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  1. This is a known issue no fix currently available (annoying & disappointing), on the V1 discord channel there is a post hinting at a possible fix in a future firmware update, fingers crossed.
  2. Virtual Hedge Strimmer to follow in future update.
  3. Is the missing T the one from "T for Texas"
  4. First 6 minutes watching three flags flutter.
  5. A2A GA Aircraft (C182) being my 1st choice preference. No ground vehicles driving or being parked on Taxi/Runways I have been cleared to use.
  6. I have their Islander one of my most flown planes. Looking forward to doing Jersey/Guernsey/Alderney hops in G-JOEY https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-guernsey-33306732
  7. Be thankful you have safely cleared the runway and taxied without running into random ground vehicles moving or parked.
  8. When my wheels leave the runway.
  9. Have a look this is what it brought to FSX/P3D (Note this is not my work I provide the link only)
  10. He has managed to port over the MSFS AI flight component. Hence no traffic. Joking.
  11. I share the frustration on the lack of AI Traffic, when progress is made I hope GA traffic is not overlooked.
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