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  1. Until recently my ai traffic has included a variety 737 appropriately modeled. For a few days now the 737s have disappeared often replaced by genaric models and other ai models are invisible. Any suggestions to restore them would be appreciated.
  2. Here is what I've done to solve the problem. 1. Put the curser in empty fields and click both backspace and then delete. This seems to erase any past entries. 2. Enter the fields in customization as you currently wish. 3. Turn off "Heavy" you should be good to go.
  3. Wow. Microsoft is a business and widening the market is smart. And if this update was to "pander" to those you consider lessers - well let me say to Asobo, "Thank you. Please keep pandering." This update has doubled my frame rates, halved my rendering time and made much better use of my CPU. I've been simming for about 40 years. MSFS 2020 is amazing and will continue to grow.
  4. I think the stuttering issue with player traffic has returned with the latest World Update.
  5. Did you get this resolved? If not, maybe deleting the cache file will resolve the failure to load. It worked for me. It isn't too late after updating.
  6. TheROLLINGCACHE.CCC doesn't need to be erased in game. Go to the file in the ...flightsim.../localcache/ROLLINGCACHE.CCC and delete.
  7. I was having a similar problem I deleted ROLLINGCACHE.CCC and all was well again.
  8. I use a combination of Rex and the Aeroweather phone app. Works like a charm.
  9. The game uninstalled on me today and I lost my community folder as well including mods and payware aircraft. Did you figure out why this happened and how to recover the files?
  10. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t get her to climb. I took off from KJFK on my way to KDCA, and she stopped climbing around 3500. Alt was set at 320, there were no alt restrictions in the plan, no faults on CAS, everything done by the checklists. If I put the throttles in Toga I could get her up to 8500, but no more. I had the AP engaged in Speed and Nav modes, and I tried changing my target airspeed but no joy. Even disconnecting the AP, if I pitched up at all I’d just lose airspeed (and eventually altitude). I suspect that you went to the settings menu or paused using the ESC key at some point. This does weird things in MSFS as recorded in detail elsewhere ie full flaps engaged and invisible speedbrakes activated. Deactivate the speedbrakes using keyboard command (Num / in my set up) and you should be able to get to speed and climb.
  11. I've been using REX from the beginning and with the updates I use it all the time when I do flight planning based on current weather conditions. FPS takes a hit with weather updates but the weather's accuracy is much more dependable than with default and gradual transitions help with the immersion immensely. When I'm flying VFR and don't care about current weather accuracy I will use default weather and enjoy it. I recommend REX.
  12. Yup - none of the detents lined up and putting the throttle to idle (not reverse) nevertheless was interpreted as reverse. I did a lot of fiddling and redownloaded (updated) drivers and it works again. I can't be sure what it was that fixed it but these settings might be the difference: Sensitivity - 88% Sensitivity + - 62% D Zone 4% Neutral 50%
  13. Yup - I noticed that too. Here angle of approach in the real bird left a lot to be desired. More practice needed. Lucky they walked away from that landing.
  14. I deleted the cache - no difference. I changes the livery - no difference. I ran default A320 - no difference. I started on the runway and that worked! I will try the save start suggestion and the turn systems off before engine start suggestion too. I wonder if the program can't figure out our position when starting at the gate ?
  15. I set my props and mixture to max on the quadrant and was able to complete a flight without issue. Thanks for the suggestion. I will update if the problem returns using this method.
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