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  1. Hi, I have this problem on some airports. Had it on EKCH earlier and now today i have it on EDDL. I load my TBM900 aircraft and connect to vatsim. Local QNH is 1017. I set the altimeter to 1017 and it shows approx 150ft which is correct. I start Active Sky XP and now suddenly is shows -80ft. To match the real airport elevation which is 147ft i have to set the altimeter to QNH 1027. I close Active Sky XP and the altimeter now shows the correct altitude 147ft. I tried selecting to use VATSIM weather and without VATSIM weather but it didn't make any difference. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Hi, Your suggestion worked fine!!! The AP engaged and started to follow the FMS flight plan when I pressed NAV . I can also see a small green text "CAP" on the NAV-button now. I went through the tutorial once again but I couldn't find any mention of this there. Thanks / Jan
  3. Small world! I also departed LOWI just this morning and again had this problem. then I wrote this post. I was on Vatsim, perhaps you departed just before me? I will try your suggestion. Thanks / Jan
  4. Hi, I have so far unsuccessfully tried to make my Jetstream 4100 follow my FMS flight plan. I have followed all the steps in the tutorial to create the flight plan and it all looks good. I have even created a dummy FSX flight plan (It said in a forum that this was needed). Before departure I pre-set the AP by pressing Altsel (shows arm), VS and HDG (Shows ON). I takeoff and I engage the autopilot after departure. The autopilot flies the plane fine. I now click the NAV-button to engage the autopilot to follow my flightplan but nothing happens. The button remains dark. I have tried this now for approx 10 times and it never works except one time when it suddenly started working. I have searched various forums for answers and tried the suggestions but no luck. Is it a bug or do I need to do something different? Best Regards / Jan
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