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  1. I think the big piece of the puzzle we're missing is that MS and Asobo are focusing more on the commercial market vs the enthusiast/hobby market. There's a massive financial bubble forming on the flight training side. Margins are incredibly slim for flight schools and operating a fleet of aircraft is becoming a fascinating game. More and more training centers are investing in simulator offerings (both part 61 and 141) and until now, the only offering really has been XPlane paired FTDs or ATDs. If MS and Asobo can bring greater realism on both the visual and flight dynamics side of things, the software becomes a much more compelling option for training centers looking to streamline training curriculum and limit the amount of time spent in an actual aircraft. That's just my opinion though...for whatever it's worth.
  2. Depends on the type, but yes.
  3. A319 I assume? And by grey shadow I assume you mean the window tint? That's part of the rain and bug textures. You can't get rid of it unless you disable special effects or something along the lines within the sim.
  4. No faster than brisk walking pace. If your wing walkers are running, you're going too fast. If they're standing, you're going too slow. Always keep eyes out of the cockpit and looking at potential hazards as you're parking the aircraft.
  5. So I recompiled but now I don't have taxiway or ramp textures. All taxiways and gates, buildings, etc are there...just no taxiway or ramp. Thoughts/suggestions?
  6. Sounds like both of you could help a brother out and upload some files to the library.... 🙂 Thanks for the responses.
  7. Video processing in my opinion. You can see the wires getting clipped (via editing not wings).
  8. Anything out there? Found something in the library and wasn't able to install it successfully. Love the airport.
  9. I have a suspicion that NYC X is not optimized for...well anything recent. Prior to 4.3 I'd get a drop in performance, but ever since the 4.3 upgrade my load times into the area and the performance hit have noticeably increased.
  10. Blah blah blah technicalities 🙂 Well said skelsey!
  11. I don't think anyone who knows anything about aviation can answer the posed question since we can't see the instrumentation. Speculating what the pilots were seeing through the lens of an over the wing view is like guessing what a dolphin's thinking on a BBC documentary whilst sitting on your couch. To answer the core of your question, you should always go around if the approach is not stabilized by your DH. You as the PIC are the only person who can make that call.
  12. Absolutely insane but as a business owner...I'd probably do the same exact thing. Their product isn't a game but the concept. As long as people keep buying it, they won't stop selling it. At this point they're just seeing how far their customers would go to buy the product. Smart. Screwed up...but Smart.
  13. It's super interesting to see everyone's opinions and reactions to FSL and their mistakes and misfortunes. People often forget (mostly because it's not placed in the spotlight) how much data their smartphones, facebook, windows, and most other software manufacturers and developers mine through a variety of "malicious" or otherwise hidden code or means. It's true that FS Labs as a company has made some misguided decisions (or perhaps guided but poorly), but the fact that they are committed to the quality of their products will maintain me as a customer for the foreseeable future. We want realism in this virtual universe and they're one of the few players that deliver an incredibly high level of just that. Just my opinion.
  14. Seems like there have been numerous incidents where an engine entered uncommanded Beta. Here's one that resulted in an accident... https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19940923-0 and another https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19690324-1
  15. A runaway prop seems very plausible from this angle of cctv of the crash. https://youtu.be/ldwWfQb4Odo?t=2m36s EDIT: top right corner of the video.
  16. How does AVSIM manage their servers? Internal build/management or hosted? Asking for a friend...
  17. What are your settings and specs? Looks amazing.
  18. I take a slightly different approach. I don't mind the IR hat so perhaps my suggestion is irrelevant, but I love wireless so I actually use a Jabra Stealth bluetooth piece for ATC comms. Works like a charm and is super light.
  19. Keeping the camera handy as the 738 takes up from place to place. On the turn out of CVG; ATL bound. Cruising on our way to ATL. Approaching 26R in ATL as dusk was setting in. Company traffic landing as we taxi to our gate in MSP. Pulling up to F13 in MSP.
  20. DAL760 CVG-ATL 18:41 LCL On the climb out of 27. Field at our 7 on the RNAV turn.
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