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  1. Geforce Experience has no value for P3D in my opinion. It´s only bloatware. It can optimize some games but maybe does settings for you you don´t like? On the other hand you need to log in, so they have more data from you and can send you ads. New driver is working fine here too.
  2. Hi Marcus I bought the Aersoft product, but before they turned away from P3D. I also have FSDT Geneva but they never updated it, not even the smallest fixes like new Runway numbers or AFCAD problems. One day, I just had enough of it, looked at the RFS version, but this is not compatible. As far as I know, you can´t make it run in P3D5. So there´s only one option left or you go for freeware. Dan
  3. A good measure is to ask for a higher altitude...but yes the ATC needs improvement and LM will not do it i fear. I still use this ATC since it also handles AI traffic what all external programs can't do, not that I knew.
  4. Before I had a RTX3090 i shrinked textures from sceneries and aircraft which were very demanding. This can be done quite easily with a program called XnConvert. For example, I shrinked all textures of ORBX TE NL and the Airbus from Aerosoft and could run this way without changing settings from P3D on a RTX 2080 with 8GB VRAM. The combination of TE NL, Flytampa Schiphol Airport and Aerosoft A320 was one of a few places around the globe, which my computer couldn't handle. Other places never were a problem. But if you try, make sure to keep the textures in a backup, in case you destroy them or want to go back to full resolution one day.
  5. This happens when ActiveSky is not closed by the user, but one restarts the system, before closing ActiveSky. I thought, this is just related to the weather server at hifisim or somewhere. It is nothing on the users machine and the only thing I mind about it, the window is behind another ActiveSky Window, making it difficult to answer the yes or no question. I always answer yes and ActiveSky can initialize itself and I have no performance problems then. .
  6. The wheel chocks can´t be removed. They lost animation somehow. Clicked on the window a thousend times. Others like doors work. The female pilot has the reverse logic than the man (yes sometimes in real life too 🙂 ) no, serious, if she is on, she is not in the plane, if he is on, he is in the plane, she needs to be off to sit in the plane. Installed twice, disabled defender, as administrator, it´s broken. Some more information. I found in Windows the latest version is 1.2, but I installed 1.3 according to the filename. Regards Dan
  7. When enter your control settings, it is always on this mouse drag pad by default. Why? Don´t ask. It is something weird from LM. Your Saitek config can be selected below if you want to change something. Don´t forget to exit with OK. There´s also a command to disable joystick, shift-J by default. I accidentially hit this in the past and wondered, where is my joystick input. Did you calibrate the stick in P3D? Do you have input on your aircraft if you move the stick?
  8. It can be calibration in Windows, P3D and FSUIPC and even more 3rd party programs, if you have these. Sometimes it helps to change to raw input in P3D. Next ist autopilot. Make sure it is off. "Z" The last idea is realism settings, which can vary from plane to plane. I have them all set to zero except for the general realism slider, which I have on 50%. The others include rotation effects from the engine which make some planes absolutely unsteerable. Regards Dan
  9. I also realized that a lot of planes have strange landing lights now. The light is illuminated but it does not illuminate the ground somewhere in front of the plane but just underneath, as if it was a position light. One of the planes that still have working landing lights is the Captainsim 737 Captain, a FSX plane which was updated to P3D4. Unfortunately a lot of planes have no longer landing lights defined in the aircraft.cfg but attached in the model and when I investigated the CS 732s attached objects with MCX, I could not find an effect file with the name referenced there. So where are these light effects then? One thing is for sure, developers will not fix their models for us, we need to do it ourselves. I hope some people share their knowledge of these things, which seem to be kept a secret to earn money with it. Dan
  10. On the GPU side there were some changes, that may be overseen by people who were lucky to have an older card which already has DX12 like you Ray. But if you have an old card, like GTX1080 without Ti, it may be DX11 only. @doublebubble what is your GPU?
  11. I have HAGS on and no CTDs. What I thought in the beginning, if you can run 4.5 but not 5.3, it must be the hardware requierments of 5.3. What are your computer specs?
  12. I had these problems too. I tried the offline activation, but the files I downloaded had other names as the installer searched for. Then tried online activation again and to my surprise, it worked then. Never had this with Captainsim before.
  13. I like how my P3D5.3 looks with Active Sky weather and textures. I also use Envtex and EnvShade, so I'd recommend to use it. From 4.5 to 5 you can just move your addons in most cases, means add-on.xml to the new v5 directory and scenery.cfg too. But, there are a few that don't like it. So if you have a lot of addons better move them in a few steps, rather than all at once, in case you need to trace down, what does not work this way. Of course you must be keen on file operations, drives and paths and manually edit a .dll file etc. If you only have 10 addons, I'd recommend to just reinstall into v5. If in doubt about an addon, if it works with v5 you can always ask me or here in the forum. I know very few, which did work in v4 but not v5. Dan
  14. No problems with this driver on my side (5.3, RTX3090).
  15. Just uninstall and reinstall, without deleting any files. If you get problems, you can still delete some files afterwards. Mostly, you won't have a problem if you didn't have problems with the version before. Dan
  16. Yes, if you´d read my post you see this is an unecessary post.
  17. Yes it has, but not on day 1 of 5.3.
  18. Maybe you should even wait another week until all addons are updated to the new version number. I have several, like F1 GTN, Maddog, EnvShade which don't accept new versions. BTW i just saw Rob McCarthy from LM stated two days ago, they are working on a upcoming hotfix. I hope they fix some things.
  19. Do you search the freeware Nimitz? https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/2618/fsx-aircraft-carrier-uss-nimitz/ It's a bit slow this site. Maybe better try here http://www.fsxaddons.com/addons/detail/fsx-acceleration-uss-nimitz-and-uss-eisenhower-v20/189/ or here in multiple parts https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=nimitz+v2&CatID=root&Go=Search
  20. Can't remember last time, but this time I remember having read somewhere they are working on a hotfix. Moreover it has become a little bit tradition in recent times, that they hotfix all releases.
  21. Last time, the Hotfix came exactly 3 weeks later. That means it could come in two days. But you can no foresee that, since we don't know what they intend to fix and what not and how much time is needed to do this. Then are holidays and maybe it's going to be January.
  22. They have a FAQ there and you can submit requests. But I have mixed experiences. Dan
  23. Yes, indeed. Now it works. Thanks.
  24. Thanks for these interesting hints on C208B mods.
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