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  1. Michael, What did you install? O/S? PMDG777? You need to post some more information. If you installed a new operating system, you should uninstall the 777 completely and do a new install. FSX or P3d? Read through the introduction doc that came from PMDG that came with the 777. Regards Chris Longo
  2. Watch PMDG's presentation @ Simcon on youtube. They hired a dev w/xplane knowledge to port over their current products. Chris Longo
  3. I've been having the same problems also on 3 separate flights to KSFO FBHD, RCTP,RPLL and VHHH.All 3 flights I loaded the arrival and runway for KSFO before I took off. Around 4-6hrs , I got an OOM. After reading PhilH post, I gave it a try. I flew from RCTP to KSFO, but this time I didn't load my approach until around 300nm from TOD. It worked! No issues w/vas at all. I'm running FSX SE DX10 windows 7. Did a couple of more flights just to confirm, all is well. Chris Longo
  4. You might want to check this :Using the sound preload options in SP1: SP1 adds options that allow for the caching of 777 sound files in memory. This was done in attempt to eliminate the stuttering that some users have experienced as sound files load. If you are having OOM issues, we recommend selecting the default NONE option. This will only loads sounds into memory as they’re needed and releases them from memory 60 seconds after playback. This will significantly reduce the VAS load vs. the SELECTIVE or ALL options. (See page 105 for more information about this feature.) I had 1 oom with this enabled, after I disabled preloaded sound files, no more ooms. I have all FSDT airports and can fly 16 hrs w/ asn and rex4 textures @2048. I do not run any orbix or photo scenery. Hope this helps, Chris Longo
  5. Hey guys, I've been flying x plane for about a year now and loving it! I also still fly FSX becuase of PMDG. X plane is still being developed and I believe it will get better over time. I also believe everything coming down the road for x plane will be well worth the wait. So go and fly one of the many aircraft we have availible today and have some fun and let Robert do his job, have a great day Chris Longo
  6. How do you get the wing view? Nicely done!
  7. I get stutters when clouds redraw, So I turned my skymax settings down. My cpu usage averages .025, gpu .018. CPU I7 4770 o/c to 4.4 GPU gtx 780 32 GB ram. I tried HDR , Didn't like it, also puts a huge load on gpu.
  8. I think the correct metar transition input for 5000ft is 050, 18000 is 180. I could be wrong . C Longo
  9. The runway markings look more relistic in the first 2 pics, The last 2 ,it looks like they were colored w/black marker.
  10. I think you trying to run too much scenery w/high quality aircraft like PMDG T7. Why don't you try disabling your sceney and keep your airports. Do a test flight and see how your vas usage is. I have the same settings that you have,ASN,Rex textures, FSX settings except for aircraft shadows and leisure boats. To me , it's just a waiste of vas space. Also I do not run any scenery addons except for payware airports,FSDT,Imagine sim,Fly Tampa and Latin VFR. I completed a 19+ hr flight [WIIIKMIA] w/T7 SP1 with no problems in heavy weather. Good Luck,C Longo
  11. I am running a NVidia gtx780 w/3 monitors in surround mode. I haven't had any issues so far. As for on board ram, I would go with 8 gigs as the min. I just added more ram to handle scenery addons. I am now running 32 gigs of ram. You will need more memory when the devs fix the scenery blurries in a future update. Chris Longo
  12. Hello, I see from your specs, you have a modest o/c @4.4? H/T is useless in FSX. I myself have pretty much the same hardware as you do. The only difference is the processor. I'm running an I7 4770k @4.4 o/c. I have H/P disabled, no affinity mask tweak or buffer pools. I run ASN w/rex textures. I fly airliners for a virtual airline. With 3000+ hrs over the last year, I average 29 fps per flight . I do believe the less tweaks you have , FSX runs better. Just trying to help. Have a great day, C. Longo
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