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  1. stinger2k2

    Off-On-On micro toggle switches

    Hi, The problem I found with this type of switch is that although it has 3 positions you cannot use a common ground with it as I tried to with my Leo Bodnar interface board because each pole of the switch is not independant. Cheaper versions of the same switch are available on Ebay so it may be worth a try but i have not been able to sort it out for my Carenado Phenom 300. You may be able to sort it out with this type of switch using a script, depending on which Cessna 172 you are using and wether it using standard FSX controls or ones custom designed for that aircraft as in the Carenado Phenom. all the best Stinger
  2. stinger2k2

    Setting correct trim

    Omg, i wish i hadn't asked! So I'm guessing that most folks just make sure that the trim is set in the green zone then? 😊 Thanks for the reply Stinger
  3. Hi guys In the after start checklist it gives the correct trim setting dependant on the centre of gravity. For example...CG MAC 19. Gives a flaps 1 trim of 7.7 and a flaps 2 trim of 6.8. My question is how to work out the centre of gravity and what does MAC mean? Cheers Stinger
  4. stinger2k2

    Speed tape question

    Hi Ken, No not the Airspeed Trend Vector. The fact that nobody seems to know what I am talking about suggests that it may be a graphical glitch on my system. This would also explain why it doesn't show all of the time. If this link works it will be a pic of what I mean. cheers Stinger
  5. stinger2k2

    Speed tape question

    Mmmm, not that easy as it doesn't show up regularly. If someone doesn't chip in before it shows again i will do just that! Cheers Stinger
  6. Hi guys, What does the thin red and white dotted line signify when it shows to the right of the green speed tape line. (Not the overspeed line which is above the green line) Some times it shows, sometimes not? Cheers Stinger
  7. stinger2k2

    Can Linda trace all actions?

    ok, many thanks for the reply anyhow. Not being a programmer I haven't got into offsets as yet and somehow managed to get my home cockpit working using Lvars and FSX controls. Looks like I may have to look into it for this one though. regards Stinger
  8. Hi guys, In the Embraer Phenom it has a GCU for inputting flight plan data etc. Part of this is a keypad for inputting letters and numbers. In the SIM this merely replicates the pc's keyboard. Ie pressing the letter A on the gcu can be also be done by pressing the letter A on my main keyboard. My question: How to assign a switch to type the letter A ? Cheers Stinger
  9. stinger2k2

    Can Linda trace all actions?

    Ok, answered my own question I think. It appears that the keypad in the Phenom is merely replicating the pc's keyboard inputs with regards to letters. Now I need to ask another question better suited to a different forum. Cheers Stinger
  10. stinger2k2

    Can Linda trace all actions?

    Hi all, I am trying to trace an action but Linda is not showing anything happening. No Lvar, no ipc writes or controls. This is what i am trying to trace:- My aircraft has a mini keypad to enter data such as letters and numbers. When i get for instance the "direct to" popup i then press the letters to input an icao or whatever. Trouble is that Linda sees me pressing the "direct to" button and shows the corresponding Lvar activity. However it doesn't see the keypad letters when pressed. Any ideas? Btw the aircraft is the Carenado Phenom. Cheers Stinger
  11. Hi all, I have a 4 screen setup. 2 for the main view and 2 for the G1000 PFD and MFD. to display the pfd and mfd i open two additional intrument view windows, undock them, then drag them onto their respective 10inch monitors. Here is my problem:- when i open up the additional instrument view the window appears on my main screen, displaying correctly. But when i drag them onto the 10 inch monitor they go totally black. If I drag them back onto my main screen they display ok again. it is like my video card does not have enough memory however i use a 16gb gtx1070 so i would have thought that should be ok. Could it be lack of main pc ram? My setup: 2x24inch monitors for main view 2x10inch monitors for instrument views intel i5 @ 3.8ghz gtx1070 8gb 8gb ram 250gb ssd windows 10
  12. stinger2k2

    Battery Switch Problem

    Hi, Some carenado aircraft have there own code for certain switches and will not work if you merely assign a standard fsx action.I don't have the aircraft you are speaking of but I do have the Carenado Phenom and this aircraft certainly needs different coding to get all of the switches to work. If you install LINDA (a freeware addition to fsuipc which makes fsuipc a bit more user friendly) you can then use the tracer facility to see what is operating when you flick the battery switch in the VC. You can find the LINDA download in the LINDA forum here on Avsim. regards Stinger
  13. stinger2k2

    Home cockpit panel

    A single encoder occupies two switch positions in the bbi32, a double encoder ocupies 4 positions. Cheers Stinger
  14. stinger2k2

    LeoBodnar BBI-32 / Multiple Inputs

    Hi, i use 8 Leo Bodnar cards with no problem. However if you add an additional card Linda has problems holding the settings and sometimes jumbles them up. It is better to connect all the bbi32 cards at the start before you start assigning actions. I had the problem i think you are talking about but it all settled down once i had all of my cards attached. In the meantime you can put a name to your bbi cards within Linda, if it jumbles your assignments this will make it easier to get them back. Make a note of LB devce number and the name that you have given it. I also printed off my config.hid each time i had completed a new card just in case. Hope this helps Stinger