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  1. Well, that is the way they seem to be going with this "Top-Gun expansion". MSFS is amazing for what it is, but I am pretty sure it will not replace DCS for proper combat simulation.
  2. Yes, XP11 is definitely better, not only because of the performance, but mainly due to the 3rd. party available tools and touch control support. It is pretty cool to interact with the EFB, switches, navigation equipment using your hands, something that until now is not supported by MSFS/P3D.
  3. By the time the FsLabs is out, I can only imagine how good the FBW will be. It is more than good enough already (at the same level or even better than the Aerosoft bus and constantly improving).
  4. So, I was about to install 5.2 to test but cannot go back to FS5.1 2D-sprites. Hopefully the waffle clouds will be fixed in the next point release 6-12 months from now...
  5. Just use the integrated Flight Engineer and you can learn it slowly. The NGX will feel pretty boring afterwards. 🙂
  6. Well, one just needs to see how most Level-D sims look to conclude that autogen and graphics are not priorities in that sector. As for the other point, MSFS supports Navigraph data, so that is a non-issue to me. In any case, on the latest update it seems that the default Navblue data was also updated
  7. I am afraid that your analogy is wrong...or are you also glad that LM has invested so much time in the SimDirector feature?? The immersion coming from these training setups derives mostly from the flight-deck itself. LM's enterprise and military costumers do not give a **** about the overall aesthetics of the simulator.
  8. Not only the CTRL-E crowd my friend... I have used all the FSLabs models for years and I don´t miss them for a second when flying the latest Dev version of the FBW. From the appearance of the flight-deck, to the sounds, the external model and the improving systems, I've never been happier with a virtual bus in my whole simming life.
  9. Good lucking selling via websites on the Xbox. Moreover, if it would not be for Microsoft/Asobo, MSFS would not exist. How do you think the scenery streaming and world updates are subsidized if not through monetization schemes like the integrated marketplace?
  10. I have abandoned FSX-SE for a pig with lipstick named P3D eight years ago and haven´t looked back. MSFS is on another league completely.
  11. So good to see a thread with mostly positive comments... While MSFS is obviously not perfect, the vibrance of the 3rd. party ecosytem only reinforces the potential of a bleeding edge platform that evolves based on active community involvement. This is almost a dream come true when you compare to what we had some years ago. Exciting times ahead indeed. Peace and love all✌️.
  12. There are many popular publishers that wait some time before releasing their games on Steam and they do that precisely to avoid paying that 30% fee because they know sales will be strong regardless. PMDG is the Rockstar of flight simulation, so their decision is totally reasonable. The delay is also more or less similar to the expected Xbox release, therefore this strategy makes sense on different fronts.
  13. If you managed to complete your flight without OOMs, the beautiful 2D sprite clouds and overall astethics of FSX are indeed something to behold. Nevertheless, I do wonder what is the purpose of this comment within the MSFS forum. It might be more helpful to report the issues to Asobo. Hopefully you don't need a signed NDA for that.
  14. While I assume everyone is welcome to experiment with the SDK, this take it or leave it approach doesn't seem very helpful. Pretty sure Aerosoft, PMDG, WorkingTitle and FlyByWire did not just say "your SDK is flawed, here is my number, call me back when you have signed my NDA"...
  15. I have asked Robert about integrating the PMS GTN (work in progress) and he said that PMDG is looking into it. I plan on using mostly old-school Navaids, but having that possibility would be definitely welcome!
  16. For the current price difference, the 11900k makes much more sense. Or do you think 1 or 2 fps justify an extra 300 Euros or so? The best cost-benefit option might be the 11600k, but the if you are rocking a 3090 and don´t care about the price, pick the one you want.
  17. Great shot. If you like flying in that region, I would highly recommend this pack to do Rio´s mountains justice: Rio de Janeiro Megapack Montanhas » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  18. Not saying everyone should buy a 3090, but using a 30Hz panel for anything else besides Flight Sim is a real pain. I could set my monitor to 30Hz as well but, as mentioned, I get 60fps easily on MSFS and I believe when DX12 is integrated (and Vulcan on DCS, btw), things will improve a lot even for those with lower-powered GPUs.
  19. In my case they are rare and I am quite happy with the performance I get. 30Hz is not an option for me.
  20. Stutters are unavoidable in flight-sims, sorry. If you find them unacceptable, you should play Fortnite or CS:GO. In my case, they are related mostly to scenery loading and have nothing to do with GPU/CPU overload.
  21. I find it funny that RSR clearly states in his video that the initial hurdles that prevented them from further developing their modern jets are now gone. He also says that Asobo is, by far, the best and most helpful FS developer they have ever worked with. Yet, we still have the same people here discrediting not only the platform, but its technical capabilities. Will they ever stop? I guess there are still some die hard FS2004 defenders out there..
  22. I have a 48" LG CX OLED 4K@120Hz and a 49" Samsung UW 1440p@100Hz and, for simulation, the OLED TV has the best results. On MSFS I can reach (and, most of the time, maintain) 60fps@4K and on DCS up to 120fps@4K. Limiting yourself to a 30Hz/60Hz panel is not something I would recommend in 2021.
  23. DCS has a good approach for this with their stable and beta channels. It seems that Asobo is adopting this strategy as well.
  24. Move fast and break things or be disrupted! While some may think so, civilian flight-sims *are not* mission-critical software. The days of a supposedly stable (but rotten to the core) platform like FSX or snail pace evolution of P3D/XP11 are over and I am glad Asobo is actively experimenting with our simulator. That is the method that brought us MSFS in the first place. And thank you guys for the discussion in this topic. Controversies apart, it made my 1-hour treadmill morning session literally fly-by! 😀
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