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  1. ILS Autoland AP Disengage?

    Thanks heaps mate! Hopefully flying this complicated beast more, will help me when i do eventually go for a PPL ;-) I took the ngx for a spin last night, did two manual circuits, one mqnual cat I a semi auto CAT II and a CAT III was a lot of fun, i do agree that it may be an idea to go manual at 1000ft AGL until uve had more practice, as i was going manual during the CAT II at DH (167 FT at the aerodrome) however the challenge was a lot of fun "The only bad question, is the one not asked" ;-)
  2. ILS Autoland AP Disengage?

    All good, i beleive it was a misinterpretation of CAAP 257-EX-01 – Approval to conduct low visibility operations and CAAP 257-EX-02 – Conduct of practice autoland operations in that they refered to airlines making specific SOPs for the conduct of autolanding if approved by CASA. External to flight sim so far i have conducted my BAK which has given me an overview of the documentation, however being that this us my first time looking at such documents ive misinterpreted them... All said i have found the CIVIL AVIATION ACT 1988 CIVIL AVIATION REGULATIONS DIRECTION UNDER CAR 215(3) which Operating procedures are to be based off... so i have learnt a fair bit regulatory wise from this All said, i didnt know that a lot came down to manufactures specifications and procedures and that the documentation is dependent on the aircraft used, but that could be as my formal training was quite a while ago now, so thank you for the heads up As for the experience, thats what im trying to develop with touch and goes, even then ive found everyone has a different time and way of flaring, and manual flight, following the same basic principles as outlined by regulations and manufacturers specs. Thank you very much for the help, its much appreciated. .. now for some more touch and goes then step up through each cat ;-)
  3. ILS Autoland AP Disengage?

    Thanks very much, that helps a lot! im going to have a good read of the FCOM. That said, the australian regulations seem to rest with the airline, it would be useful to know what a pilot does with respect to each categories procedures. All said, i do know that the AP Does get disconnected at some stage, the question is what stage, ill check the FCOM but if anyone else has some good info as to what procedures even a VA follows that would be great As far as point 2, that makes a lot of sense, and seems like a logical time to disengage AP on CAT 1 or CAT 2, on those approaches im usually using the HGS in IMC mode as it is. CAT 3 i would definitley be leaving it on as tnats what its designed for.... i guess thag my conclusion would be that a CAT 1 or 2 Approach is designed to get the aircraft safely to runway visual distance, then disengage AP... if, the runway is seen, if not its time to hit the TOGA switch and try again, where as cat 3 is a full autoland system
  4. ILS Autoland AP Disengage?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there knows the SOP's in Australia (or anywhere else if its an ICAO regulation) for when Auto Pilot is Disengaged in australia on Landing with ILS? Given that most australian Airports are CAT I a few are CAT II and one is CAT III i would like to know when the AP is Disengaged at all, is it; Upon Flare? At DH? Is the Full landing conducted manually? How does this change with the visibility of the airfield? I did discover yesterday that in good visibility the preference is to conduct a CAT I and categories only increase with visiblity, where as ive allways been flying CAT IIIb or IIIc thus far ive looked at regualtions and some VA SOP's and none really answer this question Thanks Heaps!