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  1. The series of step climbs would be for any airport that does not have any altitude restrictions on the SID. I can't remember which one, but a few flights back, there was an altitude restriction for the 2nd waypoint of "at or above 6,000" and ATC kept me and all AI at 6,000 well past this waypoint until the end of the SID many many miles later, and never had us climb out more. I've just been ignoring those and eventually ATC will instruct me higher, or I can request higher and they will grant it. LFPG was only used as an example for the only 1 runway issue, which happens at all airports with 3 or more runways in the same direction (KATL would be another example of this). Basically, I try to keep all departures on the most inside runways and all arrivals on the most outside runways, but ATC will ignore the 2 runway options and send everyone to the same runway, but separate runways for arrivals and departures. I hope that makes sense. It would be best to see the example above and if you're looking at a chart of LFPG when reading the example, you'll see what I'm seeing. To further clarify the example, I was parked at LFPG at gate C8 so if eastbound departures and arrivals, then 8L should have been the runway used for departing, but ATC sent ALL departures (regardless of what runway was closest) to 9R. Looking at a map of AI at the same time, I noticed that ALL arriving aircraft were being assigned to 8R (meaning arrivals from the north were having to go past 9L which was also open for arrivals, but ignored by ATC). When you crank the AI traffic up, this causes very long lines for departure, and many go-arounds for arrivals because only half of the available runways are actually being used - not to mention the time to taxi completely across the airport as huge as LFPG is. Again, I am not sure if this is a settings issue I have not made correctly because I can't find that setting, or if this was an oversight by VATC. It is hard to tell because there is no less than 30 exe and/or xml files in the installation directory alone, not to mention the ones also put into the "username\AppData\Roaming\Internal Workings\VoxATC P3D 5\documents\" folder
  2. I’ve been following the SID restrictions when there are some, or just going right on up to cruise if no restrictions. ATC will usually start telling me to climb higher as I get close to certain altitudes (ie - when coming up of FL100, ATC will instruct to “climb FL160” and then another increase as I get close to FL160). Aside from the post topic, I’ve also been noticing that ATC sends all aircraft to only 1 runway for departure and 1 for arrival. For example, LFPG has 4 runways 09R/L and 08R/L and in the ADE (and indexed in VATC before every new flight), the inside runways (09R and 08L) are set for departure only and outside runways (09L and 08R) are set for arrivals only (westbound are set the same way with outside=arrival and inside=departure). But ATC will send all departing traffic to ONLY 09R and arriving aircraft to ONLY 08R ignoring the runway closest to the aircraft for either arrival or departure. I’m not sure if these are settings I’ve missed somewhere in VATC because I’m still trying to get used to it, or if this is just how it is going to be. It’s a pain to taxi for 30 minutes to a runway on the complete opposite side of the field when there is one much closer, and if an aircraft is arriving from the south, should use the 08 runways while north arrival would use 09. I hate having to ask all these questions, but I’m finding it difficult to work through so many different exe files and xml files to make settings adjustments as needed, especially when scattered around between the install location and the documents folder, and not even sure if such settings exist in the first place.
  3. If you have Navigraph subscription, you can get FMS Data Manager from Navigraph - VoxATC used the same format as the Level-D 767 so go into "addon mappings" click "add" select "LevelD 767" from the drop-down list, manually map it to wherever you installed VoxATC "VoxATC\NavData" folder, click save, then go back to the addon list in the FMS Data Manager and select LevelD 767 and update. Every time there is an update to the AIRAC cycle, VoxATC will be updated also. If you also have the LevelD 767 addon, both can be added and mapped to different folders so you can have both updated. If you don't have Navigraph subscription, then I am not sure if you could update it monthly for free, but in general, very little changes are made to existing procedures other that for example a STAR named CAR1A this month may change to CAR1B next month, but comparing them shows exactly the same waypoints with the same procedures. So even the default AIRAC that comes with VoxATC will still be 98% accurate overall.
  4. @Polymerman 1) Clicking on the link returns "Sorry, we could not find that!" so there is nothing to search. Did you try clicking on the link yourself? Searching the forum would not have returned that result as it does not exist. 2) That post is regarding an older version of VATC and an older version of the sim so even if the link did work, it would not be up to date. That post is almost 4 years old and I am sure a few things have changed in VATC since - like adding or removing the initial climb out instructions or some other adjustment that caused that function to no longer work.
  5. I am not heating ATC giving me an initial climb out altitude with my departure clearance, but it does for AI. Shouldn't ATC say "climb and maintain ___, expect FL___ within 10 minutes after departure" ... or even on takeoff clearance? Am I just missing something here?
  6. Just wondering if there is an option somewhere I haven’t found yet to get vatc to pause at TOD?
  7. I think I need to play around with the settings a bit more. Just did a quick test and having the traffic slider in the sim at 0% but then traffic slider in VACT settings at 75% gave me a few aircraft around the P3Dv5 default airport area and all were generated by VATC. I'll have to play around with the traffic slider and the other 2 settings you mentioned above (max parking in the xml and enabling the other option in advanced settings) at KATL to see what gives me the best result of full skies and airports, but still gates available to park at. The reason I have not assigned my aircraft a unique parking code is I kind of like the randomness of where I'm going to park lol. I fly all Delta jets, but a fleet of them from a Saab340 up to the bigger jets and having them park at a random open DAL, DALX spot it just easier and more fun for me. And then there is the FSLabs A320 which if i remember correctly rebuilds the aircraft.cfg entry each time it is started therefore any changes I make to the parking code there will not be saved. I'm pretty sure I can figure this out and find the sweet spot. I was just more curious as to which program (sim or VATC) needed to have the traffic sliders set, but I think I figured that out. I remember reading it in the user guide, but was confused still on what exactly the VATC traffic slider did compared to the sim traffic slider. I have to think back to the old days when I used UTL and see VATC generated traffic that way. I am not sure when I'll be able to get in for another test of tweaked settings, but I hope sometime later today or this evening (pacific time USA)
  8. Just landed from my 1st complete flight with VATC. What I was seeing that prompted the question was AIG AI was present in the sim, along with VATC created AI. i can tell the difference because I have aircraft labels on in P3D and can see the difference in callsign (AIG will show Delta 123 whereas VATC shows DAL123). So it seems that the traffic was duplicated, but I did not see duplicated traffic, just a fix of AIG and VATC AI. So what I'm trying to do is allow VATC to create those AI, without overwhelming the airport with both. I'd only like VATC to generate the traffic so I haer the communications with them. I am just not sure what settings to make. When I arrived at destination (MROC) VATC told me to taxi to gate A13 (only heavy gate and I'm in a 777) but GSX showed that position already occupied. I went into P3D settings and turned the traffic slider there to 0 and every plane disappeared. So that is where I'm confused - turning traffin in P3D to 0 gives me 0, regardless of having the slider in VATC settings at 75%. If I can just figure this out, I'm loving the product so far!
  9. I’m slightly confused from that lol. But as a very new user, I’d expect to be confused. I guess the general info I need to know and I can play around with the rest is: what and where do I set traffic sliders to so that flight plans from AIG are seen and converted/read by VoxATC for AI spawning and communication. There’s the in-sim slider and there’s another slider in VoxATC settings so which one needs to be where to mimic the traffic I was seeing prior to using VATC? Thanks for explaining, and sorry for the confusion. Also, what is LNM you referred to in your first reply?
  10. I will give that a shot. To clarify, I set traffic density in the sim to 0% and set traffic density in VoxATC to 75% (I have AIG running at 75% in sim and it’s been an ideal target so I’d like to keep that target. VoxATC will then read the traffic files and create its own to which communication would be possible. Correct? I did read in this forum that VoxATC will fill spots with static aircraft, but would the traffic files supersede that or does that have to be adjusted in a setting somewhere? Running at 75% traffic usually leaves me an open spot at destination while still having quiet a bit of traffic. But if static aircraft are left at the gates then that wouldn’t work. Thanks for the assistance!
  11. Super new VoxATC user (as in departing on 1st flight with it). I have a ton of AI aircraft installed from AIG AIM, but it looks like VoxATC imports it’s own AI. Can I turn the AI from VOXATC off leaving only the AIG AIM traffic, and will VoxATC still communicate with AIG AIM traffic?
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate the response despite sad news lol. Hopefully it will be implemented soon
  13. Any news on this? I had always like how the developers would respond quickly to customers with Pilot2ATC, but his has gone unanswered for over a month and a half now :/
  14. I know things have been weird for the past year, but I'm wondering if there is any update or timeline as to when Pilot 2 ATC will be able to communicate with in-sim AI traffic? Last I heard, about 2 years ago, it was being worked on, but I've seen/heard nothing since. I am hoping this feature comes available soon because it's really the only thing keeping me from using it on a regular basis - hearing communication not only helps with immersion but also helps with spacial awareness as to the traffic around you. Thanks!
  15. Sorry for intruding on the thread ... not trying to hijack it but I have a similar question regarding OPs but in reverse .... a while back I lost 100% of my data and when reinstalling I decided to only reinstall P3Dv5 and I purchased many sceneries for it over the following months. However due to lack of updated aircraft I fly and tired of waiting, I’m considering reinstalling v4 but the question is, are the sceneries I bought for v5 compatible with v4? And what of the GSX configuration files I did for those airports, would I be able to use them in v4 also even though they were edited to a v5 scenery?
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