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  1. Looks amazing mate! Look forward to exploring this beautiful place.
  2. Realistic tailwheel ground handling and flight modelling. And VR on release 🙂
  3. I sold my trackie about a week after getting my first VR headset. I'm happy to wait but can't see myself playing it until VR support is added.
  4. Pretty poor native VR implementation. Not much has change from V3 which is disappointing.
  5. Thanks Tony...I'll mention it to the Devs. Not sure why they don't have it as an option
  6. Ok..thanks mate. Hopefully will be able to import windows like approach charts etc as you can with flyinside
  7. Ok, this one drives me nuts - especially in VR when trying to tune dials with the mouse wheel and inadvertently zooming in. How can I disable mouse wheel zoom? This seems to be an issue that has been around for years.
  8. As the title states, is there any news/info about Prepar3d v4 and Native VR improvement?
  9. They are ..DCS is making the tucano: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=161490
  10. What about realair's legacy v2 ... I noticed this is cable of light aerobatics? The flight model is supposed to be very good. Anyone tried this plane for aeros?
  11. Yes...big fan of DCS. The TF51 was one plane I was considering...bit different to what I'll be training on though. Going to check the fsx alpha out now
  12. Sweet...thanks mate. I was looking for a paid a2a quality add-on but I'll check this out.
  13. Hi guys, starting my real life aerobatics course soon in an alpha 160a (new version of the Robin 2160) and looking for a similar aircraft in p3d. Any recommendations? Thanks, rich
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. Some favorable opinions for the just flight model but the above videos are a little concerning regarding its lack of sideslip and flight modelling.
  15. Anyone know if there is a Cessna 152 for prepar3d v3? I have the a2a 172 which I love, however, im starting my real life training in a 152 so wanted a plane to match.
  16. Hi all, Couldn't find a realair forum so I'll post my question here. The radar altimeter on the turbine Duke has a radar altimeter where you can set the decision height of an approach. Is there suppose to be an audible alert when this height is reached?
  17. Hi Jim, I live in Australia so Avare not much use to me. I use an EFB called ozrunways and does not have that feature.
  18. Hi guys, was wondering if there is the equivalent Android app for prepar3d like the xplane to GPS app? This app allows you to use your Android tablet or other device as a moving map. It reads location data broadcast by X-Plane and spoofs the GPS location of the device to match that of the simulated aircraft. Want to use my real life efb but need to broadcast prepar3d location data to Android device. Rich
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