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  1. Sorry Tony. My typo as i'm known to do. It was meant to read x64. Its been corrected.
  2. Hey Mike, I totally understand your frustration. The problem here is yes there is a bigger story to tell and you are only posting a portion of it which makes all this one sided & incomplete and quite frankly, we don't need to know. This is your business. But for them to come on here and address it brings a private matter public which really isn't going to progress your situation and likely only make things worse. Not to mention the entertainment fodder for readers here. Why you are posting this all over the internet including on other forums that have nothing to do with PC hardware is beyond me. You are upset and that much is clear. I simply think you are going about all of this the wrong way. You spent quite a bit of your hard earned money here and that has come with some very high expectations. Fair enough. If I were in your shoes and I spent 10 grand and was having issues, I'd let the people I contracted to do the job do everything in their power to ratify any issues before publicly bringing it to light while not even giving the whole story. You may not think you are shaming but you really are and if you have any respect for them, you will stop. This is all one sided and how can they be expected to defend themselves when you are posting your experiences across the internet. They would have to respond in several forums when in actually, all of this should be behind closed doors to begin with. Either way I think you used some poor judgement here and I don't want to point fingers but in good faith I think you should close these topics you have opened and reopen them when the issues are either resolved or you reached a final decision in the matter. But this appears to be ongoing so I say iron out the issues with them now while all this is new and enjoy your toys worry free for the next several years knowing they will still be around to help should the need arise. You seem like a wise man Mike and clearly you have some significant accomplishments in your life to be able to drop $10,000 on your passion. Give it some time. Besides, flight simulation wonderful as it is, is a pain in the &@($*. including it's relationship to hardware. We all know this and no matter how good or bad you feel jetline is, you're never going to escape that fact.
  3. @ Mike_CFII_MEL Honestly, I can understand you are having some issues with your setup. With a build like yours and associated costs, no doubt this is not a typical run of the mill setup jetline put together for you. As a Jetline customer myself of 3 years, knowing several others personally who own them, and having 2 more systems coming in the next 6 months (one for my son), I can honestly tell you there is no better way to go other than doing this build yourself. Greg & Ken always go the mile to ensure everything they build is top notch and the customer always satisfied in the end at least with the folks I know and my experiences. Based on what I see here, Ken is still in the process of assisting you and I am highly confident the issues you state will be resolved. That said, it's really not fair nor prudent to go on various forums badmouthing these guys the way you have been doing. I first came across your post over at the Night Environment forum and now I see you doing it here as well. I have no idea how many places you have posted your frustrations but is it really all that necessary? Are you trying to put them out of business or something? What are you trying to accomplish here? Yes you are having some issues but the way you title your threads, it's as if they sold you a lemon and told you to screw off. And if that were the case, i'd be right behind you. But they are clearly trying to ratify the situation and I say let them. They stand by their brand and I can personally attest to the quality of their work and customer service. I say continue working with them. You spent a good deal here and I know the guys will get you flying in those virtual skies happily and when you do, I really hope you come back here and update us on the resolve and show off what sounds like a super kickass setup. Even with the issues you are having, I am super jealous.
  4. Lol that is funny! At first I thought someone hacked my Avsim account! Can you post screenshots of the changes you made?
  5. Did they say why they didn't want you to upload the textures?? What was the issue???
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