000 (Just to clarify, they do work for the VPATH portion, just not the glideslope). Do you think it is possible that a sim update would cause these issues when using an older navigraph data cycle? I can't think of any reason it would, but if it would fix the issue I would certainly subscribe to Navigraph again for a month in order to get newer data.
  11. Thanks. I have tried arming the approach mode at multiple points from before and after the IAF and the FAF. In the CJ4 it will arm anywhere after the IAF and catches the glideslope well before the FAF. Something else seems to be going on here, but thank-you for the suggestion.
  12. I did, but you may be onto something. I do have Navigraph data installed from about one year ago. I just loaded up the TBM with the g3000 and when trying to program a flightplan into it directly, there are NO RNAV approaches listed for any of several airports I checked. All of these airports do have RNAV approaches in the real world, so something is clearly amiss. I will have to investigate further.
  13. I've tried with and without it installed in the content manager, but made no difference. It is my understanding that it is included in all the defaul aircraft whether or not it is installed in the content manager. I deleted the only control assignments I had for the approach button, but no difference. Thanks anyway. Something else I just tried - I flew one of the approaches I often fly and use for testing, the RNAV Z RWY 34 into CYLW Kelowna in the CJ4 and it arms and captures the Glidepath perfectly, but it won't arm with any g1000 equipped aircraft.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't changed anything recently, but you never know. I'll definitely check that.
  15. Okay, I guess no one else is having this issue. If anyone has any advice on what I might be doing wrong, or somewhere to find a solution I would appreciated it. If I had any hair, I would have pulled it all out by now lol.
  16. I have suddenly started having an issue with the approach button not activating the glidepath when flying an LPV capable RNAV approach. Normally when pushing the APPR button just before the IAF the status on the PFD will show GP in white and, when the glideslope is captured and the diamond moves down to the center, the GP changes from white to green in the status bar and down you go. For the last couple of days, not matter how many times I push the approach button during an active RNAV LPV approach, the GP will not arm (no GP indication whatsoever on the PFD). I am using VPATH to get me to the IAF and am at the proper altitude.I have flown these approaches many times before without the issue. I have tried with different aircraft and at different airports and even with an empty community folder, but the problem persists. The APR button does still activate the glidepath when doing an ILS approach and tuned to the correct frequency for the ILS. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or if any of you can offer some suggestions for me to try and fix this. Thanks.
  17. If it is anything like some of their other API's, it will suddenly become VERY expensive. The Google Maps and places API provides $200 per month of free data, but once you go over the limit -- watch out!
  18. I find locking the FPS with Riva Tuner gives better results than doing it in the Nvidia settings.
  19. I've seen this so called texture popping (I'd prefer to describe it as texture swapping) while flying in non photogrammetry areas around the lower Fraser Valley in BC for probably over a year now. It only seems to occur at low altitudes (500 ft agl or lower). It is not that noticable during most flights, but it can break the immersion during low flight and approaching to land.
  20. The built in headphones and mic work very well for me too. You may decide to leave them on.
  21. I have been struggling with this as well and my mouse is wired. It seems okay at times and then suddenly really starts to lag. Makes cockpit interactions difficult to impossible when it happens. I manage, because I do a lot of my interactions using voice attack.
  22. I can't comment on the yoke as I still use an older CH Joystick with a Logitech throttle quadrant, but, after upgrading my PC and purchasing the HP Reverb G2 so I could try VR, I simply cannot go back to 2D. I did experience a bit of dizziness at times when I first tired it, but that is because you really feel like you are moving. The perspective of sitting inside the plane and the increased situational awareness, sense of speed and motion etc. far out weighs the drawbacks IMO. Having said that the, the only way to know if you would like VR is to actually try it. No amount of Youtube videos or reading experiences of others can really let you know what it is like. There is a learning curve and it can take quite some time to get used to it all and get the settings dialed in to your liking.
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