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  1. Well I believe is better, just look on how humble Aamir and his team listening to the community, active here, interacting in Discord. Many of the small details (like flaps shake where there is no payware has done that apart from Zibo) they implemented based on the community feedback. Even if is not better than FSL, it will be for sure.
  2. Well if FSL is planning to bring their already outdated cockpit in P3D to MSFS, then really good luck to them. Price? You really expect FSL the most expensive payware on P3D to be as cheap as Fenix in MSFS? LoL
  3. Yes I believe iniBuild A310 is in the horizon. I am excited for that one as well as I have their A300 on XP11 and they were really pushed everything to the edge and I can imagine they will be doing that same on MSFS where they will push it to the edge and we can expect Fenix details from them.
  4. Just to remind, he has been always anti-MSFS even long before MSFS release. He was spreading some non-truth facts here in this forums like we have to pay monthly fee for MSFS although Jorg at that time said the opposite. The weird thing, we tried to convince him maybe he was mistaken Game pass with that but he was still holding his claim. So yeah, I wouldn't trust anything he said.
  5. And then how REX and Bijian managed to pull seasons add-ones? 😐
  6. Well he got tired of bashing MSFS in Avsim and now he switched to FSL forums to bash it there lol.
  7. Well it's coming from their attitude of dismissing MSFS existence. I mean I am pretty sure, they weren't even planning to bring anything to MSFS but given the market situation, they were "forced" to do so. I literally never understood what kind of money they will make on P3D release but hey, is not my problem, is their. If they sleep more on their development, rest assured, you will have a new developer announcing the the release of A330 out nowhere besides the Headwind and Aerosoft.
  8. What I meant is, if they want to bring A330 to MSFS, is better for them to drop their P3D plans and focus only on MSFS, which means not try to do something that can hurt MSFS quality but instead go full on MSFS just like Fenix
  9. Is better for them to start fresh in MSFS instead of trying to port from P3D to MSFS which hurts MSFS quality to be honest. Fenix went full out because is starting fresh in MSFS with 0 background in P3D, which means taking advantage of every inch in MSFS compatibility instead of treating MSFS like P3D and try to do stuff in MSFS like how you'd them in P3D.
  10. Oh man, look at the cabin and the attention to details and all that for 49?? @Aamir I hope you guys think this will pay off for your hardworking. P/S: please guys make sure no sever drama on the release day lol
  11. Yes you need a steam account since is how the ownership is validated. Yep, you need to install steam app. But all in all, is super easy, I have been using steam before MSFS times with XP11 and is always problem free.
  12. Do yourself a favor and get the Steam version
  13. I always use real time whenever I am. And even if I set the time differently, I have never ever since FS9 bothered to change the weather to reflect the time in the sim.
  14. Nope isn't, when i fly let's say in Australia, i always choose current real time.
  15. Honestly I don't find it an interesting feature and never ever used it. Since the beginning I have been always using real time weather
  16. I'd like to add, FSL had made a huge mistake, they have ignored anything related MSFS for the past 2 years plus nothing to tell us about their plans for MSFS that made us think, they are not working on MSFS at all. My gut feeling is, they weren't even planning to work on MSFS at all, but given the market situation and the flow of high fidelity airliners that are being released/planned for MSFS, the shirking user base of P3D, made them rethink their plans.
  17. Yep exactly. Another A32X, meh, too later as we mentioned. A33X, well, they are extremely slow, give them I don't know 5 years, by that time, you will have another A33X released plus great freeware.
  18. A330 for sure will be nice. But A32X is just too late for them, they kept themselves quiet. You have now FBW that is almost everyday getting better and Fenix that is about to be released. So yeah, good luck for them
  19. Yep any plane with WASM like PMDG, maddog, crj and FBW after every update . Not a big deal though
  20. Looking here: https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/commits/experimental experimental is not yet updated
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