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  1. I'm also on 3.0.7 but have another strange problem. When I'm watching the passengers getting onto the plane (Fenix A320) once they turn to their seats, they disappear. Any ideas?
  2. I'm talking about dawn/dusk where the sun is still right above the horizon and you can still see the blue skies.
  3. I wish Fenix/FBW can do an A350. I know FBW is doing an A380 and the avionics is pretty much similar.
  4. I want the lights to look something like in this video. This was back in FSX, so I know it's possible to do in MSFS.
  5. Here's what I'm talking about. The lights look dull and washed out and is missing that glow and intensity.
  6. Oh man, this plane will replace the PMDG 777 and Fenix A320 for me. The A350 is my dream plane and with the advanced modern avionics that it has will be a joy to fly and operate! I can't wait for this beautiful bird to be released!
  7. Yes, those yellow/white/orange orbs you see. During dawn/dusk they should be brighter and glow more. I wish there was a setting to adjust the intensity of these lights only without affecting anything else. It's possible to do this in X-Plane and I wish there was a way to do the same in MSFS. For example if you guys have a PS5 and have ever played Gran Turismo 7 on an HDR OLED Display, the car lights look really beautiful and they look extremely realistic. They really pop and this is the same effect or look that I'm trying to achieve.
  8. I enjoy flying during dusk/dawn hours and noticed that the lights are lacking that punch. They seemed washed out on my screen. Is there any mod to give the lights stand out more?
  9. Trying to setup a flight from CYVR to KSFO using PMDG 777 and my route looks like this. CYVR/26L DCT YYJ DCT ELMAA Q1 ETCHY DCT MLBEC BDEGA3 KSFO/28L I can never seem to get the arrival part to KSFO correct. I am trying to use the ILS 28L arrival procedure but the path doesn't seem to lead me to runway 28L. Could someone please help me find the proper route to get me down to runway 28L at KSFO? I am flying offline without ATC.
  10. I remember these coming by default with the plane but nowhere to be found. Anyone know how to set the plane for both modes? I don't want to do cold and dark everytime at the gate. It's unrealistic.
  11. In order to use this app we need to install 2 .dll files to enable FG on RTX 3090 cards if I can recall. I was just wondering if we need to update those dll files to their latest versions to get the most from this app?
  12. I was referring to the .dll files that it needs.
  13. I'm currently using the latest AutoFPS app but haven't updated my .dll files lately. What's the latest one for RTX 3090 users?
  14. I'm currently using GAIST Ultra v4.0. Is this still the latest?
  15. For those who fly the PMDG 737/777. Is it better to use the ground services from GSX or PMDG? I'm not sure if PMDG has GSX integration like the Fenix does.
  16. is this A350 the same as the A350 XWB? And do they share the same modern flightdeck as the A380 does? If so, this is the dream plane I've been waiting for next to my beloved PMDG 777!
  17. FSLTL for sure. And the sounds are the best compared to the rest.
  18. I never said you're suppose to hear it from the flight deck. I mean when using external view to watch your plane take off or when starting up the engines.
  19. For me the immersion is lost when I cannot faithfully hear those GE90's. Those engines are extremely powerful. So I am very much looking forward to see if PMDG will do something about them or see a proper soundpack that will bring this plane to life. One of the reasons I love the 777 so much is because of those GE90's, and if it doesn't sound anything close to it, then it'll be just sitting in the hangar unused for me.
  20. I own all versions of PMDG 777, from FSX to P3D and MSFS 2020 and I can vouch for what he said. The sound is worse than the P3D version. Also I know the 777's flight deck is old, but that's not the point. I'm specifically talking about the quality of the textures and modeling. It just doesn't feel nextgen like the Fenix A320 does. Even the PMDG 737's cockpit looks better compared to their 777.
  21. The 777 is my favorite plane and I was extremely happy when PMDG finally released it. But when I loaded it up for the very 1st time and saw the cockpit, I was extremely dissappointed in how bad it looks. After flying the Fenix A320 and seeing how beautiful the cockpit is, I feel as though PMDG dropped the ball big time on this, and I really hope that if it's true what my eyes are telling me that they will go back and give it a good makeover to make it more inline with MSFS 2020 and soon to be 2024's graphic standards.
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