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  1. I think perhaps the reason i have more in my community folder is because I have downloaded the liveries Megapack.
  2. Ok, got it now. I was looking in the Official folder instead of Community. 🙄
  3. I tried this but it didn't work. What is the correct location for the aircraft.cfg. i am wondering if there is more than one because where i was looking the Longitude didnt even have an aircraft.cfg. The C172 did have one but as i say, changing it and saving it made no difference. I was still was called ASXGS by atc?
  4. Hi, sorry for a very late reply but i have only just seen your question. As i developed the module with fsx the fpl input was pretty much impossible to do without mouse macros which fsuipc doesn't support in fsx. I did manage to get it partially working but it meant editing the xml gauge files of the aircraft and even then wasn't totally successful so i gave up in the end. Regards Stinger
  5. I have another option if i get desperate. Currently all 8 of my Bodnar boarrds are BBI32's (32 buttons). I could combine two of them into a BBI64 but as I understand it FSUIPC only sees 32 buttons on each joystick interface, although there is a workaround for that problem i believe. Never easy this cockpit building!
  6. Great news Andrew. Many thanks for your efforts and continued development of this great addon to FSUIPC. I shall be an early adopter! Cheers Stinger
  7. I turned off bloom but the sim still looks too bright for me, especially when looking down a bit, the clouds lose definition due to the brightness.
  8. There is a post in the tips and tricks forum about hardware accelerated GPU scheduling. I have Windows 10 update 2004 installed and checked but i dont see this setting when i follow the instructions on the forum post. My system has a i7 10700k and a Nvidia 2080ti. Would this setting change make any difference to my system anyway? Cheers Stinger
  9. They all showed up in MSFS as "Button Box Interface" with no way of differentiating between them. I contacted Leo who pointed me to a piece of software on their website that allows you to put a number to them. So now they are listed in the sim as "Button box interface 1" etc. Makes it a whole lot easier when assigning events. Windows sees them too.
  10. Yep, same graphics card, same temperature. I checked with my pc supplier who says dont worry, they can take it no trouble.😊
  11. I suppose it is when you consider that each Bodnar board has 32 switch/button outputs ! 🤪
  12. Is there a maximum number of peripherals because msfs is only seeing 12 of my 13? I have a home cockpit with 8 Bodnar cards, 1 throttle, 1 yoke, rudder pedals, keyboard and mouse. Msfs is only seeing 7 of the 8 Bodnar cards. If i unplug one and plug in the missing one instead It sees it ok then. Windows is seeing all of them but not msfs. Cheers Stinger
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