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  1. Was suffering really bad stuttering with SU11, so decided to give the Beta a try and yep so smooth. Just good to know it’s not my system.
  2. Yep surprised you are getting NY building there but textures look pretty trashed to me
  3. Can you take some screenshots at 7000 - 10000 feet?
  4. Beyond 3.0 it's a slide show for me on the ground. My draw distance was fine before the update. And even the config doesn't fix the draw distance completely, from my testing it does extend the draw distance and texture loading slightly. We didn't have to change any config file before the update.
  5. With VFR (low and slow) type flying the major issues won’t be apparent, 99% of people in this group from what I can tell think the update is fine. Switch to airliners, which are faster and fly higher and you will see the LOD draw distance and texture issues. And if your community folder is empty and you are just using default aircraft probably won’t get CTDs. The change in sky, scenery colour is subjective. It has changed and the majority from what I can tell and as do thinks it washed out, dulled down. A lot of the reductions in quality have been well proven by now. This video is a great reference of how MSFS looked before the update - check out the building draw distance, the colours etc -
  6. Why mess with the config files, Asobo just need to return to the SU4 state. And LOD 5 kills PCs on the ground
  7. Looks ok low and slow but above 7k or so blurry and draw distance is word not allowed, plus the cartoon washout colour change is the worst it’s been turned for XBOX dive bombing of cities
  8. Asobo had to push the XBOX release out the door and the only way to do that was to kill the graphics, resulting in popping of scenery, water texture, terrain blurriness/popping etc. I still don't get how the stuff up of the coloration saturation got in there - I can hardly see the numbers on the runway at CYVR (FSimStudios), as the runway is basically white now.
  9. Just bring back SU4 visuals - why do we have to go through this word not allowed.
  10. So did they actually optimise processes to other CPU threads, like they said they did, or just degrade the sim to make it seems like it was optimised?
  11. The washed out terrain seems to be from the lack of LOD, when the terrain loads in it looks ok. This goes for cities as well, it's looks very washed out until it loads in.
  12. LOD 4 is about the limit for my PC - better but still not great as SU5 stuffed the LOD in general. Large areas of terrain pop in and out and blurry textures in the distance. My tests are at 15000 and above - low and slow it's probably not noticeable.
  13. SU5 sucked the colour and life out of the terrain. And it seems soft, can't put my finger on it though just seems soft. Together with the scenery popping it's a big let down.
  14. I've upped mine from 2.0 to 4.0 - still get the popping but PC is handling it ok.
  15. I'm seeing worst LOD and draw distance - everything set to Ultra. Above 5000 feet this is most noticeable.
  16. Another systems developer is JeeHell - Fenix could possibly be using it behind the scenes. Comparison between ProSim and Fenix - font looks slightly different, but not much in it.
  17. Has anyone checked out the Suez Canal traffic jam?
  18. The patch does not resolve the low FPS issue. Workaround is to remove the city from the community folder.
  19. Auto trim doesn't work when you turn those off. But yeah it's a work around.
  20. Thanks - that has resolved the longer (~5 sec) stutters for me. I'm still experiencing micro stutters though but at least the sim is still flyable.
  21. Reducing LOD to 50 has resolved my stutters but the scenery is not looking good. I get them around Seattle and LAX - started after the last patch.
  22. After patch my LOD performance has gone to ****. If I set either terrain or object LOD higher than 50 I get constant stutters - I believe this is related to the loading of the scenery. Before the patch I was running both at 200 - sim was smooth as. I've looked around the forums and unless I've missed it I can't see anyone with similar issues. (ok seems to be a few now) Submitted a zendesk ticket.
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