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  1. HI Jim, i now have it working fine , it just needed the resolution on my intstrument screen reducing. I now have the following working fine on one PC ... 2 x 24inch monitors for forward view using 2d panel view but setup so that i can pan the view. 2 x 10 inch touchscreen monitors displaying and operating the PFD and MFD My pc specs are i5 cpu @3.8ghz , gtx1070 6gb graphics, 8gb ram, 250gb ssd. My settings in FSX are reasonably high with frames set at 20. cheers Stinger
  2. Hi, For use on a separate screen i open a PFD window from the views/instruments menu. Once undocked i can drag it onto my smaller screen. The problem is that when i drag the sides if the window out to fit my screen (1024x 768) the background blue/brown colours go haywire. (I actually need it wider than that because i dont want to see the knobs at the side) I can expand it to a certain point, which is almost big enough for what i need but beyond that the problem arises. Is there any way around this? I assume it is to do with texture resolution limits of the gauge. You can see what i mean by expanding the pfd window on the main screen too, so its not a problem with my second screen. Cheers Stinger
  3. I now have my screens setup using the Nvidia spanning option to stretch the front view across both screens. i also have two 10 inch screens to display my PFD and MFD .I open two separate windows then drag the instruments onto my smaller displays for this. i'd still be interested to learn if there is a more FPS efficient way of doing this. cheers Stinger
  4. Hi, I did say, i guess that you missed it, that it's to operate the pusher cut out switch on the Phenom 300. I need to understand what's happening with the lvar so that i can write a lua macro using LINDA. Once done i can then assign it to an external switch on my cockpit. I guess i was hoping that someone who knows this aircraft more intimately might spot my post. Thanks for the reply anyhow. Cheers Stinger
  5. Andrew, Please could you check the new link i have posted. Unfortunately for some reason i am unable to edit the original post to delete the first link. I am currently on 2.8.9. I will update at some point but i am concentrating on other parts of the cockpit at present. Cheers Stinger
  6. I have no files in my linda-cfg matching those you suggest so shall i just post the linda folder zipped? Cheers Keith P.s sorry, i am doing this manually as i dont want to update my LINDA at this stage.
  7. The module has now been uploaded to the downloads page. regards Stinger
  8. Now uploaded, I hope! cheers Stinger
  9. Hi all, This LINDA module was designed for the Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 for FSX . Not all functions are modeled in this version. The G1000 is not completely modeled but the COM and NAV rotaries should work. Also there are no functions for the FMS as I use the FSX plight planner and have used the buttons on the FMS to operate the ATC dialog. It was modeled for use with an external cockpit and as such you may not see all of the visuals happening in the VC (although most will) The switch should still operate the aircraft systems systems though. Although not complete, I hope that it may save you some time with your own project. If you have any problems feel free to post them in the LINDA Support forum, however, I am not a programmer so may not be able to answer all questions. If I can, I will. Download here: Phenom 300 module v1.1 all the best Stinger
  10. Is there a post for this? If not, how do I upload a new module please? thanks Stinger
  11. Hi Andrew, Sorry to keep pestering you with this one butI am still having this problem and I wonder if it's to do with the fact that on the joysticks setup page witihn LINDA I can see all of my Leo Bodnar serial numbers, however, in the config-hid.lua file all are shown as {NoSerNum} ? Should the config-hid.lua file be updating automatically or do I need to write the serial numbers in manually? cheers Stinger
  12. Are you using the default keyboard assignment for this? If so, i suspect that the aircraft is using a standard fsx control. Try assigning your joystick button from the fsx dropdown in LINDA to see if that works. cheers Stinger
  13. Hi Andrew, Yes, i am intending to share the module in that way. I just need a bit longer to fully test it myself as i have only just finished it. Cheers Stinger
  14. Hi, I have had the same problem with LB cards. When it happens (which I cannot seem to stop) i find it easier to change the joystick numbers in config-hid.lua file. Flick a switch on the card and look to see which joystick number is being operated, then overwrite the number in the current config-hid.lua file to match the correct assignments. (This is the long 9 digit number i.e 1DD211500) I have noticed that when this happens LINDA seems to matchup the joystick number to the assignments rather than the LB serial number. In fact when it happens it shows {NoSerNum} in the config-hid.lua file so it seems to prioritise joystick numbers over the card serial number and it is windows that assigns different joystick numbers each time you unplug. It's a pain as i have designed my home cockpit to be unplugged after use! Cheers Stinger
  15. Hi, I now have a module which works for all of the functions that I require for my cockpit. It's still a little rough around the edges and may not include all of the function you particularly require for your own project. However you are welcome to a copy of what I have if you are still interested. cheers Stinger