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  1. The disappearance of this App has no relation to CTD or other improper exiting of MSFS in my case. It returns with a fresh install, but after 1 or 2 flights it disappears again. I have not found any resolution to this problem except the temporary one (reinstall).
  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one experiencing this. Misery loves company.
  3. Is this related to a problem I've had with the C310 recently? The Com frequency spontaneously resets to 118.000 after a few seconds. All assists are off.
  4. What does holographic shell do and how does this mess with MSFS in VR? Since, turning it off, all my stutters, freezes, CTDs and black screens have disappeared. Just wondering. (ComputerManagement/System Tools/Performance/DataCollector Sets/Even Trace Sessions/HolographicShell)
  5. Yes, I'm referring to the tool tips. They are fine with 2.06. I have not changed my configs. Some of the labels work, others have a faint small rectangle in 2.10
  6. The switch labels no longer work overhead. The text boxes seem to haver minimized. Any solution? I've gone back to 2.06 in the meantime.
  7. Same issue - especially when flying the Hawk. Seems to happen using VR and when switching views. Haven't found a fix except to restart flight.
  8. I find that my graphic settings get changed with some updates. Check yours to make sure you have them optimized.
  9. There are no conflicting controller bindings. It happens when interacting with the in game atc comm window.
  10. The VC throttle moves to idle. I will check the bindings of the sidestick. Thanks.
  11. Since WU8 I've experienced the FBWA320 Experimental going throttle idle in autopilot when using the interactive comm and nav menus in VR. I am also using the Thrustmaster Airbus throttle quadrant. I haven't been able to find conflicting key bindings. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions other than "don't use the menus?"
  12. Until recently my ai traffic has included a variety 737 appropriately modeled. For a few days now the 737s have disappeared often replaced by genaric models and other ai models are invisible. Any suggestions to restore them would be appreciated.
  13. Here is what I've done to solve the problem. 1. Put the curser in empty fields and click both backspace and then delete. This seems to erase any past entries. 2. Enter the fields in customization as you currently wish. 3. Turn off "Heavy" you should be good to go.
  14. Wow. Microsoft is a business and widening the market is smart. And if this update was to "pander" to those you consider lessers - well let me say to Asobo, "Thank you. Please keep pandering." This update has doubled my frame rates, halved my rendering time and made much better use of my CPU. I've been simming for about 40 years. MSFS 2020 is amazing and will continue to grow.
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