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  1. I am using it with Xvision and ActiveSky without apparent issues. Had a couple Vulkan crashes in the last days, but those also happened before installing this plugin.
  2. I fly everywhere in the world, but northern Germany is not much better in that regard. 🙂
  3. To be fair, I said *up* to 10 fps on the most extreme scenarios (overcast weather while very close to the clouds). Generally the impact on airports stay around 3-5 fps.
  4. Up to 10 fps impact here on my Rig. Nevertheless, at 4K, always 30fps+ with the 3090.
  5. Never been an "X-Plane detractor" as I have used LR´s sim since its inception and always found it more entertaining than the competition. MSFS is, for me, a much better base product, but plugins such as this help bridge the gap and allow me to enjoy the high-quality add-ons that I have purchased over the years. On another note, you seem to have a lot of anger inside you. That can´t be healthy and, hopefully, will not lead to the closure of this topic.
  6. Ground textures can be replaced with ortho, but the crappy XP11 clouds were always a deal-breaker for me when considering coming back to the platform. This new Enhanced Skyscapes plugin is just excellent and have made me enjoy flying in XP11 again... Highly recommended, especially for the low price!
  7. Via Xcloud. It will come sooner or later as almost all game pass titles are available there.
  8. And I have been saying that all along. What would be the chances that same kid bump into P3D?Considering that MSFS will soon be available on every smartphone as well via the cloud, I am sure that many more youngsters will get access to it and that is just great!
  9. The A300/310 are pretty much complete from a systems point of view as well and, hopefully the 737 will be one day. In any case, the immersion provided by IXEG, Inibuilds, etc. are worth the money as textures and sounds are also part of the simulation and those are hardly matched in such freeware projects (Zibo/WT/FBW aside).
  10. 110 fps with what looks a default aircraft, low settings and a sparsely populated scenario is easily achievable here as well, thanks. I am comparing XP11 with MSFS in situations such as: Volumetric clouds in overcast weather: Complex IFR approaches with traffic/ortho-scenery:
  11. Great, now show me what kind of FPS you get on the flight-deck of the inibuilds A300 at EDDF/EGLL/KJFK with ortho scenery, traffic, ultra settings, 4K resolution and the volumetric clouds mod.
  12. Well, I am running MSFS @ 4K/Ultra/60 fps almost constantly nowadays, whereas I have re-installed XP11 and the performance is considerably worse on similar conditions. Let´s hope that XP12 can catch up...
  13. It has a RDNA2 chip @ 15 watts *able* to run up to 8K in desktop mode. Just for comparison, the Xbox Series S has a RDNA2 chip @ 100 watts and it is not able to run MSFS in 4K... The Deck will run XP12 @ 720p in a very limited fashion and that´s it. It is not the future of flight-simming...
  14. That´s what I said: the goal of the Steam Deck is to play AAA games at a low resolution, not at 4K! Doom is one of the best optimized games in the industry! You won´t be able to hook this into a 48" TV and run X-Plane @ 4K...you might run it at the device´s native resolution (720p), but that will look like **** in a desktop setup. And I´ve purchased it, but, of course, not received it yet.
  15. That is just impossible. The Deck runs integrated graphics @ 15W and nothing indicates that the chip will get more power when docked. On the other hand, I could run MSFS on the cloud with a $50 phone or HDMI-stick...
  16. I have purchased a Steam Deck but I would *never* use it for flight-simulation! The Steam Deck has integrated RDNA2 graphics focusing mostly on playing AAA games @ 720p or emulation. How can such a device be the future of FS?? How can you compare a minuscule screen, at a low resolution and sub-par controls with a gaming rig, OLEV TD/VR and high-quality controls? The Deck is nowhere near powerful enough to drive higher-res screens or VR goggles. If you said that the cloud is the future of gaming (and perhaps) simming, I might have agreed. Currently I am using Xcloud on my iPhone + Razer Kishi and the results are so convincing that I am beginning to question the need for a device such a the Steam Deck...
  17. Why don't you guys ignore each other? This is a thing nowadays, you know? 😃
  18. This kind of envy can't be healthy... I am not (currently) a VR, but I am happy that they are getting some attention as well. Not sure what your problems are with clouds, but traffic will most certainly only be fully addressed by 3rd. parties. Besides, WU6 is performing great for most people, so look at the positive side.
  19. Yeah, I guess that could be possible if you use your setup mostly for simming. As I also do occasional work and play other games, tried a 55 and it was too big for me.
  20. If we consider that a pilot sits around 1 meter from the flight-deck window, then it would be too big. Not sure if I would like simming much further away from the television.
  21. 65" is indeed too big. A 4K 48" OLED TV is the best option at the moment for flight simulation imho, even better than my 49" ultrawide. When using my 3060Ti (roughly equivalent to your 1080Ti), I get better performance on MSFS when compared to P3D. Just make sure to adjust the render scale if needed...
  22. The marketplace has regional prices and that makes it much cheaper for people around the world to purchase their add-ons. It is also the only way to do that on Xbox... Personally, I still opt to buy (almost) everything in the marketplace to support the ecosystem as whole. P3D's approach of gathering updates from 15 different sources is history for me (and even though I don't mind, I believe MS is working on expediting the update release process).
  23. Did a couple of long-haul flights on the DC-6 (without the FE) and I agree that they can be quite rewarding from a simulation perspective (I thought that was not possible on MSFS?). On the post-SU5 world, I only seem to have problems on longer flights using the FBW (2 tries and 2 CTD's).
  24. MSFS costs 1 Euro/Dollar a month to test and most add-ons are cheaper when compared to P3D (there are a lot of quality freeware too). Besides, if you can run P3D v4/5, you will have no issues with this new simulator.... You may be scared of change and that is fine, but I'm afraid that your arguments are not strong enough to persuade Orbx. The fact is that Prepar3D was never meant to be used in the entertainment market and, like it or not, that is exactly the target audience for the Devs flocking to Flight Simulator.
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