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  1. It is better than you can really expect. It is the “go to” flight simulator now. The scenery and the weather are spectacular. The 787 and the A320 fly and behave. I have not had time to look at much else since the latest upgrade, but considering they are base aircraft we have come a long way. To get better aircraft I expect we will have to pay. The Zibo 737 will keep X-Plane relevant and I wish them luck as they have given me hours of excellent flight sim experience, but we do move on. I am looking forward to the next X-Plane development. It is a competitive world.
  2. How do you then load a Simbrief FP?
  3. Unfortunately, in the A320neo you can load the FP from Simbrief but if you want the start "cold and dark" you have to choose a parking spot which then makes the FP unusable. That has been my experience. Does anyone know how to use a Simbrief plan in FS2020 and an aircraft with the engines off?
  4. I am an IFR pilot, and I want to fly a simulator, not a pretty flying game. I like the weather to be accurate and follow the seasons. I want airliners where the buttons and dials work, autopilots that follow a plan, both for direction and flight levels. I like to start from Cold and Dark, and follow a checklist, turn on the systems in order, load a flight plan with the latest AIRAC data. Then I want the aircraft to fly "straight and Level" and in trim, and if I need to make some adjustments, I don't want the plane to collapse into a death spiral. I want aircraft I can fly in VATSIM. I want aircraft like Zibo 737 or Rotate MD80 in X-Plane. I can hear, "well, go back to X-Plane," but I bought Microsoft FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020, not Microsoft Flight. You asked "what am i looking for".
  5. Does anybody know how to set the trim (aileron and rudder)? I have considerable problems having the aircraft flying "straight and level." Any flight changes to the trim cause an immediate, almost uncontrolable spiral that usually ends in a crash. I have reviewed the Flight_model.cfg in the ...\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-generic-turbo-singleengine and cannot see what could be corrected. Is there a known solution? Where should I look?
  6. I have been trying to get the aircraft in MSfs2020 to work. I don’t feel there is a reasonable IFR aircraft available. The small VRF aircraft flown by hand, operate OK but are so slow you really can’t go anywhere. The scenery is impressive, but the weather is very unreliable, and the map nav waypoints are often incorrect. I don’t know when or if Navigraph will work with MSFS2020. The autopilots track for a while, but often the aileron and rudder trims are not set correctly. If you touch anything to correct, the aircraft will go into an uncontrollable spiral. The plane rarely follows a course set precisely. I must say the new A320 update did give some improvement, but the ILS is still unreliable. I know there will be improvements, but so far, the upgrades have made things worse. Covid restrictions mean more time for flying. I wish the “simulator” would do its job correctly.
  7. Well, I have just flown x-plane's Rotate MD 80 from CYQQ to CYXX and then I tried to repeat the flight in the Boeing 787 in MS2020. Wow, I sure feel sorry for the passengers in the 787. The climb out under FMS control varied from a 9000 ft climb at 120KT to a dive at 2000ft with speeds up to 300Kts. We sort of got to the cruise altitude which was supposed to be 17000 but continued the wild variation of 5000ft climbs followed by -8000ft dives. Things got exciting as we tried to set up and fly the approach to RW 07 at CYXX. The approach angle was 30 degrees off to the left The IlS never engaged so we overflew the runway but with the AP turned off the aircraft had a mind of its own and was unresponsive to my input so we crashed near Sumas. Must say the scenery was magnificent. Found the weather strange as the METAR said 18005KT P6SM OVC030 -RA but the sky was beautiful with a few clouds in the sim using real weather. I don’t know how many people fly the Rotate MD80 but I find it challenging, instructive and entertaining. I developed my own checklist using the program XChecklist so I start cold and dark at the CYQQ ramp. It takes me about 20-30 min from start to taxi and you had better do it right or it won’t work. After takeoff, the aircraft follows the route but you have to set it up correctly. Where available I use real-world SIDS and STARS. I try to fly as realistically as possible. The MD 80 behaves well but and you need to watch the speed on approach however with normal pilot skills, a productive flight is achieved. I don’t know where MS2020 is going. I find the small aircraft easy to fly and the scenery spectacular. It sure makes you realize how big the world is! Hopefully, developers will develop airliners that approach the reality of the real world. Hope I can afford to buy them
  8. It is all personal. What, as an individual do you want? I want aircraft that require the use of procedures from cold and dark to landing and shutting down. You can do that in MSFS but nothing works as in real life. My experience has been, the more sophisticated the aircraft the worse it performs the basic functions. Regardless, the scenery and weather are fantastic and very realistic. The aircraft will come but as I said yesterday it is a great aviation game. For the serious practice of IFR procedures, I will use X-Plane. For fun, and entertainment MSFS is my choice. We are all very fortunate.
  9. I have been involved with aviation almost all my life and have held commercial multi-engine IFR ratings. I have used all the flight simulation programs that have been developed including the original Sublogic on an Apple 11. It is my opinion that MSFS presents the most realistic visual recreations of the world by far. Unfortunately, it is an aviation game, not a simulator. The small prop planes are fun to fly and go to neat places. The King Air, in which I have spent many hours, has a lot to desired. The larger planes do not have anywhere near the systems that exist in the real aircraft. To become a flight simulator it needs aircraft and navigational system development. I realize there will be commercial payware that will improve the experience but at this time if I want to do some real sim practice I have to go to X-Plane.
  10. I have been using LNM for some time with X-Plane with great success. I bought FS 202 and then tried to use it with LNM but FS 2020 would not work, major freeze. The new patch came out and there was definite improvement but LNM and FS 2020 but still they do not work well together on my computer (i5-6400 and GTX 1070 with 16GB) I get FR 10-15 with both running and when LNM is off the FR rise to 35-35. Better with the smaller VFR aircraft. Any suggestions so solve the the problem because FS 2020 needs LNM. I intend to improve my CPU but I do think LNM and FS2020 should work better together.
  11. MSFS is new and interesting if you like eye candy. Scenery is a great step ahead if you have the computer power to see it. MSFS is for VFR flights in smaller aircraft. If you like good aircraft and real IFR X-Plane is way better. Unfortunately X-Plane does not have good ATC however MSFS seems smoother but is just as bad.
  12. Unfortunately LNM almost paralyses my MSFS 2020. I have a i5-6400 CPU, 16GB Ram and GTX 1070 GC.
  13. Solved my own problem. The Commander is tricky. After start I could not get the props to move from fine pitch to coarse so I could not get the aircraft to move. After much (more) searching I found how to fix it. Move RPM above 85% Power levers down to reverse. I needed to map a key on my joy stick to "Max Reverse Thrust" to do it, then the power levers moved into reverse, and then lower the RPM to normal.
  14. I have a new Carenardo Turbo commander 690b and I follow the checklist to start the aircraft. In the starting engine section point 11 it says: - 11.PROPELLERS........................... CLEAR and UNFEATHERED If unfeathered, proceed as follows: a. Power Lever..............................................REVERSE How do you move the power lever into reverse? Mine stay stubbornly at GND IDL
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