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  1. ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    Removing ImagineSim_KATL_Stands .xml solved it! Thanks for the input @SAX702
  2. PFPX

    Thanks so much for the suggestion @dmiannay. I'm already leveraging their profiles but am finding the weights mismatch the pmdg weights. Is the only suggestion to manually modify the pfpx weights and leverage the rest of the FlyPrecisely profiles?
  3. PFPX

    Okay...is there any place that houses the PFPX profiles for the -800WL and -900WL variants? Having a rough time trying to find anything.
  4. Atlanta has a massive (and growing) film industry. No doubt that’s why you’re seeing pop culture permeate into our world of fixes and waypoints.
  5. ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    No double SODE folders for me. Frustrating issue. Fortunately, just aesthetics.
  6. [Poll] How do you prefer to fly?

    I'll stay on a single type for a few months. Flights become a lot less stressful once you have the time to learn and master a bird's systems. Currently been hopping around in the 738.
  7. ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    Yup...I've emailed back and forth with support and they don't know why it could be happening. Their response was to do a HDD search for jetways_01.bgl for anything associated with KATL. Did that and no files appeared...still double jetways.
  8. ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    Done already. Just strange that it's an issue with the updated version. The previous version simply required the removal of the jetways_01.bgl file in the scenery folder but that file seems to be gone altogether in the updated version.
  9. ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    Yeah...selected. Unfortunately, still getting duplicate jetways.
  10. ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    What am I missing? Every time I activate SODE I get a duplicate jetway over a static one.
  11. Captainsim 757 Hotfix 2 released

    Do you need both Hotfix 1 and Hotfix 2 installed or does installing Hotfix 2 address all current updates?
  12. Interesting post from RSR

    Who's RSR?
  13. Backlighting issue with NGX

    Are there any known fixes? Minor annoyance for now, but still nice to have a fix if one exists.
  14. FsLabs a320 released for P3Dv4

    Duh...had to be logged in. Thanks gents.