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  1. Thankyou for your responses. Exactly as i suspected. Kind regards Paul Dulson
  2. Hi All I think i know the answer to my question but will ask just to confirm anyway. I own the NGX on CD published by Aerosoft purchased through Amazon back in 2012. I have used the box serial to obtain updates over the years but suddenly the serial i have flags up as incorrect on the Aerosoft support page. I have been told by Tom Weigandt at Aerosoft support that i have to contact PMDG directly to address the incorrect serial number. I do not believe this is correct. Can you please clarify who should give me support in this instance? Kind regards Paul Dulson
  3. Or do as I have been doing lately which is plan the flight, preflight, FMC, GSX, taxi to active, takeoff and once in the cruise, save the panel state. Then I save the flight in FSX and close down. I then continue the flight later, or on another day when time permits. Loading it all back up is a breeze and you lose nothing. This way I never waste all of the effort put into a detailed PMDG flight. Hope that helps you. Paul Dulson
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