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  1. I get an exceedance message above 101%. That definitely isn't the way this plane should be flown.
  2. As per the cruise checklist in the User's manual, 1150 pounds of torque should be set, but if I get much over 770, I exceed the redline on the Ng.
  3. I’ve got the turbine version. The first flight seemed to be normal, but I’m on another flight, level at 11,000 feet and the best I can get for speed is about 160 knots, (this, after an anemic climb out). Props are set to 2000, as per the Cruise checklist. The thrust levers are limited by the redline on the Ng gauge. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? It’s as if the gear is down or something…
  4. I’m not absolutely certain, but I think there is a bug that freezes the trim immediately after takeoff.
  5. I don't use simbrief, but I set the takeoff trim as per the FMC and how it has determined the CG.
  6. I have a working theory about this. I believe that there is a bug in the software, such that when the plane rotates, the trim freezes in it's last position. I find that I can trim nose down and it has zero effect. My work around, has been to engage the AP right after takeoff, get the aircraft stable and then disengage the AP to hand fly whatever portion of the STAR I want. In any event, I believe the takeoff flight dynamics should be the very first thing that Horizon tackles.
  7. Am I correct that they are not compatible with using live weather?
  8. Interesting. I knew it was high, but that’s faster than I thought it would be.
  9. On the Descent page of Boeing aircraft, it is customary to change the default speeds prior to leaving cruise altitude (we typically do it on the ground before departure). For instance, in the B737, we set .78/280 for our descents. Does anyone know what the correct speeds should be for the B787 Dreamliner? I’m fairly sure the default speeds in the box are incorrect.
  10. Hi folks, I just upgraded my video card and now a number of my aircraft are missing textures. In the case of the Horizon B787, I tried re-downloading the plane but that didn't help. Any idea how to fix it? https://imgur.com/a/Ck8F6JR
  11. I went and downloaded the most current version and it worked for me.
  12. Have you developed a rough guide for what the difference should be? Maybe at least one full unit?
  13. I’ve been flying the Horizon B787 which I’m generally happy with. Perhaps the worst aspect (and from reading other’s comments here—I assume the other versions do the same thing) is that even when I set the correct trim for takeoff, the plane still requires insane nose down trim after rotation.
  14. When your descent rate exceeds a preset value (I think in the the B737 it’s 1100’), you get the warning “DONT SINK”. You’re probably dipping a little below GS/GP as you cross the runway threshold.
  15. Ya, it really is a cool unit, well made and perfect for GA flying.
  16. Strictly speaking, I didn't download the Mobiflight software, only Octavi's Mobiflight Event module. As an aside, the unit doesn't appear to work with PMDG aircraft although it does (to a limited degree) with Horizon's B787.
  17. Hmm, maybe I mistyped. I believe the video card is the Radeon RX 5500 XT.
  18. I have a question about hardware; currently, I’m running a 46” widescreen monitor with an AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT processor. Is this suitable to running a 4K monitor and if so, would I see a drop in FPS?
  19. I contacted the company and they got right back to me; turns out, I had not downloaded and installed the Mobiflight Event module (since I don't use Mobiflight, I didn't think it was required). Now the unit is working fabulously. I highly recommend it!
  20. Anyone using the new Octavi IFR-1 hardware? I just got mine and while it seems to be a brilliant unit, I'm having difficulty accessing the shift function of the lower buttons when using the G1000. Anyone having similar experiences?
  21. Just signed up for notification for the release of this beauty. 🐵
  22. Unfortunately, this tool won't shut the aft cargo door. Having said that, I'm inclined to think this is a Horizon bug with the B787. The door can be seen visually shut and the EFB can't move the door but if you ignore the warning, the sim will crash when you "overstress the aircraft".
  23. Have you verified the fuel selector switches have moved from the Off position?
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