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  1. Are there any known fixes? Minor annoyance for now, but still nice to have a fix if one exists.
  2. Selling my 3mo old 980 TI. It's in mint condition, never OC'd, and lived in a smoke-free home. Retails for $700+ new. Asking for $550. PM me if interested or if you'd like pictures. Official specs page: https://www.evga.com/Products/Specs/GPU.aspx?pn=16add31d-8463-430a-a2a3-f9f1fd49e9a6
  3. Duh...had to be logged in. Thanks gents.
  4. Negative ghost rider. Page doesn't exist.
  5. Ha, thank you. Mind sharing a link? Must be blind...
  6. Random question that's not PMDG v FSLABS themed....where are the liveries?
  7. Did you allow SVS to pass through windows firewall? When you look at the Win toolbar, do you see any errors surrounding the SVS Server? Does it happen when you minimize the sim or task switch?
  8. Copying GTN750_BG.dds and changing the name of the copy to GTN750~1.dds solved it.
  9. Avsim turn around And let me see that sexy thread go Bump, bump, bump
  10. Don't get me wrong. It's still a good bird, just depends how much value you place on the eye candy. The A2A with the GTN is the way to go for now though.
  11. This thread is all over the place. Let's calm it down a bit gents. 1. The Carenado c172 is a good bird. Documentation is lacking on how to activate/install the SVS. Jim, if you would like help please PM me and I'm more than happy to guide you. That said, if you open the SimObcjets/Airplanes/C172_G1000 (or whatever it's called) folder you'll see a SVS manual that is, at best, a minimum start guide. 2. SVS can in fact be applied to other Carenado G1000s (a la Phenom). I'm not an expert, but from what I gather, someone with beginner experience in XML can add it to any of the Carenado G1000s. Anyone up for the task? 3. WebSim Connect isn't charging anything for SVS at the moment. That said, it's absolutely correct that you can enable or disable SVS. If, whenever that point arrives, there is a subscription involved and you choose not to invest in it, you can fly the aircraft just fine without any loss besides SVS. 4. As a rw pilot and someone who's been in the hobby for over a decade, Carenado is fine. Bugs galore at times, but beautiful aesthetics and adequate immersion for sitting behind a monitor. Frankly, I enjoy this hobby for the ability to relax while still experiencing what I love about flying. The rw stuff is where I get my jollies off with procedure porn. Alex
  12. Anyone know where it's located?
  13. Nope, not dreaming. Still buggy. G1000 is still a marginal upgrade over the default GPS. That said, the SVS is cool. Just wish I could get it to work without error after error.
  14. Synthetic Vision is an interesting pieces to the puzzle...not unique to the C172 though as it would appear.
  15. It's the T/O Config button :)