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  1. Mark_A

    Strange Engine Failure, 737 for P3D V4

    Check your fuel load in the FMC. What I have found with a saved flight the fuel load shown on the EFIS incorrect - if you look at the fuel load in the FMC it's low and causes fuel exhaustion to occur.
  2. Yes good point. But the TG runways, taxiways, terminals, jetways and other small details win me over. Let’s hope for an update to TG to include the items you mention.
  3. I have both and unless I'm missing something with DD KSEA, TG KSEA is so much better in every way. DD attention to small details is not there and textures are substandard. I think DD KPAE is much better than the effort on KSEA.
  4. New P3Dv4 user here - I was having issues with scenery shimmer and jagged lines on the aircraft external model. The settings posted above cleared the external model jagged lines and cleared around 90% of shimmer. Considering AA seems to be an issue with P3Dv4 I'm very happy with the results. I'm using 2 x supersampling so not be destroyed in cloud.
  5. Yeah not ideal but I need to hang on to it for a few months.
  6. Thanks. Yes, I'm will use my GTX680 for the time being.
  7. Hi all I'm looking at the following components for my new PC build - am I on the right track here? Recommendations on lower cost but equivalent options welcome. INTEL 8700K @ 4.9GHZ BOXED PROCESSOR DELIDDED Samsung 960 PRO Series - 512GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero Z370 ATX Motherboard Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Desktop Memory Kit Thanks Mark
  8. Epic Please get the displays just right :-)
  9. Mark_A

    Camera movement in VC

    777-300ER would be great :-) Thanks Holger.
  10. Mark_A

    Camera movement in VC

    The new file Holger has provided works great with PMDG 777-200LR in FSX. Thanks Holger.
  11. Mark_A

    Camera movement in VC

    Count me in for the open beta.
  12. Mark_A

    Camera movement in VC

    Wow!! Thanks Holger.
  13. Mark_A

    Drifting eyepoint

    This was a discussion I had with Opus about this issue, as they had claimed to have a work around to the issue: They are open to looking into it, but for some reason I didn't finish off the discussion with them.
  14. Mark_A

    Camera movement in VC

    I'd buy opus or ezdok if they fixed it. It's so distracting on the 777 to the point of not flying it much now, sounds extreme but around Asia the bug is at its worst. I prefer to hand fly as much as possible, very hard to keep the focus during turns.
  15. Mark_A

    FlyToronto is out

    For those running the PMDG 777 and experiencing VAS issues, disable the external model, saves you about 500MB.