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  1. Hi Adrian, The gust lock pin is in the rudder somewhere and is operated by an actuator, so one would assume from this that there is a switch somewhere to operate the actuator or maually removing the pin actuates it. I read this accident report which gives an idea of what i is. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2017/06/embraer-emb-505-phenom-300-c-gjol.html Either way the fact that none of us are experiencing flight control problems even though we are not removing the gust lock pin suggests that it hasn't been modelled by Carenado. cheers Stinger
  2. Hi all, I have seen a few posts stating that the weather radar doesn't work properly or is intermittent. I have done a bit of homework on this and it seems that the weather will only show something if there is precipitation ahead. I.e there must be rain, sleet, snow or hail for anything to ahow up on the radar. (In FSX only rain and snow is modelled i believe). As far as i can tell this is true to life, so you won't see anything on the radar if there is only cloud ahead of you. Unfortunately the radar tilt has not been programmed by Carenado although from what i see on the radar i am not sure that it is actually looking up at 150 degrees as shown on the radar panel. Keep safe Stinger
  3. Sorry, i dont have the mcp combo so i am not sure how it works however i suspect you would have to write lua function for alt using the lvar that you have then assign that function to the alt knob of your mcp combo to enable it to show up on the lcd panel. As i say, i'm guessing a bit here as i dont have that panel. Best of luck Stinger
  4. Here is the link to the video.... Enjoy Stinger
  5. Hi, Check out my new LINDA tracer video as it may help you with this problem. I have posted a link in a new forum post to the video. Once you have watched the video you may want to check out any modules that have used custom Lvars for the altitude to see what they did code-wise. Cheers Stinger
  6. Hi all, If it is of any benefit I have made a video showing a simple switch trace using LINDA in FSX. It does not show the full capabilities but shows how I used it to complete my own cockpit. all the best Stinger
  7. Not to worry, I made my own thumbnail now thanks.
  8. Hi Linda developers, I have made a short video showing how I used the tracer to complete my home cockpit. Can I have your permission to use the splash.png picture as a thumbnail for it? thanks Keith
  9. Hi guys, I hope that Carenado are working hard on a Phenom 300 for the new sim because my home cockpit is entirely based upon it and If the new sim turns out to be as good as it looks I don't want to be stuck using FSX. 😊 Keep safe Stinger
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum. I don't know for sure as I dont use the effect switch but i suspect it is to change the colour scheme in the passenger cabin. All the best Stinger
  11. Hi, Please contact me via email and I will happily share what I use in my cockpit. My email address is being posted to you by private message. all the best Keith
  12. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone ever figured out how to tilt the weather radar? Hope you are all safe and well Stinger
  13. Nice to see you get a mentiin Tom in the latest update! Great screenshots too !! Cheers Stinger
  14. Merci Asobo pour votre communication, We have all been waiting for more than twelve years for Microsoft to bring us a new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now, thanks to you, there is light at the end of the tunnel. So to wait a little longer is no problem. The main thing is that we all stay safe. Best wishes Stinger
  15. I have had him do a Linda trace and it shows the standard fsx control 66042 vakues changing in degrees of the compass. However when he allocates a switch to the standard FSX control "HDG minus) the heading bug doesn't move. Any ideas anyone? Cheers Stinger
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