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  1. Any from Australia get in? I am and have not. Again frustrating.
  2. We've all got machines that can run P3D and are all enthusiasts - hopefully we get an invite.
  3. I was sceptical at first but you need to do a full flight, I was really impressed. Theres so many changes and it actually feels like you are flying in an NG - IMO better than FSLabs and ZIBO. PMDG have delivered a spot on product.
  4. The CB lights are heavy on frames - don’t use them. Dont use the taxi and landing at the same time.
  5. The VC does initially look cartoonish, after flying it for a day and adjusting eyepoints and zoom I think it looks good now. Open up the old NGX after using NGXu and the NGX will look worse. Dynamic lights - do not use CB lights they kill frames. And do not use taxi or landing lights at the same time (as in real life) as it kills frames. I think PMDG have had to balance it out here. The low speed taxi is maybe a bit response but I like the turning circle now, much easier to turn into a gate. The transition from between 20 knots is not good though
  6. Thanks, great info. I do like the altitude call outs in the last 50ft so I’ll still keep those on.
  7. Thanks for the file. They really have so many options disabled? Ground speed, ND range arcs, N1 Ref I would think seem useful.
  8. Can someone confirm accuracy of these options for N302AS? 0 = off/1 = on/or setting Standout items I think are correct - Honeywell MCP, analog standby instruments, no eyebrow windows. Thanks [Displays] Glass_PFD_ND=1 PFD_low_airspeed_alert=1 PFD_groundspeed_displayed=1 PFD_Vref_plus_20_bug=1 PFD_100knot_bug=1 PFD_rising_runway=1 PFD_split_axis_flight_director=1 PFD_pitch_limit_indicator_popup=1 PFD_radio_altitude_round_dial=0 PFD_angle_of_attack_dial=1 PFD_landing_altitude_bar=1 PFD_2500_height_alert=1 PFD_show_landing_flaps=1 PFD_integral_heading_scale=1 EFISMAP_radio_altitude_round_dial=1 EFISMAP_80knot_bug=1 EFISMAP_flight_path_vector=1 ND_trackUp=1 ND_VOR_course_lines_displayed=1 ND_VerticalSituationDisplay=1 ND_RangeArcs=1 ND_TCAS_RangeRing=1 ND_ActWptData=1 PFD_ND_NPS=1 Engines_SideBySideDisplay=0 Engines_ColorChangeInhibit_5minutes=0 Engines_ColorChangeInhibit_10minutes=0 Engines_LowOilQuantityInverseVideo=1 Engines_HighVibrationAlert=1 Engines_ShowRefN1=2 Engines_ShowOilQPercentage=1 Engines_ShowMaxContLines=1 Fuel_LowAlertBelow1000lbs=0 Fuel_TOTALDisplay=1 MFD_FlightControlSurfacesIndicator=1 MFD_BrakeTemperatureIndicator=1 [Engines] Engines_DoubleDerate=1 [MCP] MCPType=0 [AFS] WingsLevelatTO=1 AllowGSCaptureBeforeLoc=0 RollOutEnabled=0 [FMS] DefaultAccelHeight=1000 DefaultReductionAlt=1000 DefaultCutBackAlt=800 DefaultRestoreAlt=3000 DefaultTransAlt=18000 [GPWS] GPWS_AltCallouts=1 GPWS_2500_RA=0 GPWS_2500=1 GPWS_1000=1 GPWS_500=2 GPWS_400=0 GPWS_300=0 GPWS_200=0 GPWS_100=1 GPWS_50=1 GPWS_40=0 GPWS_30=1 GPWS_20=1 GPWS_10=1 GPWS_MinimumsType=1 GPWS_AprMinimumsType=4 GPWS_WarnBankAngle=1 GPWS_TerrPeaksMode=1 GPWS_TerrUseCyan=0 GPWS_V1Callout=1 [TCAS] TCAS_ShowAllTraffic=0 TCAS_FilterRange=40 TCAS_FilterSeparation=2800 [Airframe] Airstair=0 ShortFieldPackage=0 FlightTestPackage=0 SteelBrakePackage=1 DualBatteryPackage=1 JumpSeat=1 Yoke CheckList L=1 Yoke CheckList R=1 ETOPS=1 DualCargoBottleSystem=1 SingleClassCabin=0 EyebrowWindows=0 SatcomAntenna=0 ISFDInstalled=0 HGSInstalled=1 HGS_AutoAIII=1 HGS_GSrefInPRI=1
  9. Check your fuel load in the FMC. What I have found with a saved flight the fuel load shown on the EFIS incorrect - if you look at the fuel load in the FMC it's low and causes fuel exhaustion to occur.
  10. Yes good point. But the TG runways, taxiways, terminals, jetways and other small details win me over. Let’s hope for an update to TG to include the items you mention.
  11. I have both and unless I'm missing something with DD KSEA, TG KSEA is so much better in every way. DD attention to small details is not there and textures are substandard. I think DD KPAE is much better than the effort on KSEA.
  12. New P3Dv4 user here - I was having issues with scenery shimmer and jagged lines on the aircraft external model. The settings posted above cleared the external model jagged lines and cleared around 90% of shimmer. Considering AA seems to be an issue with P3Dv4 I'm very happy with the results. I'm using 2 x supersampling so not be destroyed in cloud.
  13. Yeah not ideal but I need to hang on to it for a few months.
  14. Thanks. Yes, I'm will use my GTX680 for the time being.
  15. Hi all I'm looking at the following components for my new PC build - am I on the right track here? Recommendations on lower cost but equivalent options welcome. INTEL 8700K @ 4.9GHZ BOXED PROCESSOR DELIDDED Samsung 960 PRO Series - 512GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero Z370 ATX Motherboard Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Desktop Memory Kit Thanks Mark
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