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  1. I doubt this has anything to do with the airport and more to do with the now well documented problem that P3D has that should soon be fixed. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/611558-horrible-fps/ https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/613439-severe-stutters-with-unknown-cause/
  2. I have suddenly started to see exactly this as well.
  3. They have been having server isssues all day. I could not connect at all using the downloader until the last hour. Didn't seem to effect eveyone in all locations for whatever reasons.
  4. I'm glad you have brought this up because I have been seeing the same thing but when I'm in the air. For me it occurs some distance from my aircraft. As I look left and right is moves with me. A screen just like that that moves around the aircraft from the ground as I look around and it's an immersion breaker and ugly. It's been on my "investigate" list for a few days. I too use Active Sky and ASCA and the problem pops up just about anywhere.
  5. Ahh, yes. That never crossed my mind as setting Windows to show hidden files and folders is one the first things I do after a fresh windows install so I never think about it again after that.
  6. Looks like you're deleting the wrong stuff to me. The file you are looking for is as Bob wrote and simply called "prepar3d.cfg". It won't be in the folder where P3D installation is located. It will be somewhere like C:\Users\%YOUR_USER_ACCOUNT%\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.cfg If you have been deleting other things I would put them back if I were you.
  7. The .exe or the .cfg? What exactly have you done? Honestly, I didn't remember how to fix this mistake but it makes sense that Bob is correct to me. Don't delete the .exe. Just delete the .cfg.
  8. PMDG manuals are pretty clear that you shouldn't do this, buddy. I did it once in FSX. It was a mistake there too.
  9. I fail to see how the profile settings in TrackIR are causing blurry guages and scenery. I suspect you're looking in the wrong place and you should look more towards settings in sim and graphics card settings. I doubt this has anything to do with TrackIR to be honest, bud.
  10. I honestly don't know what you are talking about. It doesn't happen to me. Does it do it when you look around with the mouse as opposed to TrackIR? Do you have motion blur on in the settings of FS?
  11. Yes, I was going to head over there later to post about it. I still will. Something is very broken here.
  12. Here it is again. This time the sun didn't set and rise. It just got lower in the sky as I head north west. Again the bright area is in an illogical place relative to the sun.
  13. Not necessarily. The problem has only appeared when you and I have used it. Doesn't mean it's the cause and it actually strikes me as highly unlikely that it is. What other programs are you using? Active Sky? Active Sky Cloud Art? etc Many more questions need to be asked before we can start pointing fingers at one thing and it's why I said I won't be wasting loads of time testing to find out.
  14. Just did a couple tests by setting off from Heathrow before sun up and heading east up to 38000 feet and watched the sunrise. I did this a few times...Without Active Sky, Without ASCA then with etc but could not reproduce the problem. I have no idea what causes it but both times it happened to me has been after long overnight legs heading east using the time compression on the PMDG 747. It's a weird one for sure and quite the immersion killer I must say. The pictures don't really do it justice. When it happens it looks quite wrong and more obvious than in the pics. As though you have flown to another planet in the night and one which has binary stars. I would love to get to the bottom of it but I'm not gonna spend hours trying to troubleshoot this. I'll just keep paying attention during my flights and see if I can see any obvious correlations.
  15. Currently on another flight and it's happening again. Something seems most defintiely wrong.
  16. I encountered this on my last flight from KLAX to EGLL. As the sun rose and I was arriving off the coast of Ireland and the sun rose out of my window to the front and the right but the brightening sky that seemed like it should have been happening either behind the sun or directly in front of it was happening to the front and to the left of my plane.. It was weird and looked utterly wrong. It was much as you show in your pic only on my screen it seemed more pronounced. I too had EA on and was using Active Sky and Active Sky Cloud Art. No idea what caused it though and didn't notice if it was happening earlier in the flight when I took off.
  17. I suspected as much. You're missing a key feature that is incredably useful and are therefore unaware that they broke the functionality of TrackIR. The pause key by default is F9 but you can change it to whatever you want. It's so useful because it allows you to look at a knob or switch or part of the panel or anywhere you like and then pause the head tracking. This makes it so much easier to interact with the cockpit especially with planes with small clickspots or complex cockpits like airliners etc. It's intuitive and it also helps to stop you getting cramp in your neck when you are trying to hold still in turbulance and hit the clickspots / programming FMC's GPS's etc. While I wait for the complex airliners to arrive in MSFS I have been flying the Just Flight Arrow and Warrior planes in there and although superb planes their click spots are pretty tiny and rather frustrating. This would easily be mitigated if they had not broken my Track IR functionality and allowed me to pause where I'm looking as I bounce around the sky. I have actually stopped using MSFS and those planes because of this now and will wait for them to fix it. I have gone to fly the heavies in P3D instead and having just spent a few hours bouncing about the mid-Atlantic I used the feature a lot. Give it a try yourself. Once you have you will be happy you did and use it a lot, I think.. Although you will need to either try it in P3D or the beta version of MSFS where they have fixed it. Well, you can, of course, just try it in the Track Ir software to see what it does.
  18. Good for you. I'll have a cry with my crumpets. And I love Jazz music😉
  19. Well, I consider this a shame, Ray. Sincerely. Good evening to you.
  20. The latest update fixed this so that you can now cycle through each line individually or have them all so you needent edit things if you just have the lastest update.
  21. I beg you pardon? No I won't just button it while people put words and meanings into my mouth that were not otherwise there. I have no beef with AIG AT ALL and I like the package a lot and to call what I wrote abuse is disingenuous beyond belief. Good grief.
  22. Thank you. I appreciate that someone can see it.
  23. I'm not castigating the product but I have lambasted the name of the installer and originally it was not even serious. It still isn't as a matter of fact which I have suggested before. Neither do I remember saying that I dislike the name. I have said that it is not accurate and is misleading and I stand by that because it's true. I have made fun of it and it's getting silly now because some people are so defensive and serious. If I had come here and said that the product was a load of rubbish and the the developers are terrible people I could understand it but I have never done any such thing and I haven't because I don't believe it to be true. I have actually made clear how much I like the product. We all agree on everything with the difference being that I point out the one obvious thing about the product that some have chosen to ignore or deny for reasons I do not understand and I get the "pile on". Get a sense of proportion? Quite. My reference to desciples and a cultish mentality was meant with humour but I have seen little to convince me that there isn't truth to it and I have no desire to "win" the type of friends that insist that I behave as though an untruth is a truth. None at all. And the 'think about that' part was a quote. It was said to me. Was it considered 'aggressive' then? I find the whole reaction utterly bizarre, Ray. I really do.
  24. Here you go. I presume this was the survey you were talking about? https://blog.navigraph.com/post/671911217281007616/survey2021?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=survey2021&utm_content=blogpost
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