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  1. Yup - none of the detents lined up and putting the throttle to idle (not reverse) nevertheless was interpreted as reverse. I did a lot of fiddling and redownloaded (updated) drivers and it works again. I can't be sure what it was that fixed it but these settings might be the difference: Sensitivity - 88% Sensitivity + - 62% D Zone 4% Neutral 50%
  2. Yup - I noticed that too. Here angle of approach in the real bird left a lot to be desired. More practice needed. Lucky they walked away from that landing.
  3. I deleted the cache - no difference. I changes the livery - no difference. I ran default A320 - no difference. I started on the runway and that worked! I will try the save start suggestion and the turn systems off before engine start suggestion too. I wonder if the program can't figure out our position when starting at the gate ?
  4. I set my props and mixture to max on the quadrant and was able to complete a flight without issue. Thanks for the suggestion. I will update if the problem returns using this method.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I do have a throttle quadrant and will max the mixture next time - and this was both pre and post update. If necessary I'll try removing the 320 NEO mod.
  6. I've been experiencing spontaneous engine shut down on the Citation CJ4. Its always the left engine. It is with both modded and unmodded formats. I watch the engine temps and overspeeds. My engine failures are off. I don't see duplicate button bindings. I'd be glad for any suggestions.
  7. I do a lot of my flying in Canada. The weather appears to change very occasionally more or less true to local weather but the atis might not match, the atc traffic is given different winds. Most of the time it isn't working and I'm getting the same temp and clouds wherever I go.
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